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  1. My friend submitted her application right after New Year and she was approved on March 2nd.
  2. I have a feeling they messed up my last name. There is no dash (-) on my rfe and approval notice. I guess there will be no dash on actual card as well. Do i have to send it back with the correct form once u receive it?
  3. Same here. Got an email but don’t see anything. Hopefully it will approved. Congratulations
  4. @OldUser that’s what i did eventually. Mailed it through express mail.
  5. I have a question….I received a rfe for my green card. And one of the requirements was an original copy of employment statement. Also in the end of the letter it says that i can submit everything online unless they ask for an original copy, then it has to be sent via mail. I saw most of you guys uploaded everything online. Did anyone has the same rfe? Did you uploaded it with no issues? Or should i just send it through usps
  6. @PyGP04 yesterday me and another guy from Raleigh got a RFE. Did u get anything?
  7. Same here. I got my combo card and that’s it. Im getting my real state ID through the work permit. At least something.
  8. Today I received an approval notice of my EAD. My card is still coming. In the notice it states that it also has an advance parole. And can be used to re-entry to the states. Does it mean it’s a combo card and I shouldn’t expect a different card for my advance parole?
  9. no, he doesn’t have one yet. I was checking Raleigh timeline on this website. Looks like they are working on January aos filers 🤦🏽‍♀️ Crazy how behind they are comparing to the other locations.
  10. Yes, there is another guy from Raleigh…we have the same timeline, but his work permit was issued a month ago. So everything depends on the officer i assume.
  11. @sweetlana I didn’t get any EAD or GC interview as well. And i am in North Carolina…don’t understand how it could be slower than FL or TX 😂 but here I am.
  12. I got my visa through Kyrgyzstan. I was living there though. Everything was very fast. 2 month after NOA 2 i had my interview.
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