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  1. 3pm UK time but keep checking at regular intervals. I found that slots stayed available for a few days since release and I was able to reschedule.
  2. I checked at different times, from 6am till midnight. The first time dates appeared was midday, around 3ish. I think it might be random though. Took me a good few days before I found dates pop up. The slots come out in handfuls luckily. Good luck.
  3. Quick overview of the visa medical... Took around 1hr 15mins. I think they try to streamline the process and get everyone to the different stations eg. X-ray, physical examination and bloods and vaccinations. It's pretty much a waiting game, from one waiting room to another. They accepted my passport, police certificate, embassy letter/interview date, vaccination record, health summary, as well as their medical form as docs required. I had to get 2 further vaccinations; MMR and tetanus as my proofs did not cover that. Feel slightly miffed at the tetanus as they didn't count the booster as sufficient. Wish I had pursued it before the pandemic. All in all, an eye watering £440 (£350 plus £90)... At this point though, I think anyone/everyone is just throwing money at the process to just get to their loved one. They did offer me to get this done outside the practice but you pay for the convenience. They were lovely enough and only allowed me inside the clinic 15mins before my appointment. You do have an overview of your health that you can use in the US for medical insurance/job etc so that is handy.
  4. Just a quick word of advice for those that are awaiting an interview and medical... Probably best to get a copy of your patient summary now from the GP despite it being valid or not (within the month). I almost had a big hiccup with mine. Picked up my summary and it had on "ACTIVE MAJOR TREATMENTS" as me having had an accidental overdose.... Well, that's great and all (not) but it was dated prior my birth. They did well in fixing the issue but it is best to see if there are any issues flagged up on your records, mistaken or not, so you are able to address it before your medical/interview dates. Especially now that it is COVID times, nothing is as smooth as it should be. My medical is tomorrow! The receptionist was lovely and advised to come in regardless and any extra paperwork can be emailed. She also advised as long as everything is sent 48hours before the interview, it should be good.
  5. Thank you so much for sharing your heartfelt thoughts and story. I'm sure many of us can relate in one way or another. Some of those feelings described that your wife was/might have been feeling are some that I worry about myself, as a Brit about to make the move very soon. I'm very close to my mum as well but the relationship I have with my family in the UK is not comparable to the life I want to build with my husband and the desire to create our own family. I would love to blend them both and find ways to do this when I am able. I think home is what you make of it, and the commitment made to you in marriage and in the actual emigration/immigration process should have helped cement that. I'm sorry things haven't worked out the way you planned. I'd like to think that you have grown from this and still have had beautiful memories regardless of the way it turned out. As for home comforts, as a South Asian Brit curry is a staple... Can't say I can miss it too much as my husband absolutely loves the stuff. You can recreate what you miss, especially regarding food and material things. Wishing you luck in your future. Keep positive.
  6. No, we got emails to schedule our own once approved and ready at the embassy. It won't allow you to book if you weren't allowed to. Jsut print off the interview appointment letter/email. I wouldn't worry. Good luck.
  7. Congratulations! Just a quick question- did you hand them the originals only or did they want a copy on hand as well?
  8. This is the chart they enclosed for the visa medical appointment. I think flu/influenza shots start in October.
  9. This is a good guide; http://www.lovevisalife.com/2017/09/nvc-expedite-request-us-spouse-visa/ It took roughly a week for acknowledgement and another 2 weeks for the approval. However, it may not be the same for everyone as every embassy is different.
  10. Under physical health grounds of the petitioner with proof. NVCExpedite@state.gov
  11. Managed to get an interview booked for 8th October at the London Embassy! I never officially DQ'd at NVC due to getting our expedite approved but it was transferred on 15th September. Good luck to those waiting. 🤞
  12. Some interview dates/slots out now! Just booked mine for 8th October 11am. 🤞
  13. As long as you are able to have a record of your vaccinations and health summary it's fine. I don't have an in particular GP either as I changed practices a year ago but was assigned one. I don't think it makes much of a difference. I think it needs a letterhead of a medical centre/practice though, or details for reference. I don't have any health issues either but have requested for a health summary. Hopefully it's here in time. Good luck!
  14. Someone posted this: But it is for another US embassy. I think as long as you bring all the docs it asks for in your email and the general US embassy guidelines, you can't go too wrong. Good luck! How exciting.
  15. I understand the frustration, thank you, good luck to you too. We all just want to be with our loved ones. I do feel quite lucky with my timeline especially during these times... However after 10yrs of a long distance relationship the final airport goodbye cannot come quick enough.
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