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Found 24 results

  1. I came to the US on an F1 visa. I got married in 08/17 and filed for AoS in 11/17 (My wife is a US citizen). Both my wife and I have been working all these years. I received an EAD and Advanced Parole in 12/17. I traveled abroad and got a PAROLED stamp on my passport on my return to the country because my AoS was pending. My understanding is that currently I do not have a status (even though the F1 visa on my passport is unexpired) because I have the PAROLED stamp in my passport switching my status from F1 to 'no-status'. My AoS is still pending, and I have sent a follow up to USCIS since it is outside processing time. In the past I have used tax prep software that was provided by our university. The forms used were Form 1040-NR and Form 8843. The forms need to be physically mailed in, and couldn't be filed online. My question now is: Which tax forms I would use to file this year? Should I jointly file with my wife? If so what status would I say I am? Thanks for your help!
  2. My boyfriend currently lives in Canada. We want to get engaged and then married and him come live in the U.S. with me. What would be the steps we need to follow in order to do this? I'm looking for a complete list of what we need to do from the beginning to the point where he is a legal U.S. Citizen who is able to work. Thank you so much for helping us, We appreciate it!
  3. Hi there, I had a question about using my AOS based EAD while I am an F-1 student. My i-485 application is pending, and my EAD card is about to arrive soon, but I've read that using AOS based EAD would violate my f-1 status. I've always maintained it, and still want to until I actually receive my green card and I'm still pursuing my bachelor's degree anyway. I've asked my DSO but he seems to think that I can't use my EAD, but judging from our conversations I think most DSOs are pretty unaware of the whole immigration process. So I don't want to just take his word for it. If using AOS based EAD is not an issue usually, would it be at the discretion of the University still? To let me maintain my legal f-1 status? Thanks for your help!
  4. So, I have my interview this Monday and I have assembled everything I can for it. I have a copy of everything submitted, updated I-864, I-693, passports, marriage certificate, birth certificates and evidence (joint checking account, joint apartment lease, health insurance and pictures.) 1) The interview letter states to bring "all documentation establishing your eligibility for Lawful Permanent Resident status." What do they mean by that? 2) They are asking to bring any immigration or travelling documents issued/used before. Would a most recent electronic I-94 be okay? Thanks!
  5. I graduated in 12/15/2017 and got my EAD 2/15/2018. Now my interview is scheduled for 8/27/2018. IS that a problem?
  6. Hi guys I'm new here and I would appreciate your guidance. I overstayed F-1 visa for couple of years. Been dating my USC girlfriend since last year and plan on getting married in a few weeks and want to file AOS with my fiance. Will I run into any issues? I am very concerned because of the new USCIS memo redefining 'unlawful presence' which starts Aug 9. Am I at risk with my AOS application in the future? I should also mention that while out of status I setup a business investing in websites and hired freelancers to run things (filed tax returns and everything). Should I hire an immigration lawyer or do you think my case is no different from other AOS from overstay on the forum? Any and all tips will be helpful
  7. My Vietnamese girlfriend and I recently got engaged overseas (I am a US citizen). We were planning for her to go to graduate school on a one year program, figuring we could get married sometime during that and adjust her status and apply for a green card. I understand that this is possible, but typically, the prospective student has no intent to marry when they arrive. In our case, it could be shown that we were already engaged before she arrived, especially because I am the one paying for her graduate school. Do you think that will cause us a problem and be classified as visa fraud? She does truly have the intent to go to graduate school, but it would be lying to say we weren't also planning to get married and have her stay.
  8. Hi everyone! I am just starting out the process of figuring out everything regarding adjustment of status via marriage. I am a F-1 student, and have been in the U.S. for 4 years doing my PhD. I am getting married soon to my fiance and classmate (U.S. citizen), and I have a question regarding form 864. My husband's income is not enough to meet the line required. I was thus thinking of adding my income to my husband's form 864 (Work for university, PhD stipend), which would make the income enough. However, I am wondering if getting a joint sponsor is better, given that my employment will only last until I graduate (2 years from now), and a letter from my employer will state such. Any guidance would be useful! Thanks.
  9. I was stupid and never updated my address at work. My pay stub says my old address instead of my current. I'm scared we are going to get denied
  10. I filled back in November 2017 and my I-130 still on received my case and I-485 is still on received biometrics. Anyone got interview notice or anything?
  11. SpidersWeb

    Previous Visas

    In the immigrant visa application (DS-260) you need to list previous 5 stays in the US and any visas. I've traveled 4 times on a visa waiver (an ESTA the 4th time) and I had an F-1 visa 10 years ago. I don't have any documentation related to the F-1. The passport with the student visa was taken by a police officer when I renewed my passport. I don't have any other documents either. The local US embassy doesn't have a record from that time. The college I studied at couldn't help me. Has anyone had a similar situation? Will this be an issue in itself?
  12. Hi, My current status is F1-OPT and so I have an EAD for work. Now I am filing my AOS (i-485) under F2A category. In the form i-485, do I put the Alien Number the same as in my OPT EAD card ? or I just leave it blank for getting a new alien number later on?
  13. Hi, Can someone who was in this situation help please. I am an F-1 student. Been an F-1 student for 2 years. I have a pending AOS. I am almost done with F-1 degree. Can I finish school and wait for AOS decision? I know I may go out of status, but how does that impact my AOS application? I am married to LPR and we have a child. Thanks in advance.
  14. Provided that a F-1 student fulfills all of the requirements (full enrollment at sponsoring institution, is in-status, etc) are they legally allowed to attend additional short classes or workshops (in their free time) at other, unaffiliated institutions? For example, can a F-1 student take an online course or attend a lecture series that's not affiliated with their university or program (not for credit)? Can they attend a yoga class, a certificate class or a language class in their free time? (Again, this is assuming that all requirements for F-1, such as full enrollment, are already met.)
  15. Hi there, I got a F-1 visa to study an intensive english course for 4 months. When I entered the US through the customs at the airport, I gave to the officer all the documents (passport with the visa and I-20) and after a few questions they let me in without any trouble. The thing is that in the seal that is in my passport only says that I can stay in the US for 90 days and they didn't give me any paper or something about my visa. Is this OK? I read that they should give you a paper to check if you're in status and the I-94 card. Is this true? I'm pretty freaked out! My course starts the next monday! Do you know what I need to check if I'm in status? Awaiting for your prompt response. Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi everyone. I entered the US as an F-1 visa student (visa is still not expired), and I currently married my American husband. I'm doing I-485 and I don't know what to input to the question Part 2 Item 3 "Receipt Number of Underlying Petition" Should I input "N/A"? Thank you.
  17. Hi I was hoping someone here could help me answer my question. So, I am in the US on a f-1 visa studying towards a graduate degree. I decided to go to america, so my boyfriend of 4 years and I could try to live together before deciding to get married, the plan has always been that I would go home afterwards and then we would figure out what to do from there. He has now proposed to me and I have a little less than a year before i'm finished with my graduate degree. I see that process takes about 9 months, so I was wondering if it is okay to apply for the k-1 visa when I have 5-6 months left of my stay and thereby try to time the NOA2 with my departure. This way I will only have to wait for the NVC, the embassy and my interview when back in my own country. Which results in less time apart. Is this allowed or could this be viewed as fraud? //Rezzia
  18. Hi guys, I recently got married to my boyfriend! I'm still on my F-1 visa and in my OPT year. So I'm currently working with my AED card provided through OPT and I'm having trouble with how to file for a green card. There are so many forms up on USCIS and I want to make sure I collect all correct documents and apply for permanent residency the right way. Any tips or advice? thanks:)
  19. Hi guys!! Recently, I got a F-1 visa and I would like to know whether I have to do something else before taking a flight to the US. I know that it's mandatory for the interview at customs to bring a few documents (I-20, Financial Statement, Passport and Acceptance Letter from my school), but I don't know whether I have to do something else on top of that. Awaiting for your prompt response. Thanks in advance
  20. My sister is soon applying for an F-1 visa, sponsored via a full scholarship to a highly prestigious school. However, I was recently made a US citizen. Will the fact that she has a sibling in the US negatively affect the chances that her F-1 visa application will be approved?
  21. Hi fellows, I am a USC filling for my wife who is currently on F-1 OPT Status. her OPT status begins on January 15, 2018 and she is still looking for work. Before that, she attended college since her arrival in the US in September 2014 and graduated in November 2017 In September 2017, she got a temporary job at her college university museum for 3 weeks (the only one job she has done in the US), the college gave her a W-2 and we filed tax jointly this year. My question is about her work history on form I-130 and I-130a : 1- Should we state her current status as unemployed or student, she still have a valid I-20 from her school for the OPT period. 2- Should we list her temporary work at the college museum differently from student status on form I-130a Part 2 ? We plan to list her student status for the questions they asked employment. that might give something like this: 09/2014 - 09/2017 :student at X university 09/2017: cleaner at X university museum 09/2017 - present : student at X university Is this a right way of doing it ? Thanks for your help
  22. Hi everyone! Here is my situation: I applied for my EAD card all the way back in November 2017. USCIS is still reviewing my application. I got a job offer 3 weeks ago and my employer's HR is trying to run a background check on me which requires a social security number. I got really impatient with USCIS and decided to go to a local social security office and issue a social security card. The agent at the office told me when USCIS sends you a social security card along with your EAD card, just contact us and we will destroy it and you can keep using the one we issued for you today. I just got my card today by mail and I want to check if it is valid and associated with my records (such as SEVIS). I tried to test my new social security number by creating mySocialSecuirty account and the system's response "We cannot create an account for the Social Security number you entered". I also tried to use my social security number in E-verify (checking my employment eligibility) and the system fails to associate my new number with my name. Can someone help me? Is this normal? I really want to make sure my social security number is valid before I use it for background check. Thank you so much!
  23. As the title says I have none, should I leave them blank? Or print and type "None" in the NUMBERS field? I checked the example on Visajourney, somehow the guy did not apply to immigration before but he had all 3 numbers? How is that? Thank you!!
  24. Hi, During the AOS interview, the officer said my wife's income isn't enough and the assets she used isn't valid. I am currently working full-time using my EAD, and I was wondering if we can re-submit the form with both our incomes? We got married in March and just recently got our own place. Also, during the interview I asked the officer the same question, and she said I can't because I am the beneficiary; however, I read the form instruction's like 100 times and it mentions that we can add our income, so I am not sure if I wasn't clear enough with my question or if the officer is wrong. We haven't filled tax together yet, but we do live together (share rent), and have a insurance (life and health together) and my wife is my dependent.