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  1. That’s why I said some - more of an issue for some classes, less of an issue for yours. For example if it was a DV visa - those are capped and highly dynamic, it can take the VO a while to ensure they’ve got the numbers right at that time of the year before releasing more. At some point those visas run out, and when it gets closer to the cap they have to be very calculated. Edit: I should clarify that when I said a visa must be available I meant “available at the consulate for immediate use”. Some visas like IR1 are available with no caps, but they’re not available for immediate use at the consulate until the VO releases them to the consulate - hope that makes sense.
  2. When a security clearance comes back, a CO must review the file and adjudicate. They appear to have a whole process for adjudication so it does take time and that resource must be allocated. On top of that, for some classes a visa number has to be available, sometimes they’re not and must be requested again from the Visa Office (VO). Visa numbers are assigned to cases scheduled for interview and held for only one month after interview, otherwise they are recycled for another case in the consulate (likely a newly cleared AP case) or returned to the VO. This is why when people finally get their visas sometimes the annotation says “clearance received on such and such date a few weeks back” as it can take a while based on those factors.
  3. This is DS-5535. In the past this was done by email, now it’s an online form. It’s legit. If you need the passport, email them. It makes little difference to the process, when they’re ready to issue they’ll ask for it back.
  4. “The FOIA authorizes agencies to withhold information when they reasonably foresee that disclosure would harm an interest protected by one of these nine exemptions. The nine exemptions are described below. Exemption 1: Information that is classified to protect national security.” Because DS5535 is national security related, it’s unlikely DOS will reveal their reasoning re: your case as it could disclose specifics about the natural security apparatus and what exactly triggers extreme vetting at interview.
  5. FYI Your WOM is filed against the state department so you can’t factor in the portions of your wait with USCIS. Your ‘unreasonable delay’ is from the date of the interview.
  6. Just want to remind everyone as someone who’s been through this.. there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but a resolution to your case WILL come. Hang in there.
  7. Sometimes it’s sent back so you can hold on to it as they’ve realized 221g will last longer than they thought. It would be unusual for them to send back an issued passport with the status not reflective of that.
  8. Not a new tactic, they’ve been using this argument for years (221g is a final decision claim) when there’s so much precedent that it actually is NOT considered a final decision. Judges have ruled against them on this claim over and over. If you got an extension request you’ll be issued soon.
  9. Btw. I forgot to ask, now I don't really think you might really be able to answer this one... But do you think the chance of me getting rejected or if the system just rejected me already just because it maybe thought I was going to do a duplicate application, so do you think it threw away my legit entry, because it might think I was going to do a duplicate you know, or do you think it understands that I refreshed or messed with the FORWARD and BACK buttons on my browser? I've tried to contact KCC on their mail, but those working there only give answers per a form or so, they don't really answers people's question, even tho it is really people answering. Very weird. No chance this is an issue.
  10. It blocked it from happening - your original entry is still active.
  11. Your visa class is not relevant. DS-5535 can and is requested from every category, including NIV, when deemed appropriate. Resume is usually TAL - which you can expect to take several months or more.
  12. Refresh prompts your browser to resubmit the action. It blocked the duplicate entry.
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