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  1. Also, Iranian DS-5535 can take several months to clear. Iranian posts like Ankara explicitly state that it often takes six months or more.
  2. KCC once required document submission, but that’s been scrapped since DV22. It’s likely that inbox is unmonitored if the same applies for DV24.
  3. No, that’s an old template they’re using, that email is unmonitored. Give them a few weeks, then try again.
  4. As far as I’m aware, there’s no blank page on a DV DS-260 for additional information. Besides, even if there were, OP’s DS260 will always indicate AOS - as it doesn’t change - only way OP can confirm he’s actually been changed to CP is by communicating with KCC anyway.
  5. Once that option is selected you cannot change it on the form. You’ll have to complete your DS260, submit it, and then email kccdv@state.gov and request consular processing. Indicate which embassy or consulate you’d like to be assigned to, but ensure your current address is correct and appropriate for that embassy - otherwise they will assign you automatically based on your address.
  6. Not that it’s important, but mine and my spouse’s IV photograph is definitely not laminated, or raised in any way, it appears to just be printed along with the rest of the visa. I have an old NIV from the 90s, that photo is definitely laminated, but I didn’t realize that persisted even until recently.
  7. Curious, they used to attach the actual photo to the visa? My visa photo is B/W and is printed.
  8. That’s the only way. I know someone, it took them 7 months to get this sorted. You need to be persistent. Unfortunately, there’s not much time left in the fiscal year.
  9. That’s interesting. I stayed in the US after first crossing for just a few minutes, then walked out, got my green card within a month.
  10. Contact KCC at kccdv@state.gov with a screenshot of the errors. Sometimes this means the CN is locked after several unsuccessful attempts. In some cases, you will have to verify identity.
  11. After the defendants are served they have 60 days to respond. For a lot of people, it’s in the last week or two of that window they start seeing action. Sometimes there are extension requests filed at that time, or the visa is issued.
  12. They don’t. Some embassies use colors, others don’t, some intentional, some not.
  13. PIC was the best for us. Our case was complex but they handled it beautifully. They were always responsive, quick to file, and we felt they genuinely cared about the outcome. They actually took over for an incompetent lawyer so they were definitely a breath of fresh air.
  14. The same steps advised to OP earlier, but replace their consular post with yours.
  15. Your husband could have crossed with the child, or you could have crossed with the child. If Montreal does not re-issue the visa (note it will require another medical), your husband can petition for you two, but it can be a few years living apart. If you are issued the visa this year, after 221g, I don’t imagine you would be going? What a situation.
  16. Good luck to you! I know people that have won after 10+ tries.
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