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    Had to reapply for my greencard via SB1. Granted and relocated to the USA from UK in July 21.
    My daughter was given a greencard on entry as she was under 2 yrs old.
    Have filed for my husband Sep 21 for i130. He is based in the UK. We are now living apart and really want him to join us here in Atlanta so that our family will be complete

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  1. Hi all, I am wondering if there is any way (other than USCIS processing time) of knowing real data of how long it is taking to process i130 esp at Vermont. The not knowing how long is killing me. I cant plan anything and I feel so stuck! it has been 412 since our post date and 254 since AR! It is so hard!
  2. Yes I might try again. Do you know where I can get the form or email address please?
  3. i made the request over the phone and told them I had a letter from my doc. They said they would review and come back in 7 days. I expected them to at least ask for the letter but they just came back and said no. I am an LPR filing for my husband in UK. In the new processing section I saw this notice below. A whole bunch of us on in Vermont who are LPR got this. I don't even understand! Just made me more depressed. Estimated time until case decision: Your case is taking longer than expected to process. You do not need to take any action at this time.
  4. You are right. I have tried expediting twice, latest was stress which i am now being medicated for and they didnt even request evidence, Just said no!
  5. Me too! It is affecting me so much now, my mental heath! I am crying randomly every day! Its too much!
  6. Thanks. Hopefully it wont come to that! We will keep checking the website see if any new dates or cancellation!
  7. Hi my nephew got acceptance into Yale, which is the good news! The bad news is that F-1 (student visa) UK appointment is showing as end of August. How can I expedite to get a fast track/emergency appointment please? Thanks in advance
  8. I saw today that we got AR since 02/20. I am LPR who filed for UK spouse. I pray we do not have long to wait for our approval too now. Congrats to all who have been approved so far ♥️ PD: 09/15/21 SC: Vermont Petitioner: LPR, Atlanta Georgia Beneficiary: UK AR: 02/20/22
  9. We must have filed around the same date. Ours is 139 days!🙏
  10. Are there any Greencard Petitioners that are AR status or are you all USC?
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