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  1. Yes i did couple of months ago and they mentioned that they said that the case is not at Embassy- im so confused
  2. yeah Twice but all automated response. contacted senator and got a response from them saying that case is in Embassy and waiting in line and later again contacted NVC they give me same response. not sure who to believe. senator query was about 6 months ago. Thanks,
  3. Guys, any update on interview letters who got DQ'd march , 2021? have been waiting for years and still no clue where we at. Thanks,
  4. do we know how to check what dates embassy scheduling interviews for? my parents DQ was march 2021 and i havent heard anything yet.
  5. My mom was DQ'd in march 2021 and its almost a year but nothing from NVC or Embassy. I contacted our senator for help, lets see if that moves the case. Thanks,
  6. Hi Friends, My MOM got Dq'd in March 2020, what is the estimated time im looking at for an interview? any idea?
  7. Hi Friends, My Mom was DQ'd March 2021but i still have not received her interview letter, is this normal? do i need to call them? please help Thanks,
  8. Im still waiting for interview for my Mom. PD: December 19, 2019 DQ: March 24, 2021
  9. Friends, How long does it take to get Interview appointment? I Mom was QD'd in march but we are still waiting on the interview letter. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks,
  10. Hi VJ Friends, How long is it taking these days for a embassy to schedule an interview? My Mom was Dq'd in march 2021 yet i'm still waiting for her interview. is there a way to know how long it takes for interviews? Thanks,
  11. Hi Friends, I got RFE for my father's IR5 case for late registered Birth certificate. they are asking for evidence that establishes parent-child relationship. has anyone gone through the similar experience? if so, what are the documents that were submitted to satisfy the ask? They are looking for the following document. since Pakistan doesn't have established system to track any of the listed asks, it will be not easy to get any of the documents from 1986 (my birth year). 1.Religious documents 2.Early school records 3.Medical records 4.Census Records 5.Affidavits: Written statements sworn to or affirmed by two persons, other than yourself and the person for whom you are petitioning. LATE REGISTERED BIRTH CERTIFICATE The birth certificate submitted on behalf of you was registered on July 12, 2012, 26 years after the actual event occurred. In Matter of Rehman, 27 I&N Dec. 124 (BIA 2017), the Board of Immigration Appeals (the Board) addressed delay-registered births. The Board held that a late registered birth certificate might be sufficiently reliable proof of a parental relationship. The Board provided a non-exhaustive list of factors to consider when making a determination.Even if a birth certificate does not reflect that its registration was contemporaneous with the birth, an adjudicator may conclude that it is sufficiently reliable to establish parentage,depending on the circumstances. In making this determination, the adjudicator should consider all relevant factors, including, but not limited to, (1) information in the FAM regarding the availability and reliability of birth registrations in the country of birth during the time period at issue; (2) the length of time between the birth and the registration; (3) any credible explanation proffered by the petitioner as to the personal, societal, or historical circumstances that prevented a particular birth certificate from being registered contemporaneously, and any evidence in support of that explanation; (4) any credible explanation for why a particular birth certificate was lost or destroyed; (5) any evidence that the parental relationship was independently corroborated prior to the registration of the birth;(6) the length of time between the birth registration and the filing of the visa petition; and (7)information regarding whether the document was based on facts that were contemporaneous with the birth or on facts that were more recently established. Matter of Rehman, 27 I & NDec. 124 (BIA 2017). The documents submitted as evidence of a parent-child relationship were executed 26 years after the actual event occurred. When considered in light of the factors listed above and with all other evidence currently in the file, USCIS has determined that the birth certificate is insufficiently reliable and will be accorded little or no weight. Therefore, you must submit additional documentary evidence Any help will be highly appreciated.
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