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  1. I was the referenced person the OP noted in this thread. I just got my CR-1 approved in Feb. (Bangkok). I got the same email as the OP and it was the first time anything was mentioned about the petitioner having to submit original or court certified copies of marriage certificates. I never saw this requirement in any of the instructions anywhere. I did not have the time (I was in Thailand at the time) to try to locate my old marriage docs so I pretty much ignored this one-off request. I did of course supply original or certified copies of my divorce. It did not become an issue and was never requested again. I think that it is a poorly crafted email and is not an official requirement per se.
  2. Just about to go up the "escalator" to start the journey back to the USA.
  3. guyintex

    USA Bound

    Wife and I about to clear Thai customs outbound.
  4. CR-1 (spouse) time (Thailand) It varies from country to country and how long it takes you to get the paperwork complete. I am an experienced IT guy and I was able to negotiate the websites and complete my paperwork quickly. My income is well with the requirements and there are no legal issues. I am a naturalized US citizen petitioning for my Thai wife. In my case since married for less than 2 years I will be receiving a CR-1 and converting to an IR-1 4 months after that. I-130 process was 335 days. Visa interview will be 1/18/2024 which is 127 days from when the I-130 was approved. Total time from beginning I-130 until Visa interview will be 462 days. It should be 1-2 weeks more after the interview (if successful) to get my wife's passport returned to her with the visa attached to it. So, in summary for me total time will be about a year and 5 months if the interview goes well this January.
  5. Visa appointment has been scheduled (CR1). Woot!

  6. Thailand - Received the "Documentarily Complete" email on Oct 31, 2023 and received the appointment email on Nov 24, 2023 for the Visa interview appointment in Bangkok on 01/18/2024. Right at the 3 week mark that others have reported. My wife is on the way to Bangkok now for her doctor's appointment (she has to get 1 more vaccine). Heading in to the home stretch!
  7. Second time I have used RapidTranslate.org for my Thai to English translation needs and both times I have received stellar service. They are expensive however if you need a document translation from a certified translator (non-government) this company delivers each time. They are expensive so if you have many pages I might look elsewhere however you can submit the document and ask for a quote if you need it. They will email you the translation in about 1-2 days, once approved if you need a hard copy they will send it back to you. Flawless system they have developed. Cheers! FYI, I have no affiliation with this service.
  8. Just about to begin the CR-1 process. Got my I-130 just today! Thanks for your updates.
  9. Just got my approval for my Thai wife's I-130. I submitted on October 13, 2022 and received approval 9/13/2023. Exactly 11 months. I had one request for more documents that I fulfilled in one day. Now on to the CR-1! Cheers and I wish everybody else best of luck!
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