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  1. I don't remember exactly, but I imagine that it would say something like, "I certify that I have never married or divorced a Brazilian citizen prior to my current marriage." Then sign it and have it notarized. Since you are far from the consulate, you could do that instead of having to sign in front of them. I think the hard part will be getting the documents that you need. I hope it all goes well!
  2. It's been awhile since we did it, but I remember that we had to go to the cartorio in Brazil to get a certified copy of my husband's birth certificate. The reason for this is that in Brazil, birth certificates list martial status. (number 8 ) For #6, you would provide your birth certificate, ID, and the written statement. According to this, it sounds like you can do the written statement and sign it at the consulate in front of the consular officer. That way they can tell you exactly what it has to say. I believe we did that instead of using a notary. The most annoying part was getting the birth certificate from Brazil. If you aren't planning on returning anytime soon, perhaps you could contact a relative in Brazil to see if there is a way for them to obtain it and send it to you. This would probably require notarized copies of your wife's documents. Before we got married, I had already found out about this process, so I just made sure that my husband got the proper paperwork. It is called certidao de nascimento de segunda via. It was a big argument between us as he kept insisting that his original birth certificate would do, but as it says on the consulate website, it has to be issued within 6 months of you applying to register the marriage. If you have all the proper documents, the process goes pretty fast once you register.
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