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  1. I have the same feeling of frustration and anger at this delay and disorganization
  2. today I cried with joy to see so many approvals for the first time of my batch of 76500 everything just like me from April 19th I honestly hope that by the 1st week of May I will be approved would be a great gift
  3. congratulations..... I'm from the 766 and I'm from April 19 Praying to God for my turn to come
  4. I hope they start soon at 76 thousand I'm from April 19th and I didn't see any approval
  5. mine is 76 thousand I'm already 371 scared to death because at any moment they can increase the time I've been through it 4 times and it's desperate
  6. please clear me a doubt the 76 thousand and the 76500 are not having movement right? why not be on this week's list? I'm Asking why I'm from the 76000 lot
  7. I know well what and it happened the same thing to me when I am realistic when talking about things related to processing time there are always people who have entered the process now have their heads It's more refreshing for people who have been waiting for more than 1 year for NOA2 and nothing knows that reality is different and the younger ones don't understand...Saying that I'm at the stage of being realistic and not dreamy so I can hold on in this long wait
  8. Praying to God for a miracle to happen by the end of April already with 360 days Lord have mercy on us all
  9. happy birthday to the people of april who are strong and warriors waiting for this approval may god continue to bless us and always give us the strength to endure all this
  10. I agree with this idea because I'm almost 1 year old and no response
  11. I'm from April 19th and was also thinking about this. I think we should do something this is already unbearable
  12. Here in Brazil we are not having a problem with the embassy having a date for an interview without any problems. Now the only problem we have is the USCIS approving the petitions that are going on with 11 months. And Midle. A real joke. I can't wait any longer, I'm already 328 days old and mentally exhausted, physically and without any patience
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