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Found 10 results

  1. My mum has visiting visa (B2) that is valid till 2020. she was authorized to stay till dec 12th (I-94), but due to unforeseen circumstances (complications in the birth of my first child, and the airline being (removed) she missed her flight but is scheduled to fly back on the dec 28th (we had to book another return ticket and the 28th was the earliest), 16days after her authorized stay would have expired. I want to file a I-539 (extend stay) with proof that the airline screwed up and also the birth cert of my child and the new return date tickets. but I can't file an I-539 since she is already overstayed. i just want to let them know the reason she overstayed, since she still has a valid visa till 2020, i don't want a situation where she visits again (prolly in a year from now) and she gets turned back. Is it necessary to file this or just let her go back on 28th?
  2. Hi, Anyone from Ghana who has traveled to the States using a B-1/B-2 visa? Can you give any pointers or explain the process. My husband and I have decided to apply for this visa since it seems as if we will not see one another again for another year because of CR-1 delays. I plan to travel to Ghana in August for my yearly trip but would like him to be able to travel back with me when I leave and stay with me for the length of the tourist visa. He has no problem going back and has somewhat strong ties. But I'm not sure if it is enough! Any and all help is greatly appreciated from people who have been through the process from Ghana. I understand it being a hard country to get approved for visas so I dont need that information just information about the process and tips on how to guarantee an approval. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello everyone! I am working on the I-485 form and I have a few questions about it as I am submitting a AOS with a B2 Visa Page 1: A-Number --- I do not have one yet and from my researches, I understand that I wont have one until I am officially seen as an immigrant in the country. Is my understanding correct? If so, should I leave the sections which ask from a A-Number blank? Page 2, Part 1, Item number 11: USCIS Online Account Number --- I do not have one, so my understanding is that I should leave it blank, correct? Page 2, Part 1, Item number 22a: Recent Immigration History --- The PDF wont let me write my admission status. In that case, is it ok if I just write it with normal ink once I print the forms? Page 3, Part 2: Application Type or Filling Category --- I do not have a I-797 yet and from my researches, I understood that I will only have one once my status change for an immigrant, then I will get a NOA-1 and NOA-2. Is my understanding correct? Page 4, Part 2, Item Numbers 3 and 4 --- Since I am not officially an immigrant yet, I should leave these blank, correct? I believe that's about it. Thank you very much for the help and support
  4. Hi! Recently my friend got a b-2 type US visa for 6 months (She is from Ukraine). When she was applying, the purpose was to attend a language camp and live under "homestay" conditions, so the visa came with the annotation like "Name of the camp", HOMESTAY, CITY, STATE, and that the reason is to study English. After she received her visa, the plans have changed and she does not want to go to the camp (after further research we figured out that the camp does not match her preferences). She doesn't care about losing her deposit (which she paid for the camp), but she still wants to go to the US to see her friend (it is me) and stay with me for a couple weeks. Is it possible to visit the US for tourist purposes, but ignore the annotation and do not attend English courses? If not, what to do if she wants to come here anyway? Please, help!!! Thank you!
  5. Hello Everyone, I am a Permanent Resident holder. I already filed a Petition i-130 for my wife (she is in Nepal) on July 17 but i haven't got any reply or approval yet. I wonder, Can i still apply B2 visa for her? What are the changes gonna be?? Thank you in advance..
  6. I recently moved back to the US after living in Moscow, and invited my boyfriend of two years to come visit for a couple weeks to meet my family. We are planning a future together but there was never any intention to overstay in the U.S. or illegally work here. He is Russian and has a managerial position at a reputable tech company in Moscow and is completing his Master’s degree at a top university. He applied for the visa in Kiev because the Moscow embassy is completely booked. After the interview, he was denied, because he mentioned his relationship to me. They didn't believe he wouldn't just stay in the US. He can pay again and schedule another interview there for next week and return, but now he's been denied once and it’s possible he may even meet with the same interviewer. The US Embassy in Ukraine also has a 40% denial rate for visas. So... He has already spent $600+ in embassy fees and travel costs to get this visa, to no avail. That's not mentioning the 12-hour train rides to Kiev and back... I feel so bad. 
Please, does anyone have experience with this? Advice? Should we try again at this same embassy? Replies would be appreciated, thank you!
  7. MOtoCA

    Denied B-2 Visa

    It has been an interesting year and long story short... My (former) employer applied for an O-1 visa for me and the application was approved in May 2017. I went for my embassy interview (June 2017) and I wasn't on the system so they couldn't approve the visa. So we were in additional processing for 7 months with no update. My employer then said that they couldn't wait any longer and so were withdrawing the O-1 application and terminating my contract (Jan 2018). So that was the O-1 visa over. But I have a motorcycle and an apartment full of stuff in the US that is waiting for me to go back. I tried to get an ESTA for the VWP but that was rejected because of the withdrawn (denied) visa. So the next step was a B-2 Tourist Visa. I applied and got an interview at the Embassy in London. This morning (Feb 20 2018) I went for the interview and it was denied... Apparently I don't have enough ties to England, as I've lived in the USA since 2013. Apparently my family and my permanent address being in the UK isn't enough. I told the Customs Officer that all I want to do is go over and empty my apartment, sell my motorcycle and bring my belongings back to the UK. But she said I can't do that as they think I might try and overstay my visa to remain there illegally. Which is a bit ridiculous as I wouldn't be able to get a job while I'm there, and I just want to get my stuff out of the apartment and sell my motorcycle. The CO also said that it wouldn't be any use me re-applying for at least a year... Do I have any other options to get over there? The CO said that the withdrawn O-1 and now the denied B-2 wouldn't affect future work visa applications. I don't believe this as the O-1 affected the B-2. And I still need to do my Taxes, when I can't access any of my tax documents... It's a messed up situation. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.
  8. Hi everyone, I applied for a B-2 visa for my mother last year around Feb. She was interviewed in beginning of May 2017 and got the Administrative Processing 221(g) letter (I got the same thing when I came to US). But for me, it took 3 months and it was approved afterwards. But for her, it was refused just few weeks ago (Jan 2018). There's no information on why it was refused. I checked couple of forums here, and everyone's keep saying it's not possible to get refused after AP. And please note that my mother is a housewife and I'm sure she doesn't have a criminal record. When I had my AP, I heard from few people that when AP takes too long, they just update the status as Refused but it doesn't mean there was a specific reason for it, so you can reapply. Do you think she still has a chance to reapply and get the visa? Also note, we're Iranian. I have some thoughts it might be because of the new executive order that went into effect few months ago, but she has her son (me) here, so it shouldn't affect her.
  9. Hello all, I am starting this topic under: Adjustment of Status from Work, Student, & Tourist Visas I accidentally had mine under K1/K3 posting. So I decided to make this one here. You can see my timeline in my signature below.
  10. Hi, I was planning to apply for a B-2 VISA this year. However, back in January 2017, I have learned that someone filed 2 cases against me re: Photo-Video Voyeurism and Unjust Vexation. The Incident happened almost 4 years ago. I was able to sort this out immediately after a couple of hearings (Cases dismissed with Prejudice) due to complainant's desistance. Now my plan to apply for US VISA is in shambles. I am in the process of sorting out my NBI Clearance to reflect the dismissal status. Questions: 1.) Since cases were dismissed with Prejudice, will they still affect my application? 2.) Are my cases considered of Moral Turpitude and does it matter since cases were dismissed? This is my only issue with the law and has been a traveller for the last decade. I have been issued Tourist Visas from the UK, France, and Student Visa from Germany. I am also currently a holder of a 5-Year Japan Visa as well.