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Found 21 results

  1. Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of waiting for my PD to become current. My spouse is a conditional GC holder, and just filed for removal of condition (I-829). Here is my timeline: Type: F2A 01/2017: USCIS WAC Received I-130 07/2018: USCIS Chicago Lockbox Received I-485, I-131, I-765, routed to NBC 08/2018: Biometrics done for I-485 and I-765 08/2018: Received RFE for I-130, and RFIE for I-485 09/2018: Mailed Response for both I-130 and I-485 10/2018: WAC approved I-130 Local USCIS Office: Santa Ana I'm still waiting for EAD/AP to be approved, and not sure how long does I-485 take because my spouse just filed for her I-829 to remove her conditional status in 08/2018, and the processing time is about 3 years. Anyone have experience with this situation before? Thank you.
  2. Yesterday i got my approval notice for I131 in the mail - says it was approved on February 4th! Just wondering how long it normally takes to recieve the actual card at the moment. I have tried to track it on the website but nothing is updated - still just says my case was received and is pending. Appreciate any help on this question!
  3. Hello dear members, I applied for a re-entry permit did my fingerprints . After 3 months I received an email saying that they updated my name. Three days later, I received my re-entry permit with a typing error in my middle name. I sent it back and asked for name correction. I have few questions: Is there any guarantee that they are going to write it right this time? should I call USCIS? how long does the correction usually take ?. Finally, can I still check the case status using the receipt number ? Thank you
  4. Just returned to USA from honeymoon in Thailand. Flew into San Francisco. Was sent for secondary inspection as I was traveling on advance parole. Spoke to 2 DHS officers who stated it will happen every time I return to USA after a trip abroad. Just wanted to share this info as I had read here prior to leaving there was no set rule what happens on returning some people were waved through others sent for secondary. Maybe this is just the case for SFO or new guidelines. After waiting for 1hr&1/2, missing a connecting flight my passport was stamped and I was free to go. I wasnt asked anything this time or required to show any documents I had with me. If you have a connecting flight after entering the States my advice is give yourself a good window of time to allow for secondary inspection. Here on out I expect every time to be sent.
  5. Question to those who have recently submitted successful I-485 / AOS after entering the US on a K1 visa and who are ALSO submitted their I-131 and I-765 with their I-485 submission. I just want to clarify whether or not we have to pay filling fees for the I-131 (travel document/advanced parole) and I-765 (employment authorization) if we are submitting them with our I-485 submission. The way I read the instructions attached to the I-131 and I-765 forms is that we do not have to pay the I-131 and I-765 based on the below. Can someone please confirm?? Thank you!! I-131: "If you filed Form I-485 on or after July 30, 2007, and you paid the Form I-485 application fee required, then no fee is required to file a request for an Advanced Parole Document or Refugee Travel Document on Form I-131 if your Form I-485 is still pending, if: 1. You now hold U.S. refugee or asylee status....) 2. You are applying for an Advanced Parole Document to allow you to return to the United States after temporary foreign travel. I-765: "If you filed Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, as of July 30, 2007, and you paid for the Form I-485 filing fee, no fee is required to also file a request for employment authorization on Form I-765"
  6. Hello, I am applying for the I130 and I485 and I have received a rejection notice from USCIS for the second time and I am unclear as to why. According to the I797C notice, it states that the payment amount is incorrect, or has not been provided. The first time I sent the payment, it included the biometric fee along with the i485 fee ($1225) but they rejected that. This time, I removed the biometric fee, paying a total of $1140, and they still said the amount is incorrect. Has anyone ran into that problem? In case it makes a difference, I765 and I131 are also attached to the packet but from everything I have read, it states that the fees are waived if filed concurrently. is there something I am missing? Thank you and good luck to all.
  7. My situation is as follows: I am married to a Veteran and recently applied for I-130 and I-131. I filled for I-130: Potomac Service Center December 21, 2016 NOA #1 : 12-26-2016 Filed for I-131 PIP: National Benefits Center Mailed: 1-13-2017 Received: 1-19-2017 Fee Wavied: 2-4-2017 Biometrics: 2-17-2017 It's 3-16-2017 today and I am currently still waiting...... Please comment if you are in a similar situation!!
  8. Hello, It's been a little over 10 months (see my timeline) since we've mailed the AOS packet and other than the receipts and the biometrics haven't gotten anything else, no I-485 approval, nor I-765, nor I-131, nor an RFE. Went to an InfoPass appointment today and was told the National Benefits Center is very busy and backlogged. He said it now takes up to 1.5 years for them to process AOS. He was surprised however that I-765 and I-131 approvals or notifications hadn't come in and submitted a ticket to expedite it. I want to say that the person at the InfoPass appointment at Lawrence, MA was very polite, understanding and helpful. Has anyone else been waiting that long?
  9. Hi everyone, Here is the problem I am facing now, It would be awesome if someone could provide your kind help. On July 17 2018, I received a letter from USCIS, from the letter, they request me to provide evidence that proving I am not leaving the country of the United States, to help them to make a decision on my I131 Advance Parole Document application. Why they asked me to provide that information, because I departed the country on April 26. Does my I131 APD will be automatically abandoned when I departed the country before receiving I131 APD approval from USCIS? Details of My application: On Dec 26 2017, I had applied for I485 adjustment of status by marriage in Dec, at the same time I submitted I131 and I765 as well. On Feb 2 2018, I provided my biometric and photo taken. In April, my family encountered a very serious problem, it required me to go back to my country (China) immediately. On April 16 I called USCIS for the suggestion that how could I go back to my Country, as I did not receive any approval of my I131 application. The person who answer my call, He told to me that I can go back to my country when I provided my biometric and photo taken. I believed the representative told me, then I booked my ticket and flew back to my country on April 26. As above, I could not provide the evidence to USCIS as required. I am on the crossing sidewalk, is anyone has a valuable idea for me? Thanks for advance.
  10. I'm adjusting from K1. I completed the I-131 Form a few weeks after the I-765 and I-485, so it has a different signature date. Do the signature dates on each form confirm the "concurrent filing"? Just a silly last minute doubt.
  11. Hi everyone, I currently have a pending I-485, I-765 and I-131. However, as our lease is expiring, I will be moving and will have a different mailing address next month. According to https://www.uscis.gov/addresschange I need to complete two steps (file Form AR-11 and change address on any pending applications [online]). What exactly does it mean? It seems like AR-11 and the link given in Step 2 is exactly the same. How many forms do I need to file? I have 3 pending applications - does this mean I file 4 separate ones? (1 AR-11, and 1 each for I-485, I-765 and I-131)? Sorry if this has been addressed before, but I just wanted all bases to be covered. Also, I am moving out 7/28/2018 so when is the ideal time to file for the change of address? Do I do it before I move in, or after? Thank you in advance!
  12. Hello All, I am filing for my adjustment and status along with my application for travel document Form I-131. I would like to visit my family in the next six months. On special instructions, it says I can only leave the country for emergency reasons. " PART 7 a. If you are in the United States and seek an Advance Parole Document, you may apply if: (1) You have a pending application to adjust status, Form I-485, and you seek to travel abroad temporarily for “urgent humanitarian reasons” or in furtherance of a “significant public benefit,” which may include a personal or family emergency or bona fide business reasons. Has anyone here been able to leisurely visit family using this document? Jane
  13. My mother and I filed for i131 class c ( permanent resident through asylee) at the same time, and had our biometrics appointment on the same day. My mother received her travel document in the mail 1 month ago and I still have not received mine. Is this normal?
  14. Does anyone have any idea i got my interview date at the us embassy in santo domingo but only my husband is required to go to the interview i called up the embassy and they said that they might not let me in being that they just need my husband thr applicant does anyone know any info on this and is this a bad thing or a good thing.?
  15. hi, here is my situation, I'm currently on a F1 visa, I got married on January 26, 2018 and I went to get my biometrics done in march. so far so good but here is my problem my F1 ends on May 17 2018, and I'm scared because my CA id also end on the same date. what happens if I don't get an interview date before that date ? is my status in jeopardy ? and also I made a request for AP when I send all my paperwork back in February whats usually the processing timeline for this type of paperwork ? once again thank you for your time guys, this forum is really helpful
  16. In more detail: I got approved for a re-entry permit and left the US shortly after without it I went to pick it up at a consulate abroad but discovered my name was misspelled (they messed it up) I returned the misspelled re-entry permit requesting a corrected one Have been waiting for 6 months (while still abroad) for any news about the new and corrected re-entry permit 2 years is approaching since I left the US 1. What are my options for extending my re-entry, so that I don't lose LPT (lawful permanent resident) status given the above information? 2. Can I apply for new re-entry permit without holding the first (corrected) re-entry permit? Can I re-apply through a family member in the US?
  17. Due to a dumb mistake (we used an outdated version of the i485), my wife's green card application was rejected last month, and my i130 alongside it. We are re-submitting with the updated form, but a bit bewildered by the way the USCIS processed our previous package; and we are also Adding the i765 and i131 (the silver lining on this problem was realizing we should do this). However, Lots of evidence (e.g. bank records, travel records, travel history i20 documents, etc) has been sorta mixed up together and then stapled into piles. Many of the piles make sense, but a few just plain Don't. And they have evidence that belongs with two different forms. The main reasons I hesitate to re-organize everything is that : there are clear computerized scanner signs on the bottom of every piece of paper, showing they've really been processed by some system there. after three phone calls to the USCIS hotline asking about this, I can't get a better answer than "follow the instructions sent to you" (which to be clear, simply state that i485 needs to be the latest edition). Any insights on how to re-submit all this?? Any insights on the rhyme or reason behind the USCIS's method of piling and stapling things in a bit of a mish mash at times?? Thank you in advance for your answers.
  18. Hi, I got an EAD/AP approval mail last monday (12/11/2017). I just called USCIS today and they said they didn't even sent my card yet so they don't have the tracking number. Did this happen to anyone?
  19. Hi, We had our AOS (I485) interview on Oct 20, 2017 (but case status says “case is ready to be scheduled for interview” as of Aug 14 and hasn’t been updated since.) Already received my combo card (i795 and i131 - case status says i795 mailed while I131 was approved.) Got I130 approval letter (but case status says “case was received” as of July 12 and hasn’t been updated since) Has anyone else experience this - actual step completed and cast status on USCIS not in sync?
  20. Hello VJourneyers, I'm starting to file for AOS from a K-1 visa and I have a question concerning i-131 form (Application for Travel - version 12/23/16 - expires 12/31/2018). I filled out the parts below and left some blank but I am not sure if I filled what needs to be filled and left what needs to be left blank. The part that states "If you are applying for a non-DACA related Advance Parole Document, skip to Part 7; DACA recipients must complete Part 4 before skipping to Part 7." is throwing me off. After much deliberation and googling, I settled on the following...can someone please help review this? PAGE 2 OF 5: Part 3 1 - i filled out 2 - i filled out 3a - i filled out 3b - i filled out 4a - i filled out [have you ever before been issued a reentry permit or refugee travel document? I answered "yes", i had a white book titled "PERMIT TO REENTER THE U.S."; I use to be a green card holder due to my parents then abandoned it and fell in love with an American..so I am back] 4b - i filled out 4c - i filled out If you are applying for a non-DACA related Advance Parole Document, skip to Part 7; DACA recipients must complete Part 4 before skipping to Part 7. PAGE 3 OF 5: Part 3 5 - i filled out [where do you want this travel document sent? I answered "to the U.S. address shown in Part 1 (2a-i)".] 6 - i left blank 6a-b - i left blank 7 - i left blank 7a-b - i left blank 8 - i left blank 9 - i left blank 10a-j - i left blank Part 4 1a - [purpose of trip] i left blank 1b - i left blank Part 5 1a-f - i left blank 2 - i left blank PAGE 4 OF 5: Part 6 1 - i left blank 2 - i left blank 3a-c - i left blank 4a-c - i left blank Thanks a million!!
  21. Hi everyone, Ive been scouting around and trying to do research for days and fill in the paperwork for the AOS packet. What I have gathered is that there used to be no charge for i-131 and i-765 when filing with AOS packet. However now on the instructions for the i-131 it says ; "Advance Parole Document for Individuals Who Are Currently in the United States (including individuals whose cases were deferred pursuant to DACA): The ling fee for an Advance Parole Document for an individual who is currently in the United States is $575. The biometrics services fee is not required. " On the i-765 form instructions it lists applicants who are exempt from the fee of $410, none of which are K1 applicants. Of course I don't wish to do this wrong and have my packet sent back, have they changed the rules regarding these charges?! If anyone has filled recently and could be of any help that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!