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    Trusting in God to see us through this journey!

    "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1 KJV

    Our Journey:
    04/19/2014- Met online
    10/2014- Visited Nigeria and he proposed!!!!
    02/28/2015- Sent I-129F petition
    03/05/2015- NOA1
    09/2015- Visited Nigeria again!!!
    10/28/2015- NOA2 (237 day wait at TSC)
    11/13/2015- Sent to NVC
    11/27/2015- Arrived at Embassy
    06/2016- Third visit to Nigeria!
    06/15/2016- Interview, given option to file I-601 waiver.
    08/16/2016- Waiver submitted (no lawyer).
    11/21/2016- Waiver approved with expedite.
    01/2017- Embassy requested interview. 
    04/2017- Fourth visit to Nigeria.  K1 officially denied. 
    04/25/2017- NOA1 for 2nd K1.
    07/27/2017- Case transferred to TSC.
    11/17/2017- Case transferred back to CSC.
    01/16/2018- NOA2!! (266 day wait)
    03/08/2018- Interview (AP)
    05/03/2018- VISA APPROVAL!!!
    05/14/2018- Visa issued
    05/18/2018- Visa picked up
    05/25/2018- HE'S HOME!!! 💙💙
    07/07/2018- Finally married!!👰
    08/03/2018- AOS Receipt date
    09/05/2018- Biometrics Appointment

    God has given me a great knowledgebase through research and other members here on VJ. Please do not hesitate to reach out if I can be of any assistance to you!

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  1. Anyone in here with Raleigh, NC as your local field office? We filed online so it says IOE but we've always used Raleigh for everything else. Submitted Sept 2021. We got a notification that they reused biometrics but nothing since. Anyone else?
  2. Received at the lockbox 01/22- still nothing. Anyone else from on or before then still waiting?
  3. Husband has to call since he is the applicant. My husband and I usually call together and he gives them permission to speak with me and I do all the talking lol
  4. What kind of affidavit of support? Like a letter from a friend/family? Letters like those are counted as the weaker evidence- if you have more evidence of a continued marriage, that would be best to focus on!
  5. Original November 30th filer. My husband's PR card expired 12/19. We filed in late November and our package was received 11/30 at the lockbox. As you guys have heard, it's taking about 5-6 weeks to have your money withdrawn. As soon as you see that, you can call USCIS and give them your A number and they'll give you your case number to track. NOA's are following shortly after that. I received notification via email (from the lockbox) on 01/14 that our package was rejected because our payment didn't go through. After doing some research (calling the bank, reviewing our forms), it appears that USCIS keyed the card number incorrectly. The bank has no record of them ever attempting a charge to my account. USCIS stated that even if it's their error, we have to refile. Since my husband's application is now late and filing past the 90 day window, we had to submit the reason for the delay. I had my bank write a letter attesting that there was no charge attempted to my card, verifying my card number, and that there were sufficient funds in my account on the day they stated they tried to charge my card. I submitted that along with a copy of our original package, and the email from the lockbox (which stated we didn't need to wait on the return package to refile). We mailed our package 01/20 and it was received 01/22. We received our returned package on 01/22. This has really been a mess, as now we're filing late and my husband has been driving with an expired license (really no choice because he has to work). We have a call in to tier 2 with USCIS to request an expedite due to USCIS error. My husband and I have had such a long road- feel free to read about our journey! We are blessed to have come this far with God and ourselves, without the use of an attorney! The positive side is that I've become pretty knowledgeable of USCIS and immigration lol (K1 visa denial, an approved waiver of Inadmissibility that was approved on an expedite, another K1 visa denial despite having an approved waiver, before refiling our K1 and finally being approved)! Here's to the wait!!
  6. Thank you! The email stated that we did not need to wait to refile so I put a copy of the email in the package.
  7. Yup... They said it was because the payment was rejected so they were sending our entire file back. I spoke with the bank who confirmed that we had the money in the bank, that they did not decline the charge, and that the charge was never attempted. The lady from the lock box stated that even if it is USCIS' error, we still have to refile. I printed out her email, the payment form that I submitted, and a letter from my bank stating our account balance and that there was no charge attempted from USCIS. I requested that they allow our late submission since now it will be after the filing date. We also have a call back from tier two that we are waiting on where I will request an expedite of the processing due to USCIS error. We sent our package off today.
  8. They've said even if it's their error, we still have to resubmit. Ugh....... I'm going to resubmit tomorrow and will request an expedite based on USCIS error.
  9. So very frustrated! Package sent 11/30 and rejected 01/13. I received an email from the lockbox today stating that they tried to charge my card and it was declined. I called the bank because the money has been sitting there and they said my card was never charged (or attempted). The lockbox says our form will now be late and we have to add in our package why we didn't file in time! My husband has been risking driving with an expired license and now we have to wait even longer because someone at USCIS must have punched the number in wrong or something! I'm on the phone with USCIS now to see if they can just try to run it again!
  10. Thank you!!! I joined shortly after making this post. Good to see you around again!
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