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  1. Have you obtained your case number by calling NVC? If so, does it show as "Ready" when you check here: https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx. Note that you have to select "Immigrant Visa" for K-1 visas. If it shows ready, you can go ahead and fill and submit your DS-160.
  2. I just received an email that the case is now being transferred to the embassy in Mumbai. I also see the status is now "In Transit" but I hope there aren't any major issues due to the COVID cases rising in India!
  3. I did read it but I do not see any option to save the file to a computer hard drive or disk in the application. There is no button I see that allows you to save the file locally.
  4. We received our NVC number and we're beginning to fill out DS-160 but I am reading online that an application that isn't submitted within 30 days will expire and instead needs to be physically saved onto a computer. I read this here: DS-160: Frequently Asked Questions (state.gov) I have searched and I am not able to find a place to save a physical copy of the application to my computer. Can anyone provide any help here?
  5. You can begin the DS-160 after you obtain your NVC case number but it is not recommended to sign and submit until you see the case is in the "Ready" status. Others have paid the DS-160 fees to take a look at appointment dates as well but again it isn't recommended to book an appointment until your embassy says you're ready.
  6. My case was received at NVC on December 16th but has been there since. I think I missed the last shipment date (Dec 21/22) so I'm hoping I can make the next shipment date which I think is Jan 4/5. When you were booking an appointment in Mumbai, what were the earliest dates available? I'm just trying to get a sense of how far out the appointment will be from the day that our case is declared "ready"
  7. I have noticed that almost all cases sent to India are "Ready" within less than a week of being "In Transit" so seems like the norm. If your case is ready you can go ahead and schedule your appointment (provided you have done all the prerequisites like obtaining a PCC, medical, etc.)
  8. I called the non-immigration line a few times this week and they didn't have it yet but I am at about 15-16 days since approval and there was Thanksgiving in between. I'll give a ring to the immigration line today.
  9. I was using the USCIS case tracker app and recorded 10-15 cases in my "neighborhood" to see if there was any movement of cases around me. I checked and the cases that were still pending around me are still pending as of today. I have to believe that contacting my representative had something to do with moving my case forward. Have you already done so?
  10. I just kept checking the website. I checked early in the day around 11 AM Eastern and it was not approved but when I checked around 6:30 PM Eastern it was approved so I think they update their system later in the day.
  11. I just received an approval - what timing! I just submitted a Congressional Inquiry on 11/10 so not sure if this had anything to do with it but really happy it came through.
  12. I heard from my local Congresswoman's office and they said they submitted a Congressional Inquiry a week ago and USCIS has up to 30 days to respond. I'll keep this thread updated in case anyone else is also interested in going down this route. However, one thing I noted is that the Ombudsman's office will not help if you're not beyond 60 days normal processing or if your Representative has submitted an inquiry in the past 30 days.
  13. Have there been any recent approvals in January? I ended up contacting my other Senator, Congresswoman, and Ombudsman. I was at least assured that my Congresswoman's office has received my request and will attempt to contact USCIS shortly.
  14. I have not filed a second request as I was advised not to by the agent I spoke to on the phone at USCIS. I don't think these requests really do anything as everyone seems to get a generic response for the most part. There's only 8% of January left to be processed and it looks like some of us are the unlucky few. I would recommend reaching out to your Representative. I will call to follow up that they received my request for assistance later this week.
  15. I ended up emailing as per their request and received no response. Today I went to my local congresswoman's website and faxed the request as it was either that or mail it in. I called the office and they confirmed the fax is an appropriate way to receive the request and it will be delivered to their email. I'll check-in in a few days to confirm that they have received it by calling them. If you want to contact the senator, you have to go on Ted Cruz's website or John Cornyn. As an example, on Ted Cruz's website you can go to Serivces -> Help with a Federal Agency and look at the requirements. If you want to contact your representative in the House of Representatives, you can find out who that is here: Find Your Representative | house.gov
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