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  1. Our NOA date is may 5, 22. It did take forever. Dont know why travel document did not get approve and they did not offer a combo card.
  2. We received a text message and email that our work authorization got approve and status changed to “ Card is being produced”. Alhamdulillah 🙏🏼
  3. I was wishing you. And no, we did not get anything yet. It sound like they are not considering all expedite requests.
  4. I placed a request on Oct 3rd, heard back on oct 17, so I sent them doctor letter. Never heard back again. Hope so they must be approving april right now.
  5. Congratulation. How long did it take once you submitted your documents for expedite?
  6. I just got email this morning from USCIS, so I emailed them back with my doctor’s letter. email did not included any instruction, I had to call my friend for advise who have been through the process.
  7. Placed a expedite request on Oct 3rd but no response so far. Called yesterday and representative was so rude and said once it’s pass 7 days they can’t do anything. Their answers are not reasonable.
  8. A female friend of mine who applied for her fiancé a K1 visa. After his arrival and getting married to him, she applied for his work permit and AOS. He has been abusive toward her, now she is pregnant as well. He has threaten her that she will face consequences for disobeying him. She is afraid that he will leave her once he get his green card and US citizenship. Even though he is doing all this she does not want him to go back or leave her. she is asking what can she do to hold his green card? But not stop him from getting work permit.
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