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Found 6 results

  1. Hello All, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this but just trying my shot here. I'm trying to renounce my Indian citizenship as India doesn't allow Dual citizenship, during the application process I came across a this requirement AFFIDAVIT OF NATURALISATION AFTER THE EXPIRY OF INDIAN PASSPORT – ORIGINAL & NOTARIZED If the applicant was naturalized after the date of expiry of the latest held Indian passport. A notarized affidavit may be submitted explaining the background and the reason for this gap. My Indian passport expired in January of this year and I didn't realize that, do you have a template/letter/affadavit I can refer to and use it? I tried to look for it online but didn't find any. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi folks, i am a new member here., I need a clarification, my wife is a US citizen and we filed 130. Case category is IR1. Our priority date is Feb of 2020 and our case documantary qualified at 19th of September 2022. And still now I am waiting for NVC to schedule a interview. When can I expect an interview and how it will take, whenever I enquired NVC the simply says we working to push the backlogs. And it makes us very stressed hope you guys can help us. Thanks in advance
  3. First of all - Thanks to everyone who updated their timelines and experience in VJ. It helped me to prepare and complete the whole process in a breeze. To start with I had my medicals in Frankfurt on August 4th, 2022. I had an appointment at 10:00 am, Everything was good it took a total of 2 hours Step 1: Enter and get the number from the receptionist and move to the first floor. Step 2: Wait to be called and Submit the form, interview appointment letter and answer basic questions ( Medical history, chicken pox, etc). Get photographed and understand the next steps. Step 3: Go to the basement for blood, urine, and X-ray collection and come back to the first floor Step 4: Wait to be called for a personal medical checkup by the doctor: Checking vision, lymph nodes, reflex check, etc. Step 5: Asked for any pending vaccination and go to the basement for vaccination. In my case I didn’t have my Hepatitis B vaccine. Once the vaccination was done, the doctor said everything looks good and told me all the details are processed online she told me it would be sent to the consulate in 2 days. I mailed them on 6th August and they replied saying the details have reached the consulate. TIP: I paid around 450 euros. You can pay by card. Interview day September 7th, 8:00 am: From the experiences shared on this site, I knew the exact steps. Step 1: I reached the consulate by 7:30 am. My wife and I came to Frankfurt a day before ( yesterday Sept 6th) and stayed in the best western hotel which is right beside the consulate. Step 2: I carried only my wallet and my file to the consulate, there was already a line of around 15 people. It took 20 - 25 mins to reach the windows where they asked for my passport and gave the sticker and number and asked me to go to window 22 once I reach the main building. Step 3: I moved to the security check since I didn’t have any electronics, it was smooth, and moved to the main building. Step 4: I walked directly to window 22, there were only 3 Immigrant applicants before me. In Window 22, the officer asked for my passport, one photograph (2x2) with my full name written behind it, and my Visa delivery registration page. He asked me to wait in the lobby and told me my number would pop up on the screen with the window number. Step 5: I sat for 5-10 mins and my number popped up for a window the officer there took my biometrics, and personal details & collected my original documents - birth certificate, marriage certificate, police certificates, and my wife’s W2. He explained to me the next steps, explained about the visa and stuff. I wanted to change the address in the US and asked him if I can change it there. He got the new address and updated it in the system. Step 6: After the document collection, I was asked to wait in the lobby again for the interview. I was called in 5 mins to a window where an officer greeted me and asked me to take an oath that everything I say is true. She took my biometrics and confirmed my name, DOB, etc. She asked me basic questions like how did you meet your wife? How long do you guys know each other? Where does she live? Are you planning to move there? When are you moving there? She told everything looked good and that she will be approving my visa today. Fingers crossed everything should be fine. I entered at 7:45 am and was out by 8:45 am. Documents I prepared: 1) Original Birth certificate 2) Original marriage certificate 3) Photograph (2x2) 4) Police clearance certificate ( all the countries - in my case it’s India and Germany. 5) Passport 6) Appointment letter 7) Passport delivery registration. Other documents which I carried along 1) Tax transcripts 2021,2020 and 2019 2) W2 and 1099 for all these years 3) My wife’s passport copy 4) My wife’s birth certificate 5) All copies of the originals carried 6) My wife’s lease agreement 7) Our travel history and pictures 😎 Other documents. I hope I covered everything. Prepare and over-prepare the documents. Everything will be a breeze. All the best everyone! Quick Update: My visa status changed from Ready to Administrative Processing. I believe it’s normal process. I will keep this thread updated. Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm sorry if this question has been answered but I did a search on Visajourney and couldn't find a thread regarding this topic. I'd appreciate guidance from anyone who may have knowledge on this. I filed a DS-260 for my mom, and it was conditionally approved in May 2021. Next step was to wait for the US Embassy in India (possibly the one in Mumbai) to schedule an appointment for interview, but that has understandably been delayed due to COVID. That being said, I can't find any information anywhere online whether the embassies have started scheduling appointments for the visa interview, what the wait times are, what dates they are currently processing, etc. It's been such a long time waiting for the interview to be scheduled, especially when there is zero guidance from the embassy when services will restart. Plus, it's been 2 years of COVID, most things are opening back up and things getting back to normal, the fact the embassy still isn't opening up their interview services (that I know of), it's very frustrating. So if anyone knows of any information regarding this, please let me know. Thank you!
  5. Hello, I would like to know if anybody got their interview dates from NVC after the US Embassies opened up in India, after June 2021. My case has been approved since Oct 2020, but I have not received an interview date yet. Is there anyway I could track/search how far the interviews are at the NVC? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  6. Hi Guys, My fiancé (United States) recently filed for our K1, now I want to start preparing my paperwork. I am an Indian citizen. I have read the site for India’s US embassy however as I am relatively so new I want to know documents that are required that are not mentioned on the site. Can you please share documents required (From me and my Fiancé in states) or can be asked which are not mentioned on the site for the process to go smoothly during the interview? Also, please share your experience and questions that may be asked. I am looking for any information I can find be with the process/Procedures, documents, interviews, etc. Your help is much appreciated. Regards, Alice
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