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  1. normally its recommended if your medical is older than one year before your interview do it again for interview otherwise thats gonna be cos of delay on your green card.They will require updated medical.
  2. its not mandatory to you to change your name .your case is depends on your strong tie with your spouse and if you have or planing family.i just attend my aos interview last week.they did't ask any additional document just my updated information.like i have DL and SSN,job letter,and other joint documents like lease and insurances but they did't ask me for this because we blessed with baby in last NOV.They just updated my info in the written form which i submitted before i - 485. and i got approval within 7 minutes our appointment was on 12.30 we were out by 12.37.
  3. Good to hear that you got interview. You will receive a letter by mail within one month. To call them is waste of time coz they will not gonna tell anything about your interview according to there guidelines. so wait you will gonna get it by usps soon in your mailbox.
  4. Yes it's true k1 visa have validity for 4 months everyone got there pcc done in advance coz it's valid for a year and medical valid for 6 months after issued. Now you should call NVC and check with them and explain your situation. They might can do something otherwise you have to do everything in rush.As per my knowledge once you attend your interview that validity will not gonna effect you but even though I will suggest contact NVC.Best of luck 👍
  5. congratulations to you.i got notification for my interview is scheduled waiting for notice. i hope will get that within 2 days.i our interview will gonna be good as well.
  6. when you scroll down and click on case number then you will see what is the updates or you can call nvc directly during working days.
  7. Actually they don't allow us citizens to talk during interview but it's all depends on consular officer they maybe ask about your petitioner something or not.Interview is all about they have full rights to do anything.
  8. if your wife did her medical one year before then she need to take new medical
  9. It call I-I34 your petitioner need to fill it out and signed it and give it to you. which CO will required first during your interview. you are waiting for k1 interview isn't?
  10. You need his pay stubs, affidavit of support original with signed and his job letter which describes everything like job nature, pay designation, pay etc and bonafide of your relationship like bills, photos, receipt from everywhere you visited etc. gather as much as you can it will helpful.
  11. hi you should try early morning like 8am to 9 am.slots will open on that time in India.Most of the applicant got there appointment that time.its normal error no need to worry.
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