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  1. I am not sure if you've already tried this but I my PD date 10/8/2021 as well and I can offer the suggestions to you in hopes that it helps. These are something tips that around last year I'm not sure if it's still the same but for what it's worth here we go... Ask Emma ? once you get to ask Emma say info pass, then say you want to make an appointment it will Pass you through to an agent.(if things are still the same) 2nd go to the top right of USCIS website go to the chat with live agent. 3rd, and final something that seemed to work awhile back is send or update some information at a documents, pictures , file K3, it's free , adding documents online maybe it'll prompt them to look into your account to see if something had changed . K3 has to be mailed in...it didn't help me but, I did receive all the RFE for something so minor back in July 2022, 9 days later ,I did get an approval in July of 2022, my journeys in my timeline but I'm still waiting for an husband to be interviewed in Morocco. Geez sorry can't be of more help .those are all tips that I have , if you don't understand something just ask.🙂 Inshallah, you hear something soon! Keep me posted
  2. Congratulations. I hope to hear something soon.
  3. Okay ,thank you. I hope they speed up the interview process for us all. Insh
  4. Hello, we have passed the 2-month mark and I never got a two-month automatic notification saying that my case is in line for interview should I be concerned with DQ day is 9/26? Should I reach out to Embassy? Thanks
  5. Hello everyone , I was DQ 9/26 still waiting for IL too. The perplexing thing is that up until the end of July , IL were taking 1-2 weeks max. Now , those DQ'd in August are still waiting. IL just went out again and it went to those DQ end of July thru 1st week August. They are basically advancing 7 to 10 days per month, I heard the only send letters once a month, anyone else hear that? I thought we'd have an appointment this year.I hope we all hear something soon, ishl.
  6. I hope all of you who are reading this, hang in there...I am cheering for you all💛
  7. Hello, I was AR (active reviewed) 2/20/2022 . Approved 7/13/2022. Did you call Emma to be sure your case is still in Vermont? To get past all the prompts and talk to an agent say , "info pass", They love to transfer without notice. If you are still in Vermont , Vermont is a more consistent center . I think they take long BUT you find they generally stay in order of received for the most part . I think that they are like averaging 11 months . That's the 🙄 😶 positive thing I will say looking back about Vermont . It's not too common now, but it wasn't uncommon to see people go from no update/ active review, to approved.
  8. Yes, if they stay with the way things have been going , hopefully you hear something this month. Please keep me posted. My PD 10/8 Approval 7/13 .
  9. Awhhh, yes you are right about the k3 dates forsure . But the theories of USCIS denying the k3 and then getting an approval soon after it's kind of wrong, that is something of the past , as my i130 was approved in July, almost 2 months ago.i am currently 30+ days of waiting at the NVC phase... I'm actually shocked to see so many people still waiting from October 2021 as I thought I was one of the last ones to be approved for October, again going back to the inception of this post , you'll see so many approvals . That being said, it's clear the country where the beneficiary from play a part as well as the AR date. Regardless, I am hoping that I've crossed all my t's and dotted all my "i' s "and that October 2022, I will have my DQ and be complete with this, process .. inshl.
  10. I filed k3 back on March/ 2022...and 0.00 help. My service center was Vermont. I just received a denial of my k3 yesterday, August 30th. If you look back at the beginning pages of this post . You will see it seemed to have been effective if you filed it between October 2021 and January 2022 of this year , having the most effectiveness I seen was from Texas service center ,0 effect in Vermont.(from all those that I followed )Potomac was second with the effectiveness and rarely in California and again never did I see any positive outcomes from Vermont, but that's just my take on it . I did file k3 in March 2022 and looking back I didn't see any other positive outcomes at all for those who filed after January , 2022 so for me it was unaffective, just for what it's worth. My PD 10/8/2021.i hope everyone still waiting gets the answers soon! inshl. If you are reading this and feel stressed , anxious, off, "not yourself", I promise you are not alone! It's this process! To end on a positive note anyone who's reading this please realize you are one step closer regardless, they can't keep you waiting, but for so long! Your time is coming💛 insl!
  11. Hello , hang in there! I don't think it's going to be much longer for you. My husband is in Morroco as well . I had a different SC (Vermont) 🙄😶. I see alot of activity on the boards and from what I seen overall 345 days for CA i130 has been average. I hope all those still waiting get answers soon inshl. Good luck
  12. That's right! Please continue with that positive affirmation. I believe that too! Please update when you hear something. 🙏
  13. Hi, I have been seeing July cases ...I know it's frustrating 😖 I truly understand, it's the not knowing and you can see cases weeks or months after you get an approval... It's no way to know the process😑 One thing this journey teaches you is to expect the unexpected and to not let the "approval letters of others" bother you but I KNOW its hard. I made sure to check-in every one and a while to see if there were updates 🙏 for plenty of approvals this month inshl.
  14. I KNOW its hard and I am starting to see July cases from the CSC . I think it's hard when different service centers have drastically different timeframes. Hang in there and 🙏 that you have answers this month. Inshl
  15. Hello I wanted to see if I could shine a bit of light /ray of hope into this thread. PD10/08/21 AR 2/20/22 rfe 7/5/22 responded 7/5/22 approval 7/12. UCS i130 VSC . I know there's a lot of October filers but I approvals for October filers are near. Hang in there. 🙏Next 30 days are productive ones at the USCIS! inshallah
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