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  1. If a religion tells a grown woman to ask for permission before she travels, I'd tell her to quit that cult.
  2. I was in the same situation. My green card was approved and mailed to me when I was travelling abroad in Europe. I boarded the plane with my AP, no question asked at the airport, then upon arrival, I informed the immigration officer my green card was approved and mailed to me when I was abroad. The officer sent me to secondary, I waited for like 15 mins, another officer came back with my passport, stamped and noted with "ARC" and told me I am ready to go. This was 2014, and POE was Boston.
  3. I think you are just phishing for compliment. it is good.
  4. so why would you think it is ok to pay a Filipino minimum wage with room and board? Sounds like modern day slavery to me.
  5. no ground to expedite here. There are doctors in the UK and kids less than 2 years old do not start school.
  6. Be prepared to deal with US bureaucracy
  7. You might be a CEO of some company but you have no idea what you are talking about Edit: I agree with usumbsow
  8. there is no P there is no Pakistan travel ban.....
  9. i'd say your chance of getting a visa is near 0. I'd start looking for employment in India. If for whatever reason you must live in a different country, look Australia, NZ, Singapore, Canada, UAE...
  10. First of all, I am not trying to sound negative. Is this a cultural thing or what? I've seen quite a few people from the Philippines asking to adopt the niece of nephew. What is the reason for adoption though? I'd strongly advise against it if it is solely for immigration purposes. I don't know how old is your niece, but just think about the amount of emotional impact it'll have on the child.
  11. TSA doesn't care. You are required to leave the country with your US passport.
  12. What's wrong with cute American guys? I am proposing "Buy American, Hire American and Marry an American!" Just kidding, you'll be totally fine! Congrats!
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