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  1. Hello everyone! USCIS received our ROC package on April 9th. On April 30th, my wife and step-son received their extension letters in the mail. So happy that they came! Now the waiting game, yay! We submitted as much evidence as possible, but the thing I do fear is that most of the 2020 year, I was stationed in Japan, living in on base housing, and lived in an Airbnb in Portland. Basically, not a lot of proof of bills or rent with our names, but I'm not trying to stress about it too much. Hoping for the best for everyone!
  2. I cooked a couple of tri tips on the bbq for cinco de mayo. Had steak tacos, came out amazing!!
  3. I guess I was the lucky one. I applied for AOS for my wife January 2019, requested expedite due to military orders, and got interviewed June 2019 with approval. I didn't realize Seattle office was going through that. Hopefully you all have progress soon!!
  4. From my experience, having someone that's very insecure like that is just more proof that they're the one that's doing wrong.
  5. Did she say why exactly she wants a divorce? She can petition herself with a divorce waiver if the divorce were to happen before the ROC start. Also as mentioned before, protect yourself, especially financially.
  6. Receiving NOA2 can vary from couple to couple. We didnt receive ours until 6 months after we received our NOA1, and that's pre-covid.
  7. I ate a premade salad from Trader Joe's for dinner tonight.
  8. Would talk to your spouse about it. Talk and explain if they don't know what it is. I brought it up to my wife (fiance at the time) about it and she felt that the relationship was a business at that point. I dont regret not getting us prenups, but sometimes I wonder if I shouldve done that.
  9. Maybe it was this security officer's idea of a good sense of humor, but this is definitely not professional, and as mentioned before, talking to a supervisor would be ideal.
  10. Fellow VisaJourney members, Yesterday afternoon I submitted my Wife's ROC Package. A little delayed, but finally submitted. It's definitely within the 90 day period, no worries about that. I must have verified the package at least 10 more times before sending the package off through the mail. I will keep everyone updated. Thank you for everything who had helped with this!
  11. The edition now is actually expired, but according to the USCIS website, they say to use it. I'm actually mailing my wife's ROC package tomorrow, and that was one of the first things I noticed. Hopefully USCIS doesn't change their mid about the expired edition, after it clearly says on their website to do so...
  12. My wife was to be coming to Seattle, but her point of entry was Atlanta, so I made sure I had met her there in Atlanta so I can greet her at the gate, and fly together up to Seattle. At the house, I had a big American flag on the wall above the dining room table, red white and blue balloons and also an American flag balloon that said "welcome!" In the bedroom, I had a HUGE bouquet of roses ready for her on the dresser. I made sure that her finally arriving was an important event for me. (And the house was clean, and made room in the dresser haha)
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