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    Had to reapply for my greencard via SB1. Granted and relocated to the USA from UK in July 21.
    My daughter was given a greencard on entry as she was under 2 yrs old.
    Have filed for my husband Sep 21 for i130. He is based in the UK. We are now living apart and really want him to join us here in Atlanta so that our family will be complete

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  1. Thanks for the info. I am Atlanta based and would be good to follow your progress.
  2. I know the process to expedite. I haven’t requested it yet as my lawyer said to present the case to local rep or senator and see if they will support it to give more weight to the request as it is an elective health issue. I was trying to find out whether anyone had been successful in going down this route that is all. Will wait and see happens. It’s worth a shot. Best case they say yes, worst case they say no and we look at our options. Only way you find out is to try!
  3. The process is elective but it is not by choice that I need a C-section, it is due to health factors. Neither is it elective to do ivf, again for health reasons. If I fell pregnant now naturally without ivf the baby will still need to be delivered and the only method is C-section. Elective is just the term they use and it really causes problems. I’d rather not need ivf and I’d rather deliver naturally. I have made contact with my senators office and they have been very responsive, immediately and said they will get back to me soon. I can’t ask for more than that. Miracles do happen, I am ‘cautiously optimistic’ 🙏 Thank you all for your input and I will keep you informed.
  4. Oh sorry I didn't know that is what you meant. To uproot our two year old (who is also an LPR) back to UK after settling her into school here and after 6 months only is not something I can consider. With no job for me also in the UK. That thought hadn't crossed my mind but it might cross the mind of USCIS.
  5. No I am an LPR. We were given wrong advise by a lawyer who told us we could adjust status on an ESTA so I moved as I have a job here. Several lawyers then told us that we could only adjust my husbands status on VWP if I was a USC. LPR cannot do so for their spouse!
  6. Thanks for the response. It is the Petitioner (me) that requires the elective IVF. Like you said, it is worth a try 🙏
  7. We applied in September 2021. We were living in the UK where we met and I moved back to the US in July 2021, think we could do an adjustment of status for my husband on his ESTA but we were notified by a lawyer that that would only be possible if I were a citizen. We were very naïve!
  8. Thanks for your response. I am not sure if there are any hard and fast rules for the basis. We are at Vermont Service Centre which has a current processing time of 24-31 months. It is such a long time and will be too late for us to try for a baby. It is causing me so much anxiety, I am willing to try everything possible 🙏
  9. Thank you. I am in the Atlanta area. Can I approach all 3 reps or it is only the one that covers my exact address.
  10. Thanks for your response. I have history of medical issues, surgeries and procedures which has meant that my husband and I require IVF to conceive. We were fortunate enough to have had a daughter who is now 2 years old, after 2 years and 3 rounds of IVF. We would like to grow our family and we were advised due to difficulties I have during pregnancy and with giving birth, to wait 18-24 months before we conceive again (our daughter is now 2years 5 months). We are both in our mid 40s, given our age and the fact that we do not know how long the IVF process would take, we recognize that time isn’t on our side and would like to start the process ASAP. Even if we could do the IVF process remotely, it is not a possibility to go through the pregnancy and birth on my own given my health – I had a difficult pregnancy with our daughter and I had to have a classical c-section to deliver, which takes weeks of recovery. This would be deemed as elective, hence why my lawyer suggested getting congress or senate assistance. I am really hoping someone can help!
  11. Hello! happy New Year! I am looking to expedite i-130 for humanitarian reasons for an elective surgery, therefore my lawyer has asked that I approach a member of office where I live to see if they can assist. For Petitioners in the USA, has anyone been successful in getting a congressperson or senator to assist with expediting their case? If yes, what was the process you went through to make contact with your local office and the outcome of the expedition? Thanks in Advance
  12. Ok lets put it into perspective here, they are fleeing a war torn country which had been occupied for 20 yrs. I think we can give them an exception in this case!
  13. Happy new year everyone. I am really starting to struggle without my husband and being a single mum to our 2 year old is starting to take its toll!. Hope everyone is hanging on there and we get some good news this year, very soon. 🙏
  14. I feel your pain. It has been 5 weeks since our 2 yr old and I was separated from her dad. It is torture not having him here to support us. Counting down till Thanksgiving when he returns (hopefully no issues at the border). They really should expedite cases with young children. It breaks my heart when our daughter calls for her dad and her excitement talking to him on facetime. I am so exhausted being a single mum (dont want to moan as others are in worse situations) I am not sure how much I can do this - 2 years potentially is unbearable! She will be 4 by then. I just pray it is a fast process for us all!
  15. Thanks for the clarification. I wish I was at NOA2, no where near! I also figured how to talk to live agent - it is on the website not on the phone as I was trying. I am learning verrrrrrrry slowly 😕 The case is in Vermont and was reassigned on 09/17
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