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  1. The whole process was very professional and straightforward. We brought way too many documents than requested but it turned out that's better than not having enough! We showed everything they wanted on the Chiang Mai CRBA checklist, had a short interview, and was told it was approved! The next week we picked up the CRBA and passport. We had passport stamps showing we were together in the same place at the same time, both names on the birth certificate, Thailand passport was obtained by both of us, we had everything in Thai translated for 300 baht a page, and brought it all to the interview. It was quick and painless. The week before we talked to a married couple that went and they said it was a breeze, but we were still nervous! Haha, it turns out we didn't have to be! Next step is the K-1 visa interview and hopefully to America! Whoa! What a process!
  2. Hi all, I have received the email with instruction for packet 3 but am a little confused as it is not clear which documents to submit. The packet 3 instructions I received are dated March 2018 and found here https://th.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/90/iv-packet-3-instruction-mar2018-english.pdf. So I am confused about which forms you actually submit to the embassy as "packet 3" and which ones you bring to the interview. I feel like the instructions contradict themselves. First it says "Prepare the necessary forms and documents that pertain to you on the following checklist. Make sure to bring the original/certified copy of all the documents with you to submit at your visa interview." Which makes me think I do not submit any forms. Then it says "SUBMIT PHOTOCOPIES ONLY OF THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS Photocopies should be black-and-white photocopies. The original/certified copies must be presented at the interview" and lists associated documents Then "SUBMIT ORIGINALS OF THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS You are encouraged to retain photocopies of these documents." and lists associated documents. And lastly ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS BELOW MUST BE PRESENTED AT THE INTERVIEW These do not need to be mailed to the IV unit at this stage, however we strongly recommend gathering this information in anticipation of your interview. Which makes me think I submit all the forms listed except these. So what do I submit as packet 3 to the embassy? Do I submit all the documents listed under the SUBMIT PHOTOCOPIES ONLY OF THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS checklist and SUBMIT ORIGINALS OF THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS You are encouraged to retain photocopies of these documents. OR do I just submit the DS160 form and bring all these documents to the interview? Thank you, Ryan
  3. Does anyone know how long the applicant has to return packet three to the consulate? In other words, does it have to be returned in a specific amount of time or can they hang on to it for a month or two while my son gets a new job? Thanks!
  4. Very excited! We just mailed everything to the embassy they should have everything on Monday! For those who have filed in Thailand how many weeks does it take to get an interview? Do they email you about when your appointment is? Can I email them and ask? Or do I just look on the PDF they have on their webpage? If it’s the last thing then do I check that periodically or is it uploaded one time for one month?
  5. My son is sponsoring his fiance from Thailand and no longer has a job. He is currently interviewing for a new one, but it is taking time and he is concerned about the affidavit of support. The petition has been approved and is now on it's way to the NVC. Is his tax return from the 2018 (and prior years as well) what they will want to see or does he need to show proof that he currently is employed? Also, does anyone know how it takes once the NVC gets the paperwork for the consulate in Thailand to schedule an the interview? How much time in advance do they schedule the interview? Thanks for your help.
  6. Is there any way to get the interview quicker? Is there an expedited request there? What reasons would they accept? Any help would be great. Thanks!
  7. Deanwinchester

    K-2 Visa help Thailand

    Hi I want to know if an illegitimate child needs parental consent or something else. The child is 4 years old and the father is not part of the picture and never has been.
  8. Why do I read you need to bring these to the interview online but nothing is required on the packet 3 or 4? Is it only some countries?
  9. Hello I saw a thread earlier today about being denied due to sending engagement ceremony photos and having them mistaken for a wedding by the embassy. Has anyone experienced this problem in Thailand's embassy? I am starting to worry because i sent our engagement ceremony photos with our i-129f but maybe im thinking to much. Thank you for any replies
  10. I just got my NOA2 in the mail! Took 5 months, filed on July 21st and the form was dated December 26th. What's weird is that it's not showing up online or on my iPhone app. Has anybody else experienced this? I would check your mail since they seem not to be working on the online stuff! What do you think?
  11. I checked online and the Bangkok Embassy has received my packet (they have 2 case files which is weird). Either way I want to know: Can we get order the police certificate and medical exam now or do we have to wait for the actual packet 3 letter? I want to do the medical ASAP because it takes 2 weeks to get all the results when you do it in Chiang Mai. Also for the vaccinations, is my fiance required to get all of them or as many as she can? Is there a test to see which ones she has? Other than recently her 'medical records' are spotty. Thanks!! P.S. Looking for Thailand specific answers please.
  12. Hello! Looking for a bit of advice... I haven't seen my exact situation talked about before, apologies if I missed anything that makes this redundant, any redirection or advice would be appreciated. Quick summary. I'm a 36 year old american, engaged to a 33 year old thai woman. I live in nyc and filled for k1 in mid july to get her to the states, still waiting on approval. Confident we will get approved as neither of us have been previously married, no kids or criminal history and my fiance has a college degree and no other flags I can think of. I've had consistent employment and residency in nyc for the past decade, but in the midst of the k1 process, last month, I was let go from my job. I am currently interviewing and have solid prospects in nyc as well as my hometown in ohio. Randomly I applied for and am now a serious candidate for an American company that has an open position in their office in Bangkok, which is very much a curve ball, but something I am considering, as out of all the jobs I'm interviewing for, the one in Bangkok is the best for my career and overall salary, but I'm not sure if it's still possible to complete the k1 process in america, as I would love to find a way to complete the us visa process and potentially take the gig in Bangkok. I have a 3rd interview next week in nyc to talk specifics, as the company has made it clear they can handle my thai work visa legitimately. I am trying to sort what parameters I can lay out for the company that may allow me to complete the k1 visa and marriage in the states, while accepting the job in bangkok. The company would like me to start in thailand in Januaru/as soon as the thai work visa can be sorted. I'd like to be fully transparent with My company so I am just not sure what I need to request to allow me the flexibility to go back to the states to complete the k1 visa, or if that is even the best way forward. Any advise would be appreciated. Please let me know If any other details would provide clarity for what I found pursue. Thank you for your time, A
  13. My wife is from Thailand. She arrived with K1, we got married and we have submitted the I-485. She never had her original birth certificate. Her parents lost it. When filing the I-485 we included a copy of a "Letter of Birth Affirmation" from her local registry office in Thailand and a certified translation. This "Latter of Affirmation" has her date of birth, ID number, address, name of parents and their DOB and ID numbers, and witnesses present. We received a Request for Initial Evidence from the USCIS about 1 month after filing, asking us to submit secondary eveidence if the birth certificate is not available AND a letter from the government or other authority. Can anyone help me figure out what additional evidence they need?
  14. J&M95

    Medical @ Bumrungrad

    Hello all! I just want to share with your our experience with Bumrungrad last weekend. I booked an appointment for 27th of May, It's a Saturday because me and my husband(USB) will be coming from Phang Nga Province, that is like 12 hours via bus. We started travelling Friday night. I was impressed by Bumrungrad facilities. It truly is a hotel/hospital. We arrived in Bangkok around 6am at Mochit Station...we took a taxi that charged us 400 and took us straight to the hospital (15 minutes roughly bec its very early, we took the highway and no traffic jam at all). First step was to go to 10th floor for registration. It was quick and it's good there's a starbucks in the same floor..we badly needed caffeine that time so my husband was sipping his hot caramel macchiato while I was filling up the registration form. 10 minutes after, they asked me to go to 15th floor Nurse station C. They got the vital stats, eye checkup then waited again. After around 20 minutes, I went to see the doctor for my medical history, it was quick too..like 5 minutes. I received Tdap and influenza vaccine 1 month ago in Phuket because I don't have any vaccine record(Im from the Philippines) so I just relied on my readings here. I decided not to take the mmr vaccine ahead of time because Im sure bumrungrad will give me the second dose. I just asked the hospital here in Phuket to give me a medical record for those vaccines. Bumrungrad recognized those vaccines and they only gave me the mmr. My total bill was 7,200 baht. They gave me feedback on all test except gonorrhea. They asked me to come back 2 days after but I told them that my next trip to bangkok is the day before my interview which is June 6, they said its no problem so I;ll just pick up my medical resullt June 5 anytime between 7am - 4pm. All in all...its a good experience.
  15. Hello, So Thai addresses are a little strange from a US perspective. Can anyone offer any tips on how to fit a Thai address into the rather limited space inside the boxes on a I-129F? I'm specifically having problems with multiple streets and sois. Is it common for Thai petitioners to use Part 8, Additional Information, to submit the address properly? Thanks, Ken
  16. In thailand, you can get arrested for playing cards at a friends house. I have a friend that is applying for K1 visa whose girlfriend 6 years ago was driving a motor bike and pulled over. Her friend had a small quantity of drugs on her, but they were both arrested. From what I read, this is an immediate denial. Any information someone dealing with the same issue or resources I can pass on to my friend? thanks in advance.
  17. My fiancée is Pakistani and has been staying in Thailand with her family for 4 years. Her family faced real, serious danger in Pakistan and stayed in Thailand to seek asylum and refugee status. From the beginning of our process we've made this clear in our case that she is an asylum seeker who is staying in Thailand illegally. This summer the embassy asked for her updated medical records and passport so they could issue her visa. I came to visit her in late October. On November 15, after submitting those documents, our process was put in administrative processing which I've read is now routine for everyone from Pakistan. On November 21 she and her family were arrested by Thai police for visa overstay. They have been in the immigration detention center for a month. Four friends have asked why I don't email the embassy presenting the situation to them - first of all for transparency, but also in case they can do anything in the way of bailing her out during this last phase of her process. I am all for the idea but my risk-averse brother says it could just as well damage our case, and cause them to reject us. It seems neither I nor him know how to conduct oneself in correspondence with the embassy. Should I come out and tell them this? Today one of the US embassy officers who interviewed my fiancée saw her in the detention center as she was coming to have a private visitation time with me. They have staff who come to the detention center frequently. Let me make my goals clear in this situation: I want 1) for my fiancée to be issued her visa and 2) for her to be out of the jail sooner rather than later.
  18. I need information for direct consular filing for my Taiwanese spouse. I am getting conflicting reports. My question is if I can file for dcf at the Bangkok uscis because that is the office that covered our jurisdiction. I want to find that out before I send a $535 check to the lockbox in Chicago and have my case pending for a year, when this option is viable. Second question is if DCF is available at the AIT in Taipei? I read co flirting stories abt that but I haven’t been able to reach anyone with a valid response. AIT informs me to contact uscis, uscis phone number has an automated recording. Which doesn’t help me answer any questions. ASK EMMA, doesn’t answer my questions either. I emailed both parties but keep being told that they can’t answer because I am in Taiwan and they don’t have jurisdiction. Thank you for your time, and assistance.
  19. A year and a half ago, I was hired to work at a summer camp for 4 days in LA. I was getting paid $400 in total. I was honest to the officer at the port of entry about this. I had a tourist visa, and didn't know it was illegal (I was 20 at the time). I think he believed it was all an honest mistake. I, however, had to withdraw my application for admission. I am planning to go to China, Vietnam, Thailand, and/or Cambodia with my parents soon. Questions: 1. Is it likely that any of these countries denies me a tourist visa because of my incident in the US? 2. Is it likely that I will EVER get another US tourist visa? I've been scared, so I haven't applied for one yet. 3. Did I commit a crime? More info: - I'm Mexican, and currently at university. - I'm in the process of getting Portuguese citizenship because I'm jewish (Portuguese Jewish Law of Return). Could this help me get a US visa? - I applied for a Canadian eTA a year ago, and did explain what happened at the US. Canada, however, didn't mind. They granted me the eTA. - I have gone to France and Costa Rica after this incident. Neither country questioned me about this. - I have no criminal records (unless this is one). Thanks in advance!
  20. Received the visa this weekend and she is flying out Friday on her K1 to come to America. What a long process. So glad we can begin our story in earnest now
  21. My USC boyfriend is staying in Thailand on Tourist Visa/Visa Exemption for almost a year since Nov 2016. He doesn't work here and has plan to go back to US in this December. We are looking up if it possible to file DCF on Tourist Visa by having his mom to be a joint sponsor. Our situation are as follows; - I'm Thai and we are not married yet. - He doesn't have any Thai Bank Account neither an apartment rental contract since he stays with me for the most period. - Ha has hospital statement record - he was going to see doctor every month for around 6 months continuously. - He has US credit card bills showing his spending in Thailand during his staying. - He has US bank statement showing money transfer from his saving account to ATM account for using the money in Thailand. - He has a work space membership proof. I'm thinking about let him walk-in to USCIS office in Bangkok to ask if his case is acceptable to file DCF or not. Then we can decide to get married (paper work) here and process the DCF before he leave Thailand. Although, If it is unlikely to get approved, we might consider doing K1 or CR-1 once he gets back to US. Do you think it's possible to ask USCIS that? Any advice? Has anyone had experiened on applying DCF on Tourist Visa? Please share. Thank you
  22. My fiance is from Thailand. She worked in Dubai for about two years. That was about 10 years ago. What is the likliehood that the US Embassy in Thailand will ask for a police clearance certificate at the interview if her time in dubai was that long ago?