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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, my spouse came in on CR-1, applied for i751 and has interview for ROC scheduled. Also now applied for N400 as soon as they became eligible 90 days before the 3 year mark. Biometrics have been taken, was given the study guide and told to wait for interview, and online status has updated to the same. The question is, is it possible that the upcoming ROC interview can be a combo interview, with oath ceremony scheduled after the conclusion of 3 years of permanent resident status? Field office is Kansas City which as I understand doesn't do same day oath ceremony anyway. Thank you!
  2. Hi all..... 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊My forever pending I751 adjudicated during naturalization interview but without a combo interview! Read on my fresh experience I got my interview notice for December 15 2021 (i filed 23rd october 2020 while my i751 is ready for interview since 4 March 2020 (filed August 2019)🙊 I read everywhere about this dual situation till i found the combo interview thing in the replies even if the notice doesn't state that! So i got ready for both interviews ,updated all i751 documents of evidence ,my husband was driving me anyway and he was ready to be called in for an interview.! We arrived there on time , my husband waited outside the building glued to his mobile as per my request After going through security line and checking in. The officer called my name and asked me to follow her. In the office, we started with oath & generic questions and started with civics test (was quite easy) & the English part!(easier)! Then she told me that my online account has zero documents of evidence and she needs to adjudicate my i751! I told her everutjong was sent by mailand also i have all the documents of evidence, new photos,joint house deed, tax returns till 2020....etc with me now and my husband is waiting outside and can be here in a minute for an interview! She declined seeing anything or asking my hubby to join. She asked me to upload alllll documents of evidence i have on my online account before the closing of the business day and if not she will RFE She handed me in the form stating i passed the civics and english but no decision yet ! I went home ,uploaded everything right away and waited ....and dozed off ( seems i wanted to escape the stress😀) Few hours later my case status changed to : we recommend ur n400 for approval and now its ready for quality review but nothing changed for my i751status ! I started to panic and thought it will never do cause no combo interview was conducted and hello for a new wait But to my great surprise next morning my i751status changed to approved! Yaaay! Now waiting for my oath ceremony notice to be mailed within 30 days .....Hopefully😊 The takeaway : Your pending i751 can be adjudicated same day of naturalization interview without a combo interview but still plzzzzz bring your spouse along and be ready with all documrnts of evidence . I highly bieve your readines encourages the IO to adjudicate ur case!🤩🤩 I am so indebted to visajourney forum since i started my CR1 journey in 2016 . All experiences and replies help alot and give great tips and advices. So i posted my experience here to give a shoulder pat for anyone worried and searching for any tip or piece of info. On a very different note , the new phone automated CS agent drove me crazy by not getting my request and keep terminating the call and i never got to talk to a real representative of USCIS ! 👺 Good luck to everyone. Just get well prepared or even overprepared as with USCIS more is better than not enough. 😉
  3. My wife received her N400 interview notice while the I751 case is still pending. She applied for N400 when she became eligible while waiting for the I751. The notice doesn't mention anything about the I751. Do we assume it is going to be a combo interview? I read in past posts that some mentioned their letters asked their spouse also be present. Her letter doesn't say anything like that; basically just ask for her, an interpreter (if needed) or attorney be present (If needed). I plan to go anyway just in case it is a combo. We live in North NJ and all along we are expecting the interview to be held in Newark NJ. For whatever reason her N400 interview is in NYC. Has anyone tried moving the case to their home state and reschedule? Or is it better to just go instead of moving things around? Any insights will be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. My wife's I751 "ready to schedule for interview" status has been unchanged since April 2020. Oct 2020 we scheduled an InfoPass appointment and got an ADIT stamp (I551 Stamp) because her extension letter was expiring. Now we're almost where we were a year ago and with the stamp expiring soon. I tried calling the 800 number with hopes to speak to a real person but time and again got turned down by the robot on the phone. Apparently having an expiring I551 stamp doesn't meet their criteria to speak to an agent. Is anyone having the same issue? I'm guessing the expiration date is not close enough yet. But I don't recall it was this difficult to get through to a real person last year. Any tips to get through? We also tried submitting an inquiry on the uscis processing times site but weeks went by and received no reply from the agency. She also has her N400 pending. Want to find out if anyone is having combo interview recently? And want to know if USCIS will notify you about the cases will become a combo and how soon they'll inform you before the interview. Thanks for any help in advance. -JK
  5. Hi People, I have been on this forum on and off so I would consider any kind of comment would be helpful and useful for me. I filed joint i-751 with my ex spouse back in December 2016.Things did not went well and we decided to Divorce and it happened in May 2018.I let the USCIS know before receiving my divorce decree.We sent an amendment with my lawyer,divorce was finalized in may 2018,USCIS has sent me a RFE in July 2018 asking for my signature to switch the case in to a divorce waiver.But also on RFE it was saying that we don’t shared commingled finances.They also stated that there was a huge wire(my parents send me money for me to purchase car) transfer on my bank statement,and my 2016 taxes were showing much less income.They asked me where is this money comes from.Me and my lawyer reviewed everything one more time and sent them a much better package in September explaining that transaction.10 days later our response to RFE(I’ll attach it here).My status changed it to We sent your case to your local field office for an interview I honestly know so many people has no evidence but they have been approved with a divorce waiver and without an interview,since then no action on i751.My office is Miami Field Offfice.When I went there for stamp.They told me that my case is there.So since there is no action on my i751 my lawyer advised me to file n400 under 5 year rule.Which I filed in December 2019.They scheduled me and n400 interview for March 2020 but unfortunately as all of you know its been cancelled due to Covid19.They rescheduled my interview for beginning of September.What should I do to get both interviews be done at the same time?cause in the interview letter it says that n400 interview no mentions about i751.My i751 is pending for almost 4 years.It’s been a disaster for me.I have been waiting for this process to finalize to so I can sure that I will be living here the rest of my life and start my new business with peace of mind.I’m having really hard time because of this waiting game.Mentally is more though for me.My parents are also old.I couldn’t see them for a year.I need you guys advises what steps should I take or can I take to get this interview happened.Do you guys think if there is something wrong with my case since they went rough in that RFE letter.Any kind of comment will be appreciated!!also here is my rfe letter back in 2018
  6. Dear All, Today I attended my N400 interview. It's been a long journey for my husband and myself and we're happy that it's now done and dusted. I got approved!! It was a mixed feeling of relieved and disbelieved. Here's the detail that hopefully help some of you who are preparing for a N400 Interview. Here's a brief timeline: September 2019 - Submitted I751 September 2020 - Submitted N400 (with I751 currently pending) April 2021 - Interview Scheduled May 2021 - Attended N400 interview It was my understanding that I would only be interviewed for my N-400 application as what written on the notice. After reading posts here and there I conclude that I'm the only person required to attend the interview. But on the side of cautions I wrote to USCIS through the My.USCIS.gov portal on May 9, confirming that my husband is not required to attend the interview. I received a response on the evening May 20, one day before my actual interview, stating that I'm the only person required to attend the interview. Fast forward to this morning. After waiting for approx. 30-45 minutes they finally called my name. The agent proceed to asked me "Where is your spouse?" I explained that he's currently in a hospital for a heart surgery. The agent was clearly not pleased with my answer. He proceed to tell me that I have an open application (i-751 pending and n-400) so my spouse is required to attend the interview. It was like a 100 punch in my stomach. I went on to explain that I wrote in the USCIS portal regarding who is required to attend the interview and received a respand yada-yada yada... The agent was still NOT pleased... I was sh!ting bricks by this time. Long story short, my interview was a tough one. I was grilled for 30 minutes. At the end of the interview he asked if I had anything to add before we move on, I took this as a license to kill. I pour my heart out about my husband and my relationship, our life, and our journey. By the end of my speech my head hurts. I was emotional & was imagining the worst possible outcome.The agent finally said that he will give me 5 minute to collect myself before moving on to the N400 interview. I went to the bathroom and washed my face. Man, I was wrecked. The agent invited me back to the interview room, and he kind of apologize about the grilling, he's making sure that my case was legit and true per my application. I told him I understand. My N400 interview on the other hand was such a breeze. The 6 civic questions, writing, and reading tests were EASY! The yes/no question was tedious, stressful but easy. The agent then asked if I'd like to change my name, I said no. He asked me to check my name / details on a iPad all was correct. He then excused himself to get some stuff. I was sitting there alone, I felt like I just received a death sentence. The agent returned, typed some stuff on his computer, looked at me and said, "I'm going to approve your case." I died..... I was in such disbelief... I started to get teary eyed. I told him I'm sorry for being so emotional. He then printed my oath ceremony notice while I collect my belonging. I met him outside his office, he passed me the notice, explained what I should do, congratulated me, gave me an elbow shake / elbow bump, and he wished me the best for my husband. Moral of the story, if you have a pending I-751 and are summoned for N400 interview based on marriage to a US citizen, bring your spouse with you. You both should take a day off of work and celebrate (safely) after. I'm coming back to the building for my oath ceremony next week. I'm sorry if there's something in this post that is unclear, I'm still in a daze. Good luck everyone. Have a safe and healthy Spring/Summer. Best, J/G
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