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  1. Short update: just seen that the status for my case (i-485) changed : Your Case Status: Testing and Interview Any ideas how long it will take for the interview to be scheduled? thank you!
  2. I was just looking also for our congressman. i found on their site something online. but is a section where to attach documents. you think if a do a letter explaining the reason should be enough? thank you !
  3. Hi guys, I don’t know if is any help for you. i just chat with one of live agents from USCIS, thru Emma. i was asking about work permit, as you know national benefits center has 9-9.5 months for processing the I 765. they ask if i fall under any of their categories. i told to the live agent that I don’t think that any of them are applying for my case. i just told the truth that only my husband works and that i start to feel like is harder to cover for all the expenses and that i want to help. the agent didn’t ask for more details or any documents. he just said that will put an expedited request and he gave me a confirmation number. also said I should receive in 7 days a response. I don’t know if was a good choice doing it. i will update after i will receive anything from them. have a good day and good luck to everyone!
  4. Nope nothing:) just a wait game. I can’t see anything anymore online. For I-485 all history is gone. I talked at one point with a live agent that was saying my bios were applied in June 17 for the case but from then nothing
  5. Maybe they will use it for your I-131 also. from what i know from other people the work permit is a combo work permit and travel
  6. It looks like they really forget to go back on the papers we sent.
  7. Nope. i am thinking to do so. i had my biometric appointment in June, from then I don’t have any updates is showing that my 765 is actively reviewed by uscis and for the 485 I cannot see anymore the history so I don’t know what is going on i talked around two weeks ago with a live agent thru emma, saying that on june 17 the fingerprints where add to my case but nothing from them
  8. Try to go with the letter and the child at your wife’s appointment. maybe they will do his bios also
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