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  1. Awesome, thank you very much for the details, I really appreciate it
  2. Thanks for the reply, I just didn't get the visa part, so did you travel to UAE on a visa and then sent it to NVC to show that you were there and then after 3 months you got an appointment? did you have to stay there the whole time? or did you go visit and then went back to iraq or US to wait for the interview ?
  3. Hello everyone, congrats for all who got their interviews, I have a question my wife is from Iraq and since the US embassy in Iraq is not conducting any immigration visa interviews, we have been transferred to Abu Dhabi my case was DQ in July 2020 but we haven't heard from the Abu Dhabi embassy yet, my question is, were you guys all residents of UAE? is there any one who have been transferred from Iraq and got their interview?
  4. Can you please explain a bit more, did you just went there on a visa or did you had to have a residency, if you were on a visiting visa how long did you have to wait for the interview inside UAE? Your reply is really appreciate i started to have hope again 😀
  5. Thank you for your reply it is much appreciated I needed someone to tell me I am not alone in this, I am currently thinking about having my wife go to turkey and get a resident card and then transfer the case because i made a decision if by the end of the year nothing happens i will move with my wife to turkey to live there while we are waiting for the interview because tbh we are in a tough situation and we can’t be apart any longer again thanks for the reply.
  6. So this is something that is happening to Iraqis who have been transferred, this is so sad and unfair. do you think sending a photo from this site to NVC will actually do something for me, they always answer in a generic manner. do you know if i request to transfer my case to turkey I would have a better chance? And will I lose my spot in the line if I do that?
  7. Thank you for your reply and your wishes , I will consider consulting a lawyer
  8. Hello everyone, I am trying to connect with fellow members who have applied for CR1 and have been transferred from Baghdad to Abu Dhabi, my case was documentary qualified in july 2020 but my case is still at NVC, while reading posts on here I have found out that many applications have been scheduled for interviews that were DQ'ed after my case but it seems all these applications were not transferred to Abu Dhabi like mine. I just need to know if that is normal for transferred applications and if I need to take action, it has been almost 2 years since I sent my i-30 (priority date oct 2019) and its getting really hard to wait and my wife has been crazy lonely in Baghdad, just looking for some hope on this site. good luck everyone
  9. Hello, I my wife's case was also transferred from Baghdad to Abu Dhabi and it was DQ'ed on July 2020 but my case is still at NVC and still waiting for the interview, did you expedite your case? what was your timeline if you can share please?
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