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  1. My fingers have been crossed for months! It would be nice to eventually uncross them!!!
  2. The wording is the same as it was yesterday, which says we are scheduling some cases within Tier 3 and Tier 4 each month, and it can't be true about the DQ date of October, 2019, because people from September, 2019 haven't been interviewed. This thread was for EB applicants, and it gets confusing when other categories comment. They should start their own thread.
  3. Did you check the CEAC site to see if it says that you are READY TO BE SCHEDULED for interview. I think they change concurrently?
  4. Did everyone in the EB category who were DQ'ed in Sept. and Oct. 2019 get IL's? Just trying to follow the spread sheet on page 100 and Interview dates are still blank. The update as of yesterday from Consular Operations says that they are complete to Oct. 2019.
  5. So, so far there have been no IL 's for The EB category. Is there still time for hoping for the end of November?
  6. I just sent an email to the Montreal Consulate, asking them to verify that no interviews in the EB category are scheduled for November. Likely will not hear now until Monday. First Covid, then Proclamations, then being at the bottom of the tier rankings, we are all but forgotten! It has now been 1009 days since our case was sent to The Department of State!
  7. Do you think they have skipped over the EB's altogether this month? So frustrating!
  8. Someone who is IR1/cr1 received an IL for Nov. 8th, DQ'ed Jan. 2021.
  9. Exactly how many photos do you need for the Medical Exam and do they need to be date stamped? We had photos taken BC (before Covid) and also sent two to our lawyer. We still have six left. Do we have to give any photos to the Consulate at the interview? The ones we have remaining are not date stamped.
  10. Did you get notification of an interview? Not clear if the statement from Consular operations dated yesterday means that those people DQ'ed to the end of October, 2019 have already been scheduled, and if so for when?
  11. Are the EB groups prioritized by EB-1, EB-2, EB-3 or are all EB groups lumped together and prioritized by DQ date?
  12. Hopefully the IL's will come out next week! Monday is a holiday. I am dq'ed March 11, 2020. So maybe they will get to the end of December,
  13. No my status is still the same😢! It was a general question, just wondering if this was a prelude to the IL going out.
  14. Yes DQ'ed March 2020. Looking forward to some movement!
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