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  1. https://ceciva.uscis.gov/Alme/ you can find Emma USCIS chat on the top right corner of this page, you open it and she connects you to a USCIS agent if you type "live chat" and there you can ask about your biometrics or anything else related to your case numbers.
  2. No worries, my NOA1 is June 16, 2021 and I'm still waiting on bio too. You can always call or chat with EMMA tough good luck! πŸ’šπŸ€
  3. https://chat.whatsapp.com/CsklpVjVKkVGUyceTGNk6O 😊
  4. Same here. Here they're backlogged, currently processing May 11 SSN filers here in MD. Hopefully we can make it in time before the I-94 expires. I guess we just wait. Good luck! πŸ€πŸ€ž
  5. Heeeeyyy πŸ₯³ wow we are the same! NOA1 just arrived for us too through text messages! Application sent June 14 Received June 17 Good luck!! Keep us posted! πŸ€
  6. It will probably arrive soon, ours arrived yesterday 26 hrs after arriving at Chicago Distribution Center. Tracking attached:
  7. Hello everyone! Filed for AOS today, mailed with USPS! Good luck everyone! πŸ€
  8. I'm preparing my Adjustment of status from a k1 visa and specifically the I-864, but my IRS transcript is still being processed since March and I can't get it. Is it possible to attach form 1040 and W2 for evidence of support? Will it lead to a RFE? Thank you!
  9. I joined the Milligan 3rd lawsuit too. Interview set for next week March 24
  10. Ciao! U.S. consulate in Naples, Italy is only processing k1 plaintiffs of Milligan v. Pompeo, expedites and NIE. Good luck everyone! πŸ€
  11. Hello! I can only speak for Italy, but I am case ready at the consulate since Dec '20 and I asked for a renewal of the NOA2 some weeks ago because my NOA2 is almost 1 year old (March '20) and they told me the Consul granted it. So I'd say e-mail your consulate to be sure it's renowned.
  12. Yes! They sent our and a whole lot of other people's case to the embassy in December and opened interviews for August 😊
  13. Finally got my interview date! August 24. It's 7 months from now, but it's still good. @Friends from Italy, get yours asap!
  14. (K1 Naples, Italy) So my case is READY and now my case number is longer (?) they added "01NPL" at the end... does it mean anything? Is it normal? Thank you!
  15. Yes, it's been 4 weeks for us now. But it can take up to 6 weeks as normal processing times. NVC recommended to call back again once a week. Good luck! πŸ€
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