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  1. Yes, just message me with your email and I'll send you a copy!
  2. If there is no actual "expiration date" on the police record, you're fine. When we went for my fiance's interview, we had to obtain a japanese police report for our interview. The envelope said "do not open" but at the japanese consualte in Brazil, the clerk asked my fiance at the time to open it. The U.S. consulate still accepted it.
  3. maybe a copy of the lease or deed to th eplace you're living at? Or a copy of a utility bill with both yours and your spouses name on it.
  4. The medical appointment is mostly to check if you have possible communicable diseases. Did you disclose at your medical you were diagnosed with depression?
  5. No SSN needed for health insurance. As far as the SSN goes, please try and get it ASAP.
  6. this is for the K-1 visa? If so, a copy is just fine. I felt better bringing a "wet" signature though, just me personally.
  7. Not being able to see your wife for 3 years could raise a rad flag at the interview. May no prove to be a truly bona fide marriage, even though you do support her financially. The question may be raised to why you havent seen each other for so long, so be prepared.
  8. they usually ask for 3. When I went for my fiance's interview, they only looked at the most recent year, but do take 3 just in case.
  9. as long as you meet the poverty line, with co-sponsor or not, shouldn't be an issue at all.
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