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  1. If your Fiance does not meet the requirements for the i134 then yes you will need another sponsor, His dad will be able to help, he can also be the sole sponsor if he earns enough. He will need a bit of information from you, as there are questions about the beneficiary, Your fiance should be able to fill those out, I would urge him to start helping you out more, this is a major step in your relationship, and both partners need to pull their weight. You just received your NOA 2 a few weeks ago so you definitely have time to get your paperwork in order. As a fellow Peruvian (Now a US Citizen) I wish you luck.
  2. confusedshoes

    how accurate??

    Our estimate kept changing, first it was Dec 30th Then it changed to Dec 15th Then maybe 3 months ago it Changed to Nov 26 We got our NOA2 the Nov 7th.
  3. Hi! I hope someone can help me! Ok so I'm getting stumped on this whenever I'm asked about previous US travel information on forms such as the DS-160 (which I'm still completing) and right now as I'm filling out the Online Pre-Registration Form for the SLEC Medical. The Additional Questions part that asks 'Have you been issued a U.S. Tourist Visa?' is giving me trouble. The answer is yes so I tick the circle for Yes. I have been to the US but as a super young child (about 1 yr old) back in the 80s. My parents can't find my baby passport anymore. I'm asked specific questions such as Date of Issuance, Date of Entry, Length of Stay, Visa Validity period etc. I have a good estimate for most of these but the Visa Validity I just don't know. Does anyone know/recall how long were the US B1/B2 visas valid for back in the 80s for Philippine passport holders? Right now it's valid for 10 years, but I don't know if it was the same back in the 80s. The SLEC pre-registration form won't allow for that field to be blank if the Answer to the 'Have you been issued a U.S. Tourist Visa?' question is Yes.
  4. EST, they close at Midnight. So your fiance should call before 9pm PST. I am currently in Manila so I just called at 12pm our time here which is 11pm EST. I am calling using Skype, it is $2 a month for unlimited calls to the US. Oh, Sir @Greenbaum, I also had a quick question, Now that we have our NVC Case number would ours ship to Manila the 11/12th? or do you think it will be delayed due to the Memorial for GHWB?
  5. Filling out the DS 160 while waiting for the CEAC to say "Ready." As I understand we need to print out and bring the confirmation page when doing the medical at St. Luke's. Ran into a bit of a snag while filling out the part about US travel history. The last time I (K1 beneficiary) went to the US was a few times as a child (around 1-2 years old- more than 2 decades ago) with my parents but that old passport with this information is proving to be difficult to find. I don't really have exact information for specific things like Date of Entry and Length of Stay for each entry and the Date that the last Visa was issued plus optional Visa number. Has anyone encountered anything like this? And does anyone know if there's a way to get a history of US travels/visits? I found this thing I called Form I-94 where you can request US travel history online but it only covers travels from the past 5 years. Any help appreciated.
  6. We called in tonight around 11pm (no wait at all), we got our NVC Case number. We were planning to call tomorrow morning, good thing we didn't as they would be closed. Feeling relieved and excited all at once, filling out the DS-160 now and waiting for CEAC to change to Ready (Yay more waiting 😅).
  7. That should be fine as long as they have the info needed. UCIS number and Name and DOB of Petitioner. Though usually the number is enough for them to give out info.
  8. confusedshoes


    yes we have, We called yesterday and ill probably call again Wednesday evening.
  9. Reading through OP's history it seems like there is a bigger issue at hand. From what I can gather it seems like OP jumps into things. I see a lot of questions with easily obtainable answers but a total lack of real effort or research. As others have stated I also get a sense that he is shopping for wives in Eastern Europe. While I have nothing solid to go on, these are major red flags, and in my opinion, things that shouldn't be an issue in a person who is ready to be in a committed relationship, especially one where the other has to sacrifice so much. Let's say she was using him for a GC, even then I'd say it's his own fault. He has potentially ruined a woman's life on what seems like a whim.
  10. confusedshoes


    From NOA1 - NOA2 we did nothing but wait, took about 5 months to get accepted. Once we got the NOA 2 we started on getting the paperwork. CENOMAR Birth Certificate NBI Her Passport is up to date and we already had the passport photos. We received the NOA2 on November 7th, and we didn't even rush for the paperwork. The I-134 was done around the time we first sent out the Petition. You can do everything at SM Business Canter except for the NBI, we got the NBI last week. She had one hit since her name matches another person. We went to the NBI office right before they closed, it was completely empty, no wait, and she had already filled in the information and paid online. The NVC received our case on the 21st, and we are still waiting for our case number, though I have a good feeling it will be ready today. So pretty much all our paper work is done, and current, All we need is the case number to schedule the medical, and wait till its ready to schedule our interview.
  11. confusedshoes


    You might want to update your timeline as well, as others have said you can give them a call, We got our NOA2 on the 7th of November and it was received by the NVC on the 21st of November, They might have yours already as well.
  12. confusedshoes


    Basically never wait to hear from them if you dont have to, After you get the NOA2 you have to be proactive and call the them to get the info you need to continue onward. As user Paul & Mary stated, once you have your NVC case number from them you can go ahead and do the medical, before that you can start doing your other required documentation.
  13. We sent about 3 pages of photos, and receipts, and other things. All printed out and labelled. Each Page had a few pictures and ticket stubs and such for things we did, Like going to Tokyo Disney and such. We got accepted in a little over 5 months from NOA1.
  14. Hello, I got my Tax Transcripts online, you will need to fill out a bit of information, SSN, DOB, and Phone number. After that you will be able to download the PDF free, you can also have it mailed to you for free. I have gotten them both ways, Mail takes about 8 working days, while the online printout is instant.
  15. confusedshoes

    How to reach live person at USCIS number ?

    speakerphone and netflix, and maybe a nice glass of wine. I swear the hold music is burned into my brain.