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  1. Actually, we just had our passport interviews today, and found that we could submit applications for our under-18 kids using our certificates. All applications were submitted together, and the original citizenship evidence applies to the kids as well as the adults. Also, if you request both a passport book and a passport card for the kids, the card serves as evidence of citizenship even when expired. So for the cost of the card ($15 or $30 depending on the age of the child) you get a permanent evidence of citizenship that is as effective as an N-600 which costs over $1000. Nice to know, and very helpful passport officer at the USPS.
  2. Congratulations! We are one day ahead of you, and have registered to vote and had our passport interviews today! (I booked appointments a few days ago) Let me know if you need any tips re the passport process...
  3. So, interview was June 22, and we just got our oath ceremony dates posted to our my.uscis.gov account... July 23. @Rick & Apple, would you mind updating the spreadsheet with that date please? Question for anyone with better info than me... I have two minor children who will become US citizens when we do. Are they supposed to go to the oath ceremony, and if so, will they also receive their citizenship certificate then? Thanks!
  4. I believe that is the case. The guidance I was given was that if naturalization is not imminent, you should renew your GC beginning 180 days and no later than 90 days out from expiry.
  5. I was just thinking about you... congratulations! Great news for you. We were approved at interview, but no indication yet of when the oath ceremony would be conducted. All the best!
  6. Sure... First, everyone is wearing a mask, and keeps a mask on whenever in shared areas. You can't even enter the building if you do not have one. Then you have to answer a set of questions about Covid-19 exposure or symptoms before you can go through security (which is basically the same as TSA Security at an airport). When I went back with the officer, they took me to the video interview room, had me swear to tell the truth throughout the interview, and then left me in the office while they went back to theirs to conduct the interview remotely over video. They said I could remove my mask as soon as they left and my door was closed. They removed their mask when they sat down at their desk so we were mask-free over video. Questions I was asked... Who is the governor of your state? Name a state that borders Canada. What are the two parts of the Legislative Branch? If both the President and the Vice President can no longer serve, who becomes the President? Name one of the two longest rivers in the United States. How many senators are there? They then reviewed all the questions in the application, standard biographical questions about family, where I lived, etc, details about my international travel history (but mainly checking that there had been no further travel since the last trip noted on my application), association memberships, current job and employer. Then they went through all the questions about moral standing, and I had to answer each one expressly. All in all it was pretty straightforward, and nothing to worry about (even though I was stress-studying the 100 civics questions for weeks leading up to today)... Cheers!
  7. Thanks! It was all good... Nashville USCIS officers were very friendly. We (TillyDog is actually three people) actually were pilot video interviews, so the officer greeted us, took us to an office set up with a desk, an iPad, a printer ,and a place to put documents you'd signed or filled in. About 30 mins total from going back through to walking out with our approval notices. Now to wait for oath ceremonies to be scheduled (they said we would be advised by mail). While I was waiting for my interview (about 15 minutes), there were at least two small oath ceremonies conducted in a room to the side of the waiting room. Cheers, TillyDog
  8. Sure enough, got the updated letter in my.uscis.gov (no notification, as others have said), and now have my rescheduled interview on June 22, from March 19.
  9. Congrats - you were scheduled for the same date as me, in the same USCIS office. I am still waiting patiently for my reschedule, but nice to see yours is this month at least... perhaps mine will be as well. All the best!
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