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  1. After the LONG journey of NVC > Embassy > entering the US > wedding: we are officially married!!! Now we're off for another long ride of Adjusting my *husband's* status! Wishing you all the best and sending our love!!! xoxox Mr. & Mrs. G 😍
  2. Hi All, my fiancé and I had our case transferred to the embassy in Prague a few weeks ago. During our initial conversation, the consular officer sent us a link to the webpage where we can schedule appointments. They told us to wait until our case arrives at the embassy before we schedule. Today our status on the CEAC website changed from "In Transit" to "Ready." I've tried calling and emailing the embassy to see if we can go ahead and make our appointment online or if we need to do it over the phone, but no one is responding. Has anyone else come across this issue?
  3. Hi All - What did everyone pay for the medical appointment in Prague? It seems really high - 11,900 CZK ($551 USD). Is that about standard? We had our case transferred because the embassy in Belgrade is closed due to Covid, but the medical in Serbia was projected at around $200 USD so the double amount that CZ is charging was a total shock to me. Anyone else have input on this?
  4. Hey all, I wanted to follow this thread since our case is now being transferred to Prague. Hope all will go smoothly!
  5. Thank you for the input. The embassy sent us the P3 and instructions to schedule the medical well before we even got a new case number for that embassy. In the body of the email they sent it reads: "Once your case is transferred, you can make an appointment here (website link) and follow the attached instructions." But on the top of the attached instructions it reads: "We have received your approved petition from National Visa Center. If you have all the required documents ready (according the list below), you can contact us to schedule an appointment." Should I go ahead and make the medical and interview appointments? First available interview is coming up in about 10 days and the medical would need to be 5 working days prior to that which means we'd need to get to Prague this Tuesday.
  6. We're so confused. We've been in direct contact with the embassy in Prague over the last 2 weeks since they agreed to accept the transfer of our case. According to the NVC website and 2 agents over the phone, our case is still at the NVC. However, I received an email from the embassy in Prague saying that they are currently reviewing our case. So, how is it still at the NVC? I called the NVC after I got that email and they confirmed it's still there waiting to be sent to the embassy at an "undisclosed date." We're just ready for this to happen because the first available appointment time the embassy gave us was mid-January and we'd really like to snag it if it's still available.
  7. Thank you @Greenbaum What do you suggest I put in the question that asks "Annual Income?" Do I write down the number with the unemployment included or just what I made up until I started claiming unemployment?
  8. Hello all - I'm currently filling out the I-134 Affidavit of Support form in preparation for our K1 visa interview. I had a really great job until Covid hit and then the whole industry went down, therefore I haven't had any income besides unemployment since earlier this year. I have not found another job and am still unemployed. Regarding the financial section of the form, what should I put down for Annual Income? Do I calculate what I made before my layoff or do I add my unemployment to it? If I do not add unemployment, I don't make enough - obviously. If I do include the unemployment, I make enough (thank you stimulus add-ons). I'm not sure what number to include. Side note, we do have a joint sponsor so my question only pertains to what information I should write down. Thank you!
  9. Hi @Greenbaum - do you happen to have the P3 for Prague, Czech Republic? I tried searching on VJ but didn't have any luck.
  10. My fiancé and I are currently waiting for an interview for our K1 Visa in Belgrade, Serbia. While we wait, and since Serbia isn't closed due to covid-19, I've been lucky enough to be able to come and spend time with him and his family in Serbia since the middle of September. According to the US Travel Department website and the Serbian Government website, it states that I'm am allowed to stay up to 3 months without any type of visa. If I exhaust every day of those 3 months, then I'll have to wait 90 days before I can return to Serbia. My question is if anyone has insight on how that would work if I leave Serbia and go to another country (perhaps Bosnia) for a few days?!Will my 3 month period begin again upon reentry even though I did not return to the US? I've tried to find this information on both websites, but couldn't come up with a clear answer. Thanks in advance for any useful information!
  11. I can't wait to start posting on this forum again... With good news.
  12. I don't have any updates on Kosovo, but I got an email on Friday from the embassy in Belgrade, Serbia that they are resuming K visas that have been waiting there since March. Our paperwork has been at the NVC since April so hopefully it will be sent to the embassy soon.
  13. From the Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia on Friday: Hopefully ours will transfer from the NVC soon!
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