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  1. I have the same concern because of my wife's adult daughter, and her two children due to arrive in the U.S. in March. I want them to have health insurance upon entering the U.S. The Healthcare Exchange won't even verify her identify based upon the US visas that her and her children have until they enter the US (we've tried that), and then the enrollment period may be protracted. I don't think you can paint policies such as the one that your link points to with one broad brush stroke as in "stay away from them". The policies certainly differ, and I've found several that I think look very good even after reading the fine print. My intent is to purchase one upon their arrival for a three to four month period until the daughter and children can get a policy through the marketplace or the daughter finds work with health insurance coverage. In fact, I may just use the non-ACA policy to cover them until 2019, and pay the 2018 penalty; it could turn out to be cheaper than an ACA policy even taking the penalty into consideration.
  2. This involves an F1 case. In February of this year, the principle applicant went to the Israeli Embassy in Moscow, and requested that a police clearance be sent to the US Embassy is Moscow. They said they would do it, and gave her a receipt written in Hebrew. BTW, it was clear Today, we received an RFE stating, " 10 - ISRAEL CRIMINAL REGISTER CERTIFICATE:___________________ Israel: Generally available. Israeli police certificates are available for citizens and residents of Israel as well as nonresidents. Police certificates may be requested at any Israeli police station. They are sent directly to the U.S. Embassy. Former residents residing outside of Israel should apply in person at an Israeli consular or diplomatic mission". We're not sure what to do: should the principle applicant again go to the Israeli Embassy and request another police clearance be sent? Trying to call both embassies has resulted in constant busy signals. Should we send to NVC a copy of the original receipt and English translation? Anyone experience this type of RFE before, and, if so, how did you pursue it. As usual, thanks for all of your help.
  3. As of 1/2017, the I-864, I-864A, etc. can be photocopied in their entireties and sent to NVC. It's likely the originals with original signatures will be needed for the interview, though.
  4. spi9959

    Health Insurance

    I just contacted Evan at E&M, and he was very helpful and knowledgeable about health care coverage for new, lawful immigrants that haven't yet obtained a green card, social security card, drivers' license, etc. I'll likely purchase a policy from his company for the interim period in which my wife's immigrating family don't have their cards yet.
  5. My wife is a US citizen, and her daughter who lives in Russia with her two children, both under 12 years of age, is likely to be scheduled for a consular interview within the near future (that's if the US Consulate has enough interviewers to do so within the near future following Russia's retaliatory sanctions). The preference category is Family First (F1). Of course, my wife's daughter will be assessed an immigration fee, but I'm wondering if her two children, both derivative beneficiaries, will be assessed immigration fees as well? Thank you in advance for your replies.
  6. We added an accompanying child to a family-based F1 visa by sending a copy of the birth certificate and English translation. We saw that just today that the child's name was added, and the "pay now" button was operative for the DS-260. However, when we click on the "pay now" button, the newly added child's name doesn't appear --- just the previous names for whom we already paid. Maybe, it takes a while for the payment part to become operative?
  7. My wife and I file jointly. Her income alone doesn't meet the standard for support, but mine does (without counting her income). With her I-865, we'll attach a copy of our jointly filed tax return for 2016 with all W2s (hers and mine) to show total income and also her income for 2016. Is it necessary for me to include the exact same information (2016 tax return and all W2s) with the I-865A that I submit? Just trying to save a few trees, but not at the cost of an RFE!
  8. I apologize in advance if this was asked already, but my cursory search did not reveal that it was recently. On the Document Cover Sheet for a family-sponsored visa (unmarried over 21 child of US citizen), it indicates that it wants "proof of relationship". My wife is the petitioner who maintains the same surname that she had when she gave birth to her daughter. Her daughter, the beneficiary, was married and divorced, but maintains the surname of her former husband. Will providing a birth certificate for the daughter within which both the daughter and mother have the same surnames, and a marriage certificate for the daughter showing the name change be sufficient?