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  1. Does he have passport stamps showing he was in Brazil? That together with plane tickets to your city should be enough. I also stayed at my fiance's house so no hotel receipts or anything, but the passport stamps and plane tickets were enough. Good luck!
  2. Congratulations! You deserve every happiness.
  3. menina

    Yellow fever vaccine for Brazil

    Do you have a Safeway near you? I think if you sign up with their travel clinic advisor you can get it for less. I know when I was looking in to it recently, there was a shortage of the vaccine. Good luck!
  4. menina

    Yellow fever vaccine for Brazil

    I did get the vaccine to be safe, but in all my trips to Brazil, I have never been asked to show proof. I was just there in June and July. Have a good trip!
  5. He has to apply on his own merits, so saying you will sponsor him won't make a difference. Can he provide a letter from his university showing he needs to be back for classes at a certain point? If he is not currently working, it may be hard to provide strong ties to Brazil especially with the K1 in process. In my opinion, it's worth trying because he might get approved. Does he own any property in Brazil or have bills in his name? That could help show he needs to be back to take care of those responsibilities. Good luck! Hope you get an approval!
  6. Make sure with the airlines that there will be no problem connecting through Mexico. When my then fiance and later my in-laws connected through Mexico they had some trouble due to not having a visa for Mexico. If the rules are the same, they are allowed one connecting flight only (cannot connect from one city in Mexico to another city in Mexico then on to US). They had to get a document at the airport stating something like "Transit without visa" and then they were escorted from the plane to a room they couldn't leave until they were escorted to their flight for the US. Just something to be aware of. Good luck!
  7. HI T_P- We had the same situation as you. My husband is from Brazil. He did not need to change any documents such as RG/CPF because he wasn't changing his name. After reading the response from julis82, I seem to remember that we did need that brazilian marriage certificate from the consulate before going to the cartorio. There was some kind of timeline associated like once we had that certificate from the local consulate in the US, we had something like 6 months from the time we entered Brazil again to go to the cartorio. The consulate website should be able to give you more info but I think you will not be able to register the marriage at the cartorio during this trip. I believe that timeline won't start until you do the first step here in the US and then enter Brazil again. Hope that helps!
  8. Yes, you need to go to your local cartorio. It's been awhile since I did it, but I remember needing both of our passports and our marriage certificate. There might have been something more like the RG. Due to the holidays, the cartorio may have limited hours. We were only in Brasil for a short time for Christmas, so we had to request that they expedite the paperwork so we could have our passports back to travel. I remember too that we went to our local Brazilian consulate here in the US to register our marriage as well. I believe we did that prior to registering in Brazil, but I'm not sure if that is a necessary step or not. Hope that helps!
  9. If you submit the original, you will not receive it back. Better to make a copy of the original (that has a seal, it sounds like), and keep the original with you.