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  1. he need to leave and enter US with his US passport ( as far as i know)
  2. just wanted to give quick update : 11/30/2020 PD i-130 ( never been approved, complete silence) 02/07/22 : file i-485 & i-765 received by USCIS 02/09/22 : biometric reused 05/19/22 : interview was scheduled 06/28/22 : interview day. approved on the spot for i-130, i-485 administrative closure until my removal proceeding terminated by immigration judge 06/30/22 : i130 approval notice total took 19 months for my i-130 approval ( married with USC) now i can request for removal proceeding with the judge using i-130 approval notice. once the judge terminate the case, i can ask USCIS to open my i-485 case
  3. ur esta is unrelated to ur i-130 who is they ? uscis didnt / cant grant esta. once u are doing adjustment of status, u cant leave the US until u received ur advanced parol.
  4. to have joint sponsor or co joint sponsor is mandatory for you to file the application. its not about increase the chance or not because no matter what, u need person who made enough to be the spnsor approve or not it really depend on overall case.
  5. hi. at least you already got ur i-130 approval my interview was yesterday, the IO told me 3 times that my i130 approved on the spot ( long story short, myi485 cant approved because im in removal proceeding and i need that i-130 approval so i can terminate my case with the immigration judge) my interview was at 1.15 pm yesterday and until now i didnt have status change on the case nor any approval letter on the document tab. just wait until ur i-485 approved. it happened to many people but they will get news eventually
  6. if you are marriage is legit, you shouldnt be worried. spend as much time as possible with your spouse
  7. dont think u can apply for a new visa or start green card process being overstayed ur J-1 visa if i were you i will go back to your home country to avoid longer ban
  8. i might be tempted to write a letter to ur service center and attched ur copy receipt letter because of my OCD call uscis and say "info pass"
  9. ok got it now, i will choose random state and zip code, or u can even put the same state and zip code with ur new one try to call uscis again, most of the time, different agent different answer LOL perhaps the other agent can help u with this issue
  10. when did u enter here? sometimes takes few days to update. edit : i got it now. if i were u i will put Charlotte NC but attached the copy of i-94
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