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  1. Do you have to take your (foreign) passport to an N400 interview? I'm in the process of renewing mine, so I'll be without one for a few months and wondered if my N400 interview gets scheduled, whether it's needed?
  2. Hi all, I did my biometrics on Monday (April 10) and it was so fast. Maybe 10 minutes max? My case status also changed by the time I got back home, and it now says they "are actively reviewing my case" with an estimated time of ~9 months. Interestingly though, the approximate processing time here (in Los Angeles County) is longer than that, soo who knows. I've also had no movement or development on my i751 (Removing Conditions). Good luck everyone, waiting is FUN, ha 🎉
  3. Hi everyone, I filed N400 on March 19th and received the NOA pretty quickly (dated March 20th). I see a letter for Biometrics coming in the mail saying the appointment is April 10th. I'm also an i751 filer, so hoping to combine the interviews 🤞 Also hoping to change my last name through naturalisation, back to my maiden name (but still married), as professionally it's my preferred name. Hoping that doesn't go against my case.
  4. Hi Feb '22 filers.. I received the 48 month extension letter yesterday for ROC. So I'm wrapping up my N400 paperwork today, to get that filed!
  5. I had my UK Passport in hand, Global Entry Card and Expired Green Card, but I arrived at LAX and the kiosks there use facial recognition. I was flagged to see the officer as they must've known my GC has expired, so they asked to see the letter (which was also in my hand). It's exactly as Mike E said too 👇
  6. The trip was a success! When flying back to the US from London Heathrow, Virgin Atlantic wouldn't let me complete online check-in (no bother though), so I went to the counter and they were happy with the documents. I took: UK Passport, Expired US Green Card, USCIS Extension Letter, and US Marriage Certificate. When I arrived back in the States, I went through Global Entry and the officer asked to see and check my USCIS Extension Letter. It was very quick and they were satisfied. Happy holidays and Happy New Year all! 🎉
  7. My green card expired in April 2021, but I have a 24 month extension letter and valid UK passport. I'm flying to the UK for Christmas and coming back to the US, both flights with Virgin Atlantic. My passport is in my maiden name, and US papers and TSA Global Entry all in my married name, so yep, the marriage certificate has to come with me. I thought I'd call the airline to see if they're familiar with the extension letter process, to allow me return to the US. The lady on the phone had no idea what the extension letter is, and couldn't say if they would let me board. Has anyone here travelled on an extension letter + expired green card back to the US with Virgin Atlantic from LHR? I'm a bit worried...
  8. I checked the Case Processing Times tool on the USCIS website today... https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ And no surprises, the processing time has increased for Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence (I-751) at California Service Center. When I checked in October, it said on average, 80% of cases are completed within 10 months. Now it's saying, for the processing time, on average, 80% of cases are completed within 14 months.
  9. Thank you, sadly my husband isn't willing to try therapy whether solo or together. Though he says he is willing to support our marriage when it comes to my current ROC case, so I think that is a good thing.
  10. Thank you, this entire response makes sense and I was on the fence whether to contact a lawyer, so I will do that. Appreciate it!
  11. We filed i751 back in Feb (approx 6 months ago) and it is currently being processed as usual. However, spouse and I are talking about separating and living in different places. I believe I need to file both a change of address (AR-11) and write a letter to USCIS to tell them our plans to separate. Am I missing anything else?
  12. Checked my USCIS account today to see if there were any updates.. They waived the biometrics yesterday (7/14) and updated my case to say fingerprints were taken. Any other Feb filers had progress with their case?
  13. Silly question, did the USCIS website used to show you what cases they are currently processing? I feel like when I used to log in to see my status, there would be an update saying something along the lines of "we're currently processing cases from XX Date". However I can't seem to see that information anymore. My service center estimates 10 months to complete ROC (for 80% of cases), which is fine with me, but I am curious if this 'currently processing' data point has been removed.
  14. Hmm I'd like to know the answer to this same question too.... Wonder if the folks who have already received the Green Card Extension Letter, but NOT had an i751 interview will be included.
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