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  1. Hi Mary, did you submit an I-864EZ during the NVC stage? And was it accepted? We filled up the I-864EZ as well but just uploaded an updated one on additional docs because there are some changes. Interview's on Monday too March 6
  2. Hi Mary I'm in the same boat. I've requested for them to reopen it via support@ustraveldocs several times but they still havent done anything about it
  3. Update: I got an interview for March 6! Case escalated using US hotline: Feb 17 Case not found issue resolved: Feb 21
  4. Hi guys, we've finally gotten our interview date! Some questions: 1. Petitioner has switched jobs - should we update the I864/AOS? 2. I've moved houses - should we update the DS260? 3. My NBI is still valid (expired June 2023) but the address is still my old one. Is that ok? Thank you!
  5. Thanks so much for this info! We just called and they agreed to escalate it, but said it was up to the discretion of the embassy. Not so hopeful but at least something is happening. Hope we get the same results as you. They sent us an email receipt. Did you get an email after the escalation was "approved"? Or you were just suddenly able to book on CGI?
  6. Oh wow, congrats! I've called 4 times and got the same standard response of "wait for the interview letter then we can escalate." They'd stop me before I even get to making the request. Are any of these the number that you called? (+632) 8548-8223 or (+632) 7792-8988 How long did it take for them to resolve the issue after your call at Feb 6?
  7. Hi @Mary Bernard when did you get your interview letter? And was the 'case not found' issue resolved right after you got the notice? I'm still waiting for my interview letter 😔 Case status ready since Feb 1
  8. Hi mary bernard, have you gotten the welcome email from the embassy? I'm in the same boat where I also got expedited, with my case now 'ready' on CEAC, but when I try to schedule on ustraveldocs it's always 'case not found.' When did you get DQd?
  9. Hello, I backread the whole 20 pages of this thread lol. Just got DQd Nov 3 2022. If the ceac status says 'READY,' can we also just book it via cgi? Or is that only for expedited cases? What happens if I try to book an appointment even without an approved expedite request? We're CR1 and there are plenty of slots open. I can see the earliest date available on the left hand side of the page. We've sent an expedite request, got acknowledgment, but no response yet. Thank you!!
  10. Hi guys, I got DQ Nov 3. I got advice that the Manila Embassy is willing to expedite so we've sent an email today. My questions 1 - if in the occasion that we don't get expedite approval (or if they take a while to respond), how long will it take before I get an interview? Any recent cases? 2 - I keep seeing that once the case is 'READY' on CEAC, you can book your own interview on ustraveldocs/CGI. Is this just for expedited cases or for everyone whose case is READY? Thank you
  11. Birth certificate. I submitted one from the old issuing government body, apparently it changed
  12. Finally got DQ'd after one RFE. Last submission September 16!!! So happy!!!
  13. Unfortunately got a review note 2 days ago to resubmit my birth certificate. I just replaced it and submitted it now - but the 'date uploaded' part didn't change, remained at the original upload date last Jul 12, instead of Sep 16. I know that we'll have to wait for 8+ weeks again for the next review, but I'm just worried that this would be lost in the July files and it'll never get reviewed. Is this normal?
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