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Found 21 results

  1. i am a former J1 student visa holder, my program ended on October 29 2018 and thats where i met my fiance. i went back home to the Philippines after my program to graduate. my fiance visited me in the Philippines 3 months later and that when he proposed and when we decided to apply for a K1 Fiance Visa. would my previous student visa affect the visa we currently are applying for? My J1 visa is not subject to the Two-year home country requirement, but we did not declare it on our petition packet.
  2. Hello I have a question about an issue. I have a friend who came to the United States on a student visa. During the time of the student visa my friend got married but the spouse never submitted for the adjustment of the alien spouse. Alien spouse never got a green card or any papers submitted on their behalf. They have since separated and are starting the divorce process. Questions: 1. What would the alien relative need to do to be able to get a green card? 2. Is getting a green card still an option? 3. Would the alien have to apply for green card prior to divorce? 4. Since student visa is expired what is the process? 5. Can you give me a link or guide me in the correct direction to help? Thank you for any input or suggestions it is much appreciated!!!
  3. Hello! Read a lot of the AOS forums are mostly K1 and wanted to know and share any news/updates to any fellow F1s doing AOS. Please share yours and help me calm down as I low-key panic during the wait. I'm doing F1 - AOS based on marriage. 05/07/18 – Mailed package 05/09/18 – Case received date. USPS delivery 05/16/18 – Text and emails of Receipt of Application 05/16/18 – Cashed checks 05/21/18 – Receipt of Application by mail 05/26/18 – Appointment Notice for Biometrics 06/04/18 – Biometrics Appointment 06/25/18 – Online update: Fingerprint taken on the system 07/02/18 – Online update: Fingerprint review completed I read online an approximate timeline adjusted to 2018 that said : NOA 2-3 weeks. Notice Biometrics 3-5 weeks. Biometrics 5-8 weeks. Receive EAD card 12-16 weeks. Notice of Interview 4-10months. AOS interview 6-12months. Green Card 8-14 months. Now, I was looking good on my timeline right until the biometrics and according to this one I'm already behind on times. And yes, I'm freaking out about it.
  4. My boyfriend came here on a student visa when he was 17, his visa was to expire before his 18th birthday. So his sister's husband adopted him around that time,(his mom had no way of taking care of him) his sister told him his renewal for the visa was denied, come to found out she never reapplied for him. Fast forward its been 10 years since that happened. We tried filing before but its hard to know what we can or can't do. We want to get married. I just need advise badly. Thanks for all your time.
  5. Hi, well my priority date is Jan 20, 2005, and my notice date is Jan 24, 2010 for the USA and right now visa bulletin shows April 2004 (India). As I just completed my undergraduate so would you tell me what should I do? I just did bachelor's in Computer engineering and want to further go for masters in Data science in the United States for Spring - 19. Should I wait till my priority date becomes current or should I apply to the US through student visa? Even if I apply through student visa, will I face any trouble because I have an f4 immigrant file? There is no one to help me with this problem. Any help would help with my decision Thanks Neel
  6. Hi, well my priority date is Jan 20, 2005, and my notice date is Jan 24, 2010, and right now visa bulletin shows March 22, 2004. As I just completed my undergraduate so would you tell me what should I do? I just did bachelor's in Computer engineering and want to further opt for masters in data science. Should I wait till my priority date becomes current or should I apply to the US through student visa? Even if I apply through student visa, will I face any trouble because I have an f4 file? How much more time would it take to complete the overall process and will I face problem during Visa interview? There is no one to help me with this problem. Thank you for your time!
  7. Hello and thanks for this forum, -2014 Visa granted for Ms in Engineering -Program finished now enrolled in phD, with new I-20 -Visa expires October 2018 Going back to Egypt this summer, should I risk renewal while it is still valid, or come back to the US and stay on I-20 as there has been a lot of noise around the new administration and student visa? And in the case that I don't renew it, should I apply for an I-539, and whether its denial would lead to a loss of status that would invalidate the current I-20 Thank you very much.
  8. Provided that a F-1 student fulfills all of the requirements (full enrollment at sponsoring institution, is in-status, etc) are they legally allowed to attend additional short classes or workshops (in their free time) at other, unaffiliated institutions? For example, can a F-1 student take an online course or attend a lecture series that's not affiliated with their university or program (not for credit)? Can they attend a yoga class, a certificate class or a language class in their free time? (Again, this is assuming that all requirements for F-1, such as full enrollment, are already met.)
  9. My cousin recently applied for a F1 (student visa) at Mumbai consulate in India and was denied. He said that interview was going well until CO asked him if he has ever applied for US visa to which he answered "Yes" as my mom has filed F4 visa for my uncle (F1 applicant's father) and this application was approved with USCIS in 2009 but case won't open at NVC till at least next 4 to 5 years. CO told him that since his father already has immigration file pending he sees him not returning back to India after his education as by that time F4 file will open up. My question is that is it possible for my mom to cancel F4 petition for her brother? If after that my cousin applies for F1 visa again would his chances improve of getting a visa? He can say that he has no pending immigration file at that time and show appropriate papers from USCIS. The reason I ask this is that my uncle is not interested in immigrating to US, he may apply for tourist visa some day but he doesn't want to settle in US but my cousin would like to complete his further education in states. Welcome your inputs!
  10. We are currently engaged and working our way through the early days of the K1 process at the moment. It was only after we filed the K1 application that we realised a DCF would be a lot quicker. I am a US Citizen on a Tier 4 Student Visa (been here for 8 months) and we are thinking about getting married in a civil ceremony to file for an I-130 application through London. For those of you that have been through the process: 1, Did getting married in the UK affect your Student Visa or cause any problems? I have 5 months of my course left. 2, Is my fiance allowed to visit my family in the states during this process? Would it complicate things? He would return and re-enter with the visa in hand once approved. Thank you all in advance!
  11. Hi, I'm an international student with an associates in Business in Houston, TX. I'm thinking about getting another associates in a different field or transferring to a 4 year college to get a Bachelors. My Student Visa and Passport expire in December, 2018 so my question is: Can I transfer/switch schools on an expired visa? Can I renew my I-20 on an expired visa? Will universities and community colleges ask to see visa when I apply? Thank you.
  12. I want to change status from J1 to F1. My current status will expire in 1 month. Can I send my file now and stay in the USA until a final decision from USCIS? What status will I have in that case? Is it legal? Can it influence the process?
  13. My spouse is a green card holder, he applied for my residency. I applied for several US universities. Can I get student visa while F2A visa is processing?
  14. I filed my K-1 application on October, 3, 2017. Supposing the longest days they need, I can still get my K-1 Visa before June 2018. But I am currently applying for the master's program, and if I was enrolled, they have to issue me a student visa. Since it takes another around half a year to get a Green Card after I entered U.S. and get registered with my husband. The problem is could I enter America this year with both K-1 and F-1? ( I really hope I can get enrolled by my school)?
  15. kg nervez

    Student visa

    Hello, I am planning to finish an Associate degree and earn a Bachelor's degree from a different school in the US. My question is, how high is the risk of my student visa to get denied because of the 2 different school that I am going to apply?
  16. Hello guys, Do I need to get a copy of tax return to show the interviewer if I already have work experience and wish to apply for a student visa to study again? I am finished with my tertiary education already, but I wish to study a different course this time in the US.
  17. Hello, I need some help in understanding this situation and what plan of action to take. My F-1 status was terminated back in September of 2014, I transferred to a new school and was prompted to file my reinstatement procedure the October of 2014. USCIS reinstatement was filed in Jan 2015. I received a denial notice on October 2016 that my case was denied due to a delay in filing my reinstatement within the 5 months period and that I should leave the united states promptly as to not acquire unlawful presence (180 days max). I filed in an I290-B, a motion to appeal the decision, presenting new evidence that I had been in an accident that prevented me from filing my case on time, also stating that my case was actually filed within the 5 months period according to the date I have from my DSO. A notice on USCIS website under case status states that my case was denied on February 10th 2017. I have not received any letter yet. Please, any advice on what I can do now? I am planning on returning back to my home country Nigeria to reapply. What is the risk involved that the consular office will grant me a new visa? As my visa is currently expired. Help is appreciated. Thank you
  18. Hi, I have filed for an F-1 Reinstatement in September 2017. The USCIS website says that the processing time is normally around 135 days. I haven't got any response yet, and I would like to know how long it took you to get your visa reinstated. (Please mention the date of case receipt and case decisions, and a little bit of your story if you want). Or if you know somebody else who applied let me know! And did you do anything for the process to go faster? Happy New Year -- Thank you!
  19. Amanda fernandez

    student visa denied

    Hello everyone! Yesterday I had my interview to get a f1 visa to study in the USA, even I had all the documents that I needed, my visa was denied because of dection 214(b). This is my situation: i am from Spain and I was an au pair (j1) in the USA for almost 2 years in San Francisco and I came back on september (3 months ago). I decided to study a certificate in Legal and Community interpretation because I want to specialize on that field. Yesterday at the interview they didn’t ask me for any document. They only asked me why again San Francisco, if I was working in Spain, how long I have been in Spain after coming back from USA and where I was planning to stay while I was studying (I said in a Student Residence). After that they said mu visa was denied. 1. Does anyone know which can be the reason why they deny my visa? I know a lot of au pairs that went back to their country and ask for a f1 visa and they didn’t have problems. 2. Do you think I have any possibilities if I aply again for the semester starting in August? Or it is difficult now that I have a denied visa? Thank you so much.
  20. So I entered this country on a bb visa, converted to student visa, then the fso at my school told me I should just do a 13a visa to save myself money every year. My classmate yesterday asked me if I knew if I would then be charged the local domestic tuition rate, or if the school would continue to charge me an additional fee (double)? I think this is a good, valid question, although I think I already know the answer lmao! Anyway, before I go and make a fool out of myself by asking my school, what are my chances of being charged as a local moving forward? Do I have any ground to stand on? Thanks!
  21. I recently adjusted status from F-1 student visa to permanent residency. I have my green card. I am planning to travel out of the U.S. soon. Will I need to have any documents other than my passport and green card to re-enter the U.S.? When I was an F-1 student, I would need to get my I-20 signed by a university official before any travel and then present it to an immigration officer upon re-entry. I'm guessing that I don't need to do that anymore - is that right? Thanks!