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  1. bonjur_mimi

    My dear brother

    Please, real answers not showing yourself smarter by trying to belittle someone for leaving their country and not thinking about having the ties or not to your family. We have passed that game in high school. Again, I need an advice from somebody who really knows the answer to my question.
  2. bonjur_mimi

    My dear brother

    I did not say that I have a privilege. I asked alternatives of getting my brother here sooner. Please, pay attention before criticizing.
  3. bonjur_mimi

    My dear brother

    I didn't tell her to not to post I need an advice and not a personal view about foreigner staking away jobs. Please, read before posting not to be rude.
  4. bonjur_mimi

    My dear brother

    Yes yes and yes! We are all a human! If someone wants their family here there is nothing wrong with that as long as they do what they supposed to do and earn a chance to live in the country they want by following their guidelines. It's not the same as crossing the border for free.
  5. bonjur_mimi

    My dear brother

    The reform you are referring to is related to illegals. No, honey you are one of the minorities. I am a human I have strong ties and feelings to my family and it is natural.
  6. bonjur_mimi

    My dear brother

    Will it be quicker is my parents would sponsor him or he would still fall under category 4 visa?
  7. bonjur_mimi

    My dear brother

    Please, no negativity here. Keep your personal views about hiring "American" people first to yourself. Majority of people here including me were immigrants.
  8. I feel heartbroken to find out today that a visa processing time for siblings aka F4 is at least 10 years! He wants to come and visit me and meet his nephew and a niece. When he comes here, if he changes his mind and decides that he would like to stay in the US, then could I sponsor him to stay here somehow. Is there a way? There should be, isn't it? ... Also he is a very hard working and bright professional and would find more job opportunities here (engineering). Therefore, I am asking, please, give me some advice about how to keep him here. I will do anything possible I would hire a lawyer or help him to find a job. However, what are his options once he arrives here? Also I read that processing times are different for each country. Will that fact change anything? Thanks in advance