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  1. I used the general one and only for my college, since having a college degree automaticlly means that you have to have the high school.
  2. As far as I know, the evaluation is not about translate your transcripts, is about send it to a company that evaluates what degree would be the equivalent in the USA. https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-8-part-g-chapter-11
  3. Ya, and dont forget to do the foreign credential evaluations. Im using IEE but there is more companies.
  4. So, in order to be prepared for the I944 RFIE, as far as I know and doing AOS from J1, I should have ready to print the following supporting documents: Beneficiary’s most recent tax return documents and W2s Beneficiary’s credit report Beneficiary’s debts and liability (if applicable - in the USA or in your country I guess) Beneficiary’s proof of assets (bank statatements - in the USA or in your country I guess) Household’s proof of assets & resources: ○ Property deeds ○ Bank statements ○ 401k, IRA, Roth and other retirement account documents ○ Security statements (stocks & bonds) Other household members’ assets & resources Beneficiary’s education diplomas (from high school to the highest level you have - TRANSLATED) Beneficiary’s proof of English (if any) Beneficiary’s health insurance policy and/or other proofs Beneficiary’s all public benefits (if applicable) Other supporting documents: ○ Beneficiary’s Employment letter/Job offer letter ○ Beneficiary’s language certificates ○ Proof of relationship to the petitioner (ex: marriage license) ○ Other explanation notes of unavailable supporting documents Unfortunately I dont have any proof of English but Im fluent, so not sure if writing a letter to explain that Im fluent and I won´t need an interpreter in the future interview would help) EDIT: Also, do we need to pay some company to show the equivalences of our foreing dimplomas/degree´s? EDIT 2 to respond to my EDIT: Apparently YES. This is what instructions says:
  5. Also, to add what others said: is your housemate aware of the economic responsabilities of sponsoring a spouse? When filling the Affavadit of Support the USC is commiting to support you for the next 10 years.
  6. Oh damm, you are right. I have been calling 1944 all this time and is actually I-994. I cannot edit the title
  7. Hey guys, As you probabily know, our favorite form (I-1944) is back! And is retroactive! That means that even if you filed when it was not required (from July 29th until a few days ago), you will recieve a RFE asking for it. So I thought that could be a good idea to create this thread to see HOW is the RFE that we are going to get. Will they ask us to bring the form to the interview as happens with the Medical Exam (I-693), or will they request to send it in 30 days as happens with other RFE's? All this questions will be solved if we post here any update about this. Hopefully we can hear soon about the first RFE's and have an idea of what to expect. Have a great day!
  8. The only difference might be in how long would take to you to get the elegibility for citizienship (if you are even interested on getting it). I think is 3 years after a GC thought marriage but 5 if it is thought employment.
  9. I would put yes and add the NY address that you guys currently have and then when you guys move back to LA let USCIS now the new address using your USCIS online account or the easy Form AR-11. https://www.uscis.gov/addresschange
  10. Wow congrats. Seeing this Im now considering moving to Reno for a few months 😂😂
  11. A friend of mine is now flighting with that syndrom. At first they thought it was because COVID but it ended up being caused by a mosquito that gives you the WEST NILO FEVER. He lives in Miami and now he's improving a lot but he is still in intensive care and being monitored 24/7.
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