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  1. I applied for AOS while waiting for my SSN to be issued. At the interview I told them I got my SSN if they needed to update it in the system but they really didn't need it. The AOS form ask if the SSA ever issued a SSN the answer was no so no need to insert the SSN and following they are asking if you want the SSA to issue one and you can just say no (that's what i did).
  2. Hi everyone! we had our interview almost 2 weeks ago. We prepared a lot of documentation but we didn't need much. The officer looked for the medical (thankfully was in the packed but I had with me the copy of the original just in case). We were approved on the spot but the status changed online only the day after. Received the card in the mail about a week after the interview. Wish everyone who didn't get their interview yet the best of luck!!
  3. Good morning, we just received an RFE for Birth Certificate. They are asking basically for what we have already provided. Birth Certificate, with parents name, translation and declaration that translator is competent to translate. I'm confused and not sure what else should we submit. can anyone help? anyone from Italy who also can share what kind of certificate they have provided? thank you!
  4. I was reading a lot about the SSN in this forum so I want to share my experience. Entered the US: September 8 Called SSA for an appointment: September 10 Married: September 14 (no name change) SSA appointment (Orlando): September 29 1st letter from SSA: October 3 (saying they were verifying my status and will let me know in written if it will not be confirmed by USCIS) Save status changed to "case return to agency": October 14 2nd letter from SSA: October 20 (saying that my status was verified and I will receive my SSN in 2 weeks) SSN RECEIVED IN THE MAIL: October 28 it took 4 weeks from the appointment.
  5. hey there you only fill out DS-160 when you received packet1 from the consulate. try to call NVC and understand why your file is still sitting there but most likely it is the consulate that asked them not to send cases over.
  6. Hi everyone! Filed AoS: 9/15 Delivered: 9/20 Credit Card charged: 9/21 SMS received: 9/22 waiting for I-797 in the mail good luck to everyone!
  7. Hey! you should be able to go to the local courthouse and get married there. they should give you the marriage certificate and even certified copies before you walk away.
  8. Hi! I'm going to finally move next week and trying to be prepared for all the following steps. I was trying to fill in the SS-5 (application for social security card) but not sure on field n. 5 "Citizenship" what is the correct box to check. I'm a K1 visa applicant. which you did you use when you completed your form? 1. legal alien allowed to work 2. legal alien not allowed to work 3. other i would go for number 2 as until you get a green card or EAD you're not entitled to work but on the SSA webpage it seems to be number 1. https://secure.ssa.gov/poms.nsf/lnx/0110211530 (look at K1) can anyone help please. thanks!
  9. no. they will email the us citizen with packet 3 and the instructions on documents to collect and instruct you to do the ds-160 and then book the interview.
  10. Italy has finally started to schedule K1 visas again! the best of luck to everyone!
  11. well some cases have been sent to Naples in March this means when they want/can they already have cases to work on.
  12. no worries. Good news is Naples is already receiving cases from NVC (many consulates also not from ban countries aren't because they have too many on the backlog). second you still are at the USCIS phase so probably by the time your case gets here things will be way clearer and hopefully for you faster.
  13. I think the italian website hasn't been updated yet. There is no reference at all to the April 8th memo. I'm pretty sure they will follow what the other european countries are doing (e.g. see the spanish website). For what I knew Naples hasn't been a complicated consulate for people in Milligan unlike others (Ams, London, etc.). So i'd try and stay positive and see if things start moving. It will still take some time (because of the 1 year backlog) but looking at the statistics on the visa issuance for CR1 (they already had the NIE before) they should be able to process a decent amount of applications per month.
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