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  1. no. they will email the us citizen with packet 3 and the instructions on documents to collect and instruct you to do the ds-160 and then book the interview.
  2. Italy has finally started to schedule K1 visas again! the best of luck to everyone!
  3. well some cases have been sent to Naples in March this means when they want/can they already have cases to work on.
  4. no worries. Good news is Naples is already receiving cases from NVC (many consulates also not from ban countries aren't because they have too many on the backlog). second you still are at the USCIS phase so probably by the time your case gets here things will be way clearer and hopefully for you faster.
  5. I think the italian website hasn't been updated yet. There is no reference at all to the April 8th memo. I'm pretty sure they will follow what the other european countries are doing (e.g. see the spanish website). For what I knew Naples hasn't been a complicated consulate for people in Milligan unlike others (Ams, London, etc.). So i'd try and stay positive and see if things start moving. It will still take some time (because of the 1 year backlog) but looking at the statistics on the visa issuance for CR1 (they already had the NIE before) they should be able to process a decent amount of applications per month.
  6. here you are: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/ask-nvc.html?wcmmode=disabled
  7. Got the case number, invoice number and email updated through the online form. the day after they sent an email saying the case was in transfer to the consulate.
  8. NOA2 received on Feb. 4th on march 3rd we sent a message to NVC through the online form communicating the email addresses (as shown in the pdf guide) and at the same time we asked for the case and invoice number. we're expecting a reply next week as they're replying with a couple weeks delay.
  9. Hi there! This is what we did quick, easy and quite cheap. I went to take a pic at photographer and got the full quality digital image on a usb drive (be careful about the dimensions because US have different standards compared to many other countries). I saved the pic on a shared folder that we used to collect most of the documentation we needed (dropbox). My fiancé then printed the pic at the store where he get his own done.
  10. Dear @Greenbaum, did I miss the February K-1 NOA2 to NVC to EMBASSY? Our case was approved today! Thank you! and good luck to everyone who's still waiting. Be patient! it's good to see that since the new year the case processing time has been way faster!
  11. yes the expected processing times have been reduced drastically. and if you look at the actual cases on case tracker they already approved a few June and sent a few RFE. so hopefully it will be soon time for our cases to be processed. Mid june NOA1 here! finger crossed!
  12. The only hope is that they will review the exceptions including also K1 visas.
  13. Trump revoke the travel ban from Europe but not China Donald Trump will revoke the travel restrictions from Europe (Schengen Area, Republic of Ireland and UK as specified in the white house release) and from Brasil starting from January 26, one week after his last day as president. It is not clear if Joe Biden, once in power, will revoke the decision. **** Trump revoca bando viaggi dall’Europa ma non dalla Cina Donald Trump revocherà le restrizioni di viaggio da gran parte dell'Europa (paesi dell’area Schengen, Repubblica di Irlanda e Regno Unito è specificato nel comunicato della Casa Bianca) e dal Brasile a partire dal 26 gennaio, una settimana dopo la fine del suo mandato. Il bando sussiste invece per i voli dalla Cina che pure hanno un tasso epidemiologico di lunga inferiore ai paesi europei. Non è chiaro se Joe Biden, una volta insediatosi, manterrà o revocherà la possibile mossa. I
  14. Ready The status indicates that information (such as photographs and fingerprints) need to be taken or that an interview needs to be scheduled. this is what you can find on different website online. so maybe a good news coming soon! Finger crossed and keep us posted!
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