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  1. No, it’s just administrative, the portal unlocks the DS260 and applicant has to review, update as required, sign off and submit. The file is at the embassy already so it doesn’t “start over.”
  2. Choice of venue isn’t so simple - many going through consular processing must file in DC as they have no ties to another state. If you file in a state you lack ties to, your case may be transferred (added delays) or at worst dismissed. This is the reason DC in particular is busy - because it’s the appropriate venue for DOS suits. Maryland is also busy because it’s where USCIS is HQ’d - but only a specific set of plaintiffs can file there - likely not any Montreal peeps as they need to sue DOS, not USCIS, unless they have existing ties to Maryland.
  3. One country this is common for is Somalia - and is the norm for anyone with documents from there.
  4. It’s for everyone. A derivative can’t be issued without the principal anyway. They’re under no obligation to issue before the deadline but they usually make a good faith effort. This year is crazy though as the visa numbers are depleted.
  5. Yes, future filings through DOS are more likely to trigger another DS5535, but if you are coming on a K1 you don’t usually go through DOS again. Your adjustment later would be with USCIS, who don’t use that form.
  6. They can file for extensions, and sometimes they do. Also if you look at DV stats, you can glean a lot of information about 221g at Montreal. The DV sites are a goldmine for this kind of data.
  7. The new PCC definitely don’t have fingerprints and photos shown. It has to be run under the Privacy Act. RCMP is no good for this. Go to another Commissionaires, preferably in a big city - they know exactly what you need.
  8. This suit was dismissed because the claim became moot - the plaintiff’s visa was adjudicated. The other plaintiff in the suit can’t compel interview - it’s a different claim from the government’s duty to adjudicate an application, and extremely difficult to win on as there are too many factors involved.
  9. Unfortunately, an oral approval at interview must be taken with a grain of salt. It’s common for a CO to recommend approval but the case is later sent into 221g when reviewed by a supervisor. CEAC status is your best reference - a visa will not be printed on a passport without the CEAC status changing to “Issued”
  10. You’re misunderstanding - KCC doesn’t want any documents from you and that “documents” email is unmonitored.
  11. DV2022 is over, Sept 30 2022 was the last day. DS-260 was submitted way too late.
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