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  1. Yes, some fixate on the dates, but it’s futile. It only means someone opened your file (for whatever reason) and it doesn’t necessarily indicate progress. At MTL >3 months is the norm across all visa types. Sucks for DV especially as their applications sunset.
  2. It only changes once printing process initiates, which is usually only when the passport is in their posession. It changes from “Refused” to either “Ready” or “Administrative Processing”. Finally, when the visa is printing, it changes to “Issued”.
  3. Really sad reading this, brings back memories of when it was all fresh and we didn’t know a thing about MTL and DS-5535. I know it’s tough and it may not seem like it, but there is an end to this, and you’ll survive it.
  4. They don’t want the PCC right now because MTL usually wants PCC under a year old (even though DOS in general allows up to 2 years). When you clear DS-5535, they’ll ask you at that time for the PCC. Your 221g is not about the incorrect PCC.
  5. I’ve seen a few WoM filed attempting to compel interview, but they are usually unsuccessful as consular posts have full discretion to manage their resources as they see fit. You’re better off taking that money you would have spent and moving (as in a genuine relocation) to a different country so that you can interview at the US post in that jurisdiction. Otherwise, not much you can do but wait.
  6. Even if it were true that all AP of the same type go to the same place, cases do not clear first in, first out. There is also an assumption there that once AP is cleared externally that the embassy immediately acts on the clearance. MTL sits on clearances and issues visas in batches for DV, I can’t imagine it would be different for other visas that don’t even have a sunset clause.
  7. Yeah, I haven’t seen cases at MTL clear in that time frame organically, at least not for a few years now. I think in the original thread there were maybe a couple. At other embassies DS-5535 can clear quickly, in Pakistan some clear in a month.
  8. They don’t care. The only way they move is if a DOS attorney defending them in court (after a lawsuit has been filed) contacts them personally to see what can be done. In some stats half of all applicants at MTL go into extreme vetting, similar to places like Baghdad, which is absolutely insane. The US already has access to information about Canadians.
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