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  1. Through another channel, I hear there are some interviews available. Get them while you can
  2. The "packet" refers to "Packet 3 & 4". Each embassy handles it a bit differently. This us where instructions begin to deviate. I'll give our example .. We were processed through US embassy in Bangkok. After NVC notified me (petitioner) that our case was bring forwarded to the embassy in Bangkok, I soon received and email from the embassy titled "K Visa Packet 3 & 4 instructions". The email informed us that we could schedule our interview, but to first follow instructions on the embassy website. The website had the "packets", which were simply a PDF file with instructions for next steps...which documents to prepare, information about the required medical exam, etc. In fact, for us, there were no longer separate "Package/Packet 3 & 4', but rather a single "Packet 3, in PDF format". I just checked KL embassy's website for the "packet" instructions, but couldn't find anything.
  3. I didn't include ANY paystubs. I only provided my most-recent year's tax transcript. But, some embassies have different requirements.
  4. They can transmit electronically. I would seal the packet myself, just in case.
  5. Thanks for the tip. We used two different local companies in Pattaya/Jomtien. Both did great translation work. Though, one of them didn't want to put the self-certification statement on the documents (instead, they wanted to use their own stamp... Which i refused). I'll have to dig up the names of the place we used, later.
  6. Probably pretty quick, after you get your medical updated. I know the process is frustrating, but hang in there. You're almost done!
  7. It may not be a requirement, but it's never a bad idea to do any little thing that can improve your chance of success. Why are so many people here so quick to discredit and look for an argument?
  8. I put a summary of our relationship history and number of times i went to see my fiancee in Thailand, in our Intent To Marry letter. It helps prove a bonafide relationship
  9. Some of my details are foggy, but I'll do my best. When you finish the DS-160, it will have a barcode on it. Do a DS-160 for fiancee and another for her child. They'll get linked automatically. If I recall correctly, the DS-160 process will instruct you when/how to pay the interview fee. pay for both Fiancee and her child. Only do DS-160. No DS-260
  10. I didn't even look at that, until my lady's interview was done. I believe READY is normal for the step you're at. After the interview, it will hopefully change to APPROVED, and then ISSUED
  11. Hi Ray, That email is your K1-FTP. Is has your Case number (starts with BNK) and your USCIS Receipt #. I don't know what an IIN or BIN # is. I don't see that on any of my records. Keep an eye on your email. I received the "K1 Visa Packet 3 & 4 Instructions" email a few hours after the K1-FTP email. No packet was actually sent to me. You can find them at https://th.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/packets/. You only need to pay attention to "Fiancé(e) K Visa Information and Interview Instructions – previously known as Package 3 & 4" You can now get set up on the CEAC website, followed by the DS-160 and interview fee payment. Once that's done, you can start checking for open interview appointments.
  12. There are some fields which I couldn't type into. I did as much as I could on the computer, printed it out, and used pen on the remaining fields.
  13. In my experience, at Port of Seattle airport, Mobile Passport is approximately the same speed as using the kiosk, and same speed as filling out an entry slip. Can't hurt, though
  14. Thank you. We've not yet gotten their passports back, yet. Our interview was last Thursday, the 5th. Should take around 10 business days. My advice to everyone is to read the forms carefully. Most government forms have an instruction sheet, too. This is true for the i-129f, DS-160, i-134. Doing as such, we were able to avoid any RFEs and Administrative Processing delays.
  15. Stook

    Visa approved!

    The dates on our timeline are accurate. There was nothing to submit to get from NOA1 to Consulate Received. We went thru K1 process. IR1/CR1 process might be different in that regard. To save time, make sure to include accurate and complete information on all forms, and include supporting documentation where requested. If it asks for an Original, don't only send a copy...unless it's a CERTIFIED official copy. Your lady will need a "Single status" document from her registered birth town. If she doesn't already have it, she will need to travel to her hometown to get it. Same for vaccination records, most-likely. Get all Thai-language documents translated early. Make photocopies of the original and the translated version. Bring all 4 to the interview. Documents can be translated by ANYONE competent and fluent in both languages, as long as they write/print/stamp something to the affect of "I ____ can fluently read/write/understand both English and Thai. I certify that this translation is factual and accurate". Date and signature from translator. (If your lady lives near pattaya/jomtien, i can find out who our translations were done by). Sure thing. Yep, 14 months. 4 months from NOA2, to Embassy. Nothing for us to do, but wait. About 3 months from Embassy/consulate Received, until were had an interview date. Some of that delay was due to us getting documents together (Single Status paper, Vaccination records, her son's gov't ID and son's passport). DS-160 (for K1) and payment for the interviews took a few days too. (I think IR/CR1 uses DS-260, rather than DS-160... Though, I'm not certain about that)
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