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  1. A one of the family member goes to foreigner country, the whole family expect that person to run the whole house financially; even if that person’s life get ruined in the process.
  2. @Buttercookie you are right, I perceived as K1 visa. My apology.
  3. It’s mean you are ready to schedule your appointment. Fill out application on travel doc and schedule an appointment through traveldoc. Make sure you have medical done and vaccination for covid before medical exam.
  4. Pfizer is the only one that just got approved for kids, just started giving to kids last week in US. But it’s lower dose for kids, not sure if Pakistan will have it this soon. Definitely check when you go for kids’ medical.
  5. https://m.facebook.com/groups/NationalVisaCenter
  6. All the documents, that are personally belong to you must be original + make their copies as well. Such as Your birth certificate Your FRC, make sure you have this, they can delay your visa if you forgot FRC Your Nikka nama from union council + from Nadra previous original divorce from union council and nadra, your passport record and proof of you relationship, pictures, call log, chat whatever you have. (We saved all of call logs on word doc showing our phone numbers.) All the documents from your US spouse/fiancé, you just need copies, such as their naturalization, their US passport, their previous divorce, their birth certificated from US or Nadra, job letter from their job if he/she is working, affidavit of support with tax returns. If there is s co-signer, you do need proof of their residency in US, such as copy of their green card or naturalization and their passport and their 3 years tax returns. If fiancé visa, must have receipt of paid IV fee from local bank.
  7. No, you just need scanned copies of the original supporting documents + tax returns of last 2 or 3 years from both parties.
  8. There is also in USCIS website: https://www.uscis.gov/newsroom/alerts/covid-19-vaccination-required-for-immigration-medical-examinations
  9. Thank you. Does anyone know if China vaccine is considered or need US approved vaccines?
  10. Does any one know if the covid vaccination is required to travel to USA?
  11. Smile101 were visiting there during that time and I suddenly lost communication with them right around the evacuation. I hope they are okay and return to US soon inshAllah!
  12. Yes, just to be safe and if the tax filling date is due before the interview.
  13. From NOA1 to NOA2 it took 10 month for me. Hang in there, inshAllah soon!
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