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  1. But I also see cases where people received their NOA in 3 days. Actually the majority gets them quicka dn I see green cards received in as quick as 2, 3, 4 months.
  2. Subscribing to this thread! I filed my I-485 together with my I-601 (waiver for vaccine requirement) on July 3rd, they received it on July 5th. Nothing yet. I also checked the box for the SSN number and card, I am curious how long it might take to get that. I am reading quite some quick decisions on AOS after K1 so that is promising.
  3. No, as I explained in my original post. My medical is all good and complete, with the exception of the vaccinations. If all CS's would force you to have a full medical, what would be the point of having one overseas? Or of the box on the I-693 that says I only have to do the vaccinations and then the CS only has to fill in certain spots? He or she is not signing for the complete I-693 but only for the vaccinations they gave to complete my medical. But what I wonder is if I even need an i-693 at all, since I will be sending my (incomplete) ds-3025 with my AOS and a form i-601 for a vaccine waiver. So it seems like a waste of time for both myself as well as the doc to go there so he or she can check the box that I didn't get any vaccinations to complete my ds-3025. I can see going there if you DO get your shots and have that signed, but I am not getting the shots so it seems to me that if you have an incomplete ds-3025 you send in i-693 IF you get your shots here, but you send in a waiver instead of i-693 if you are not getting the required shots. I hope someone knows if that is correct. I would think that there is no use for USCIS to request a signed i-693 for the vaccinations from me after I have already sent in the waiver form? I can't find that information. It would be ridiculous to get a full medical again that I had just a few months ago at a civil surgeon in The Netherlands. If they can't be trusted, then what is the use of a civil surgeon? Could have just gotten one at my own GP then.
  4. I am not sure if I have to file I-693 with my AOS. I completed my medical in The Netherlands in January with the exception of my vaccinations. I had my vaccinations as a child but not after 1990 and I do not intend to get any on religious grounds so I will file form I-601. Do I still need a civil surgeon to sign I-693 for me? Seems a bit redundant since they will not perform a medical exam on me, neither will they be completing my vaccinations. Does anyone know? I called one CS so far to ask but the woman on the phone kept insisting the doctor wouldn't sign anything unless I paid $500+ and get a full medical exam again. That seems strange, why get one overseas at all if that would be the case? I am not sure now if I should just send in form I-601 with my AOS or if I need the I-693. I did read I could send I-693 in later if needed. Any information would be appreciated!
  5. So I dare to update now because I just got updated by CBP. I called CBP and the officer was very nice, sounded like they were a bit annoyed the package wasn't taken when I arrived and I got the feeling it happens more often. I explained I had no idea I had to hand it over (I didn't, had no idea that was all originals, I come from digital Holland and thought this was just a copy for when they would check me at the border) and I also said I was dumb enough to open it. I was told they understood and that I could send it in or bring it in person so they could process it correctly for me. As I am not close to the airport I decided to send it in with FedEx overnight (which is why I didn't update yet because it was nerve wrecking and I wanted to make sure it arrived in good order first!) together with my i-94 and passport/visa copy. I got the officer's name and an address and email address and was promised that the officer would personally handle it for me and let me know when it was received and taken care of. I just received the email saying that everything was received in good order and that it will be correctly processed and sent to USCIS. I am so happy this is fixed, my stress level was through the roof. I must say that I have had contact with CBP four times now. Back in the Netherlands when I had questions about shipping my belongings, when arriving in the USA, on the phone with CBP at a local airport to get a phone number that would actually give me a human officer instead of a robot and now with this and they were very nice and very helpful on all four occasions going out of their way to help me out. I am not used to that in The Netherlands. So thumbs up for CBP.
  6. I looked online for the number of my consulate, turns out the visa stuff is not handled in Amsterdam anymore but the Dutch need to go to Frankfurt Germany now. So that gave me more stress! But I just got off the phone with CBS at Detroit Airport and they couldn't be nicer and more helpful. I will update when it's handled!
  7. I get that it's a huge issue when entering the country, but I've already been admitted and passport stamped, i94 on file. I'm pretty stressed out now.
  8. I am in the USA currently on a K1 Visa and I did not get a COVID vaccine. You don't need any vaccinations for your K1 visa, but you need them for your AOS. If you are against ALL vaccinations you can file a waiver with your AOS (form i-601, $1040 extra) based on your religious belief and/or moral convictions. You can't pick and choose and take all other vaccinations at your medical exam but not the COVID ones. https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-9-part-d-chapter-3
  9. I am not sure if I have an issue now. I arrived in the States on a K1 in April, got married last week and am about to send in my AOS. I never received a copy of my medical exam and I still had the sealed envelope I got from the consulate with my paperwork that they did not ask for at the POE so I opened it to make copies of my medical exam. Then I got stressed and searched this forum and saw I should have brought it in still (sealed) and that they can only be resealed by the consulate which is now thousands of miles away. What do I do? What are my options? Does anyone know what I should do?
  10. That is not how I read that. I read there I need to show passport + visa + I94 and the mentioned visas need additional forms. How do you read K1 visa holders are not accepted?
  11. This is an application form: https://www.michigan.gov/sos/-/media/Project/Websites/sos/03lawensn/Applying_for_lic_or_ID_SOS_428.pdf I am confused you had to wait for your EAD/green card. I am not filing for and EAD so I will not get one. But when I look at this application form it looks like if I get an SSN and show my card, my passport with visa and proof of residency (which I can provide by then) that I have enough documents to apply for a driver's license in Michigan? I likely do need to do the tests, which is fine but seems like the supervised practice period of 30 might be waived since I have had a Dutch license for 25 years. Interesting how you can just exchange your US DL here in the Netherlands for a Dutch one if you come from the US with mostly wide open roads and automatics, while Dutch people who are used to trains in the streets, bikers everywhere and millions of tourists terrorizing our streets with their amazing driving abilities while we have to shift manually and have a thousand eyes everywhere need to take a test in the US. I'm not worried about a test, and it's cheap too! You pay much more here in The Netherlands for a test. I guess I'll just go to the DMV as soon as I have my SSN and see what they say.
  12. Thanks. Yes I have done all that, the airline doesn't require anything either. I was mainly curious about the check at the POE. Vaccine waiver.
  13. Thanks for the info. Yes normally it would be anywhere between 10-16K to ship, but not with their last-minute prices. It will actually be only 1-1.6K which is perfect!
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