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  1. @K1visa2020 email the Embassy and ask them to send you packet 3 or instructions...in the email tell them that your case is ready ,put your fiancé’s names (whose going to do the interview) then put your case number .....if they don’t reply with in 3-4 days email them again
  2. I have seen someone who was approved after 4 months during Covid times ...me I think each case is different try as much as possible to make your 129f petition not too complicated ,make it easy and with everything they need and the evidence to avoid RFEs and not make the work of someone working on your case easier
  3. Mine was approved after 6 months filled NOA1 September 10th 2020 NOA2 March 26th 2021 it took 197 days from NOA1 to NOA2
  4. @as1996 when was your NOA2 ? And when did your case say ready ? thank you and we have a Kenyan Whatsapp group for the people who are going to do their interviews .....I can send you a link you join and ask your question...they will be soo helpful to answer you
  5. You have to have your medicals before your interview like a week or 5 days to your emails soo you have to call or email the medical people so that they can give you a medical appointment date before your interview
  6. You need to create an account and fill in the information asked then ,chose your dhl courier where your case will be delivered and pay the fees then book your interview...after your case is ready on ceac status check ...there are instructions on how to book a visa appointment interview but you must have received a packet 3 from the interview that informs you to go ahead and packe the interview
  7. @LittleGoose2021 I would suggest you be patient alittle more I know it is stressing but be alittle more patient and pray to God to be approve soon ....your almost there Cz if you start a new process it’s going to take 6-8 months before your approved of which you can’t be guaranteed that it will take a shorter time ....so just be patient alittle more Cz once your approved your case will be sent to NVC and if your embassy is open it will be forwarded to the embassy.... you will have your interview and booom the waiting is over I know it’s not easy but just give it more time ....Gods timing is the best 🙏🏽
  8. Like I said there was no first appointment date sent thats just an automatic statement given to everyone when there case is at NVC ...the interview date you book your self is your actual interview date
  9. There is no appointment date from NVC ....when the case goes in transit that’s what they always say to everyone that they have been given an interview date from NVC ...it’s actually an automatic statement for everyone whose case goes in transit .... when your case is ready you have to book an appointment date for yourself
  10. I think Cz your Embassy is still closed Ok dear let me do that
  11. Finally am In Transit God Is great 🙏🏽His timing is the best NOA1 10th September 2020 NOA2 26th March 2021 Thank you Jesus
  12. @AbigailB08 NVC will again send cases to the Embassy on the 22 and 23 June you can check on these dates maybe your case will be in transit...same here still at NVC
  13. @AbigailB08 and @TimmahTimmah we are in this waiting games together....my case still at NVC as well ,if you miss your case being sent on the 8 and 9 then you wait and check on the 22 and 23rd Cz it’s the next shipment of you miss that as well don’t loose hope ,keep on hoping one day our cases will be in transit 🙏🏽
  14. @AbigailB08 these are the dates been following them since March of this year and their the dates NVC sends on cases ...in June this month is sending on the 8th and 9th then 22rd and 23rd
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