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  1. Thank you @JeanneAdil I was thinking the same thing, just waiting to see if they issue me an RFE. My name is wrong as an like they wrote Ibrhaim instead of Ibrahim thats all. I agree with you that USCIS often loses documents. Even when I filled out the N565 form to replace my certificate, I sent the original certificate, and they still issued me an RFE after 2 months, asking for the original certificate again. It's quite funny, really. When I contacted them, one of their representatives said they couldn't tell me what to do and suggested I hire a lawyer. I actually have screenshots of that conversation. I literally talked to three different people, and each of them had their own opinion. It was quite amusing. Finally, I wrote them a letter to remind them that they already had what they were asking for and mailed it with the RFE receipt, and they accepted it.
  2. Hello everyone. Could someone please help me with this issue? I filled out the I-129F form in August 2022, and the case status is still showing as "we received your case." My question is regarding the naturalization certificate that I submitted along with my application. It had some spelling mistakes on it, which I realized when I went to apply for my passport. Since the errors were the fault of USCIS, I received a new certificate few days ago. How should I submit my new certificate to them? Should I wait for the application to move forward?
  3. Hi everyone, I hope you're doing well. Can someone please inform me about the documents that my fiancé needs to bring on the day of the interview? I want to ensure that we have everything necessary. Thank you!
  4. Well, I-129F was the fastest before the pandemic, since there is a huge backlog it becomes 15.5 all the way from 10 months. Spouse visa is not fast as well. It shows fewer months than a Fiance visa but still takes at least 2 years. Also depends on the country. In my opinion, the I-129F is still fastest than the spouse, only downfall is once they are in the US they gotta wait for the GC, and it's not the case with a spouse Visa.
  5. @Letspaintcookies Hello, I’m not trying to do anything. Since USCIS cases are backlogged I was thinking why not go ahead and file DS-160 so that way after NOA 2 I will not have to wait longer to process DS-160 since they have my form in the system.
  6. Hello everyone, I have filled the I-129F. As USCIS taking forever to response on cases, I would like to know if it’s ok to submit the DS-160 as well. thank you
  7. Ya thats true. Could you please share a link? I would to read them.
  8. One of my family members did same and she has submitted ceremony photos as well and one of my friend did same but that was back in 2014-2015. Now I see people saying no need of ceremony pictures and might become problem. I see people saying this for India specially. That is why I wanted to ask here if someone has done same for pakistan.
  9. Hello, I have filed I-129F for my fiance in Pakistan and also submitted some engagement pictures. Will that make a problem?
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