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  1. Also based on THIS Ph Consulate review, they were also asked for it (Affidavit of Support), their interview (Dec 20) was earlier than mine although their review is posted later. I guess it's the new norm now.
  2. I just had my interview last Dec 27 (full details are in my embassy review) and they asked for the I-134 during pre-screening. Pre-screening was at a separate window (separate step from finger printing), they just collect all the required documents- everything from Birth Certificate, police clearance, Cenomar etc. and they kept/filed it all in a folder to be handed internally to the interviewing CO just before the interview. The lady at the Pre-screening window specifically mentioned I-134 as she listed the documents she wanted us to hand over. They also asked for 1 2x2 photo at another window and didn't seem to know that SLEC (medical) had collected the photos that were meant for the embassy and placed them within the Medical Exam brown envelope (the one that said DO NOT OPEN).
  3. Translating: Hello Everyone, I want to ask a question about why are the Interviews for Mexico behind schedule. They received my packet (129-f) on May 25th. On November 13 y case was Approved. On November 20th My packet was set to Ready. On the 13th of December my Interview was set for the April 4, 2019. We filed a K1 and K2. I did a quick search and found this thread "Juarez taking forever to assign interviews" It seems like it comes down to it being incredibly busy. To Original poster @Platero johanna: Hola, por favor use inglés cuando publique en los foros principales. Si necesita ayuda en español, por favor publique en su foro regional ubicado aquí. Para responder a su pregunta, parece que tu embajada está increíblemente ocupada, así que hay una espera más larga de lo habitual.
  4. Thank you! Just posted the detailed interview experience on our timeline
  5. Hello again November friends, to make it quick, we were approved, they didn't even ask to look at our evidence, once she heard of how we met it was automatic. I'll write a more in detail post later, were going to go celebrate.
  6. Hello fellow November friends. We're currently at a Airbnb near the embassy, our interview is tomorrow morning at 8:10 , so far we haven't had a single hiccup on our journey, I really want to thank everyone who has helped so far, we have checked and rechecked everything numerous times. So far luckily I've caught every little mistake. In reality the only thing I'm worried about is them saying we're too married.. 😂 I've been in the Philippines for the majority of this year. Anyways wish us luck, I'm going to report some good news tomorrow.
  7. confusedshoes

    Interview availability

    If both of us want to go to the interview do we need to tell them in advance? Her interview is the 27th, but I guess its different depending on each embassy.
  8. confusedshoes

    Need help with passport style photo

    The place that told you that is dumb. Just take your digital copy to anywhere that does prints. I did mine at costco. If you need help with formatting so that it is the right size and absolutely can not figure it out, send me a message and I'll help you out.
  9. Are you talking about a PDF form? If so you can manually add a text box, them move it to where you need the text placed. It will usually be under an option called Annotate.
  10. confusedshoes

    Packaging Materials in Manila

    Hmm Perhaps, the Machine is actually way more expensive in the US, but maybe I we can find a deal in time.
  11. confusedshoes

    Packaging Materials in Manila

    Hi I am wondering if anyone knows where we can buy Packaging material around the BGC area, I am bringing my Fiancee's Sewing Machine back with me to the states in my checked in luggage, Its a heavy Industrial Sewing Machine head though. About 31kg. So I was thinking Styrofoam would be good for insulation. The place we have really looked is National, I am thinking maybe I can go to the Uratex warehouse as well to see if they have a stiffer foam i can buy...Or maybe cut up an old foam mattress.... Anyways If anyone has any idea where i could get anything that might help, please let me know here. Thank you.
  12. confusedshoes

    Calling nvc

    Make sure your email is up to date with them, then give them a call 10 business days after noa2. If they don't have it they'll tell you it can take up to 8 weeks etc, thank them and try giving them a call every two to three days. Best times to call are right at opening and near closing time. Once you have your case number, check on the CEAC status page to track the status of your case, once it days it's in transit it takes 1-5 business days to arrive at your embassy.
  13. confusedshoes

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    seriously, the way he blows up at here makes me worry for her and the child, She is incredibly patient, a child has no chill, Who's to say his little tantrums wont become physical in the near future.
  14. confusedshoes

    Scheduling Medical Exam & Interview

    The Medical is paid in person at SLEC, The Interview is paid through BPI or Bancnet and takes about a day and a half to process before you can schedule the Interview.
  15. confusedshoes

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    I think Steven has been lying to Olga this whole time, when he said he didn't know what a SSN was I was convinced he hadn't actually done the I-129f. I dont even feel like he would meet the requirements for the I-134, though he does have his Grandparents. I really hope Olga realises that he cant do anything for her, and that he can't take her Baby. It seems like he wants her to believe this so that he can get away with it. If it does come to that point and no one tells her, then I really think the producer should step in. There is a child at stake, usually I'm fine with watching these circus acts. As for Leida and Eric, They both know what they are getting out of this, Eric chooses to remain blissfully ignorant that he is just a free ride until she gets her Medical License and GC. He's a broken man who has fallen for the oldest trick in the book. 9 times out of 10, if she is that much younger than you, its not because of you. Coltie and Larissa are highly dysfunctional, but I actually think Colt is the worse of the two. I feel bad for his mother. Also his cousin is just as much of an A**hole as Larissa is a B****. Something about Colt just seems soooo...Slimy. During the BBQ I didn't expect him to jump to Larissa's defence but he should have at least made more of an effort to calm things down, and at the very least he should have defended his mother more. Kalani and Asuelo are just...dumb. One unwanted pregnancy I can sort of look past but 2? On the plus side The guy seems sweet, still very immature but I feel like his heart is in the right place. Kalani and her Family are drama queens, also totally unrelated but the dad needs to tidy up his beard. Ashley and Jay seem ok, I don't mind her dropping the friend, once she told her that she didn't care the friend should have dropped it. If he cheats then let her suffer the consequences, she wanted a friend not a babysitter. Jay is young and knows its a bit crazy to rush into a marriage but I do think he wants to be with her. They're infatuated with each other. She has a lot of commitment issues though, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Fernanda and Jonathan, There are similarities to A & J, Fernanda seems like a nice family oriented girl, though I don't think she is quite ready for all this. Jonathan seems to care about her but needs to grow up from the "Bro" stage in life. His mother needs to stop projecting her mistakes and the immaturity of her son onto Fernanda, she needs to get to know her better. I think if they do manage to stick together Fernanda will be a good influence on Jonathan.