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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, I am from America and my fiancé is from Germany. We're deciding to live in Germany for a short time after marriage due to family reasons, emotional reason, etc. But, we do plan to come back to the states when all is said and done. We don't want to spend the time apart so I'm going with. How is the process when going back? We can use my parents as joint sponsors and it's far above the poverty line, right? Also, what does the processing time really look like right now? And any critical points to focus on? It may seem broad but ay help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks
  2. Hello, I'm trying to get some kind of closure or put my mind at ease. My fiancé and I have been in the visa (K1) since early 2019. We're basically at the point where he only needs a interview and medical. However, he needs to get his police certificate and new passport pictures. So it shouldn't be hard right? Well, now he says he's asked for a police certificate multiple times and it hasn't arrived. So then I asked him, well next time you go ask for a receipt so we know its done and ask for them to mail it to the city hall to prevent things from getting lost in transit etc. (Oeynhausener Strasse 41 32584 Löhne - +49 5732 1000) And he tells me that they just don't give out receipts. Personally I don't think he has any reason to lie to me, and so far he hasn't.. I just want to make sure and cover my behind. I don't want to be somewhere or with someone that lies to me. Let me know if anyone knows anything. I've went as far as emailing and sending a dm through FB of his closest city hall. I even asked the Frankfurst embassy if they needed an updated police cert. and they said yes. I feel like they should of extended that but whatever. I've asked for extensions on the K1 visa multiple times because of this and I'm getting stressed out. Thanks!
  3. Hello everybody! I have a question. I was born in Germany and reside in Italy since I was 16 years old. I have both nationalities so I just read I will probably need police certificates from both countries. I will not make it in time to get the German one. Do you think it’s fine if I just have the ‘ Casellario Giudiziale europeo’ ?
  4. Hello all, I hope you are holding up well, In November 19, 2020, a D.C. federal judge ruled the suspension of the k1 visa processing unlawful (https://www.law360.com/articles/1330908): “While quoting "Romeo and Juliet," U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg said the State Department was wrong to stop processing visa applications for the "star-crossed lovers" based on proclamations from President Donald Trump suspending entry into the country for immigrants and nonimmigrants from 31 countries — under certain conditions — during the coronavirus pandemic.” "A person who receives a visa can enter the United States without violating a proclamation — namely, by first quarantining for 14 days in a non-proclamation country — and thus can attempt entry without violating [the order]," the judge said. "Plaintiffs here may very well act in this fashion if and when they finally obtain their visas." While it states clearly, that the department of state should not base itself on proclamations of Donald Trump and keep processing the k1 visas, the U.S. Embassy in Germany states on its website something opposite (https://de.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/fiancee-visa/): “Please note that we are still prohibited from issuing K visas to persons physically present in Germany under Presidential Proclamation 9993, which has suspended routine travel from the Schengen Area to the United States due to COVID-19. Under recent guidance, however, the following K-1 visa applicants may qualify for a national interest exception (NIE)” Would you happen to know why the ruling is not enough to restart the processing of the K1 visa in the Germany? Thank you all, B & V Court Opinion K1.pdf
  5. Apologies if this has already been covered. It feels like this whole process is a moving target (it appears that Direct Consular Filing is a thing of the past as of 3 days ago). I'll post my questions first and then background information. Thanks in advance for anyone who can clarify this confusing process. I'm including a few questions at once. Questions: Do I need to include a financial co-sponsor at this stage (form I-864)? Or does that come later? I notice that I-130 asks for my employment history for 5 years. Will I need to provide information about the biological father of my stepson? Will USCIS need to contact the biological father of my stepson? Background: I am an USA citizen by birth and not in the military. My wife is German. We have been living in Germany for a couple of years. We have a son together who has US citizenship and passport although he was born in Germany. We also have a stepson who she gave birth to in South Africa (he is still a young child) who has German citizenship and a German passport. We've been married for more than 2 years. My wife is working and I'm the stay at home parent. Due to unemployment I'll need to rely on my parents to be financial co-sponsors. We would like to get back to the United States so I can find a job as it is hard to find employment with insufficient German language skills here. The biological father of my stepson is in South Africa and has not been in contact and does not contribute any child maintenance. If USCIS needs to contact him he will certainly not reply and/or purposely make it difficult.
  6. Hello! I've asked this question in a German fb group already and got told to ask my question here. My Husband was a service active duty member for 10 years, got medical seperated like 2 Months ago. We are together for 3 years and married for 1. he has struggled with alcohol and mental issues the past 2 years. we went to Familie advocacy, had marriage counseling, I had to call the German and base police 3 times. he got no contact orders and now a provisional order though the german court. he started to take pills and acted normal for the last couple months so I "kinda "paused the provisional order. In this time he filed the I-130 for me and my 2 older Children because he was normal, seperated and I was then ready to move with him. he filed like 2 months ago and I've got a email that the Embassy in Frankfurt Grermay has started the process. my husband started to take his pills only infrequently, which we all have felt. I had to go back to the police and now hes not allowed to come back home again. I dont want to cancle the application. he doesnt want to eather. maybe one day he will go on a treatment. But I don't know how to handle the GC situation now. Some people tell me to file for Vawa, some say I should not change anything. what would be the best solution? we have one child together we have a house finances together i also have proofs for black mail, emotional abuse with screenshots, security forces documents, german police and the provisional order. What should I do? get a lawyer?
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