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  1. Same here! Received EAD a couple weeks ago but I-131 just shows "received."
  2. Ahh ok so it changed after biometrics? It seems our field office, San Antonio takes awhile to schedule biometrics so maybe that’s why. Also yes, on i-485.
  3. I was looking at the case numbers (about 100) around me and almost all minus about 4 say, "Case is Being Actively Reviewed by USCIS". Ours says "Case was Received and a Receipt Notice was Sent" still... Just curious about anyone on the forum in November AOS experience with these two statuses??
  4. Thanks, we’re 7 weeks, 8 on Friday since our appointment so hopefully get something in the mail soon!
  5. Has anyone applied for their SSN by going to the SS office? We applied December 3 and have yet to receive the number and have called countless times and they say we are in 'Step 3' of verification process... not sure what we can do... because my husband is going to risk losing his health insurance if we dont get the number in the next 7-10 days!
  6. Ours was on our I-797 Action Paper... We received four pages, 3 receipt pages and a I-797 Notice of Action with information on how to do the online account.
  7. This is good to know! We just went yesterday for my husband's SSN and I checked on SAVE and it shows returned to agency... Hoping that means it's cleared for issuance... I really need his SSN to get him on my health insurance before end of year!
  8. Got it, thank you! I'll keep trying, the last few times I've called it just sounds busy busy busy!
  9. Any ideas of how long it takes for the person to show up in the SAVE system? We entered on 11/20/2021 and I'm still not seeing my (now) husband's info based on I-94, Passport Number or Alien Number..
  10. Thank you for all the advice!!! We will get him on the bank account as soon as his SS card arrives and then I planned on getting him a credit card with me as a cosigner so the credit could start building. Do you know of any situations like this.. currently we are living with my parents to save some money for a home so we won't have any bills in our names, shouldn't be an issue come interview time? I'll of course explain this to them!
  11. I've checked everything about 10 times lol. I'm nervous about it!! We are waiting for our marriage certificate to arrive in the mail and I'll re-check it once that's arrived and we've put in those copies for all 3 forms!
  12. Thanks all, I've made 3 separate copies then for each! Hopefully mailing out tomorrow or Tuesday the latest! Waiting on our marriage certificate to arrive to copy!
  13. Hello all, we are applying for AOS (hoping to mail off on Monday!) from a K1 visa -- Since we are mailing off the Form I-765 and Form I-131 with I-485 do we need to include duplicate copies of passport biographical information, visa stamp, etc. for all three or will one copy be enough if mailed off together?
  14. I've been wondering this same thing... though if your fiance is vaccinated, I don't think there will be any issues with this as they can show the card upon checking into their flight. Is there any update on those who are 1. unvaccinated and 2. did medical exam prior to October 1 deadline but are entering USA post November 1? Our local consulate does not require any vaccines to issue the K1 visa... our interview is this month. Will K1 visas be able to board flight to enter USA that are unvaccinated post Nov 1? We will obviously be getting our Antigen tests prior to entering and will have that... and yes, we are aware we will need to file an exemption at AOS stage. There is no issue with this.
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