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  1. i didn’t expect this many responses, but I really appreciate all the help and info! You are all so awesome
  2. Hi everyone! I feel like such an idiot for asking this question and potentially messing up my husbands documents for this. My husband and I got married in 2021. I am the petitioner (U.S citizen) and he is the beneficiary. He is not from the U.S and has never entered the U.S (doesn’t have a SSN). I was in such a rush this year completing my taxes trying to avoid the penalty that I filed as single instead of one of the married options. I did this b/c he doesn’t have a SSN and I assumed my marriage is not considered “real” as of now to the U.S gov. Our CR1 visa application was sent to the NVC and I know i’ll have to submit my taxes. Will this affect us? And if so, what can i do? Thanks in advance!
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