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  1. That visa only mattered for the airlines and when she land in USA to pass custom. She can fly from any countries all around the world
  2. That question is broad. For me, I marked yes because I worked without authorization and also over stayed (filed 11 months after I arrived to the US) . Have to explain it with extra sheet of paper. So it really depend on your histories. Edit : you are overstayed right now so I will mark yes.
  3. Demand letter is still demand letter IMO OP already did the interview, just wait for the adjudication
  4. I agree. My point is exhaust everything ( cheaper way ) before filing for mandamus. I always come with that “nothing to lose, worth to try ” mind
  5. OP can write this. I found sample of someone’s husband send similar letter regarding on GC interview ( no news after interview for over 120 days). Requested to be adjudicate or else will file mandamus. attention field office director, sent to field office with certified mail. On the envelope write “ DO NOT OPEN IN MAILROOM”. One day after the letter received, I-485 approved i think for N-400 issue OP had it can be applied, no?
  6. you can file complete AOS package for ur father. that means (i130 AND I-485) he cant travel out of the country unless he got approved i-131 ( which u should file along with i-765) there's no path of GC for ur nephew from you.
  7. the answer is NO. i-589 is not i-130. unless someone else filed for u ( i-130)before
  8. IOE means is electronic ( since it was scanned ) ur service center will be on bottom left of the receipt letter.
  9. seems OP just got his GC. since there's no pending case, best way to file FOIA request is right now. OP. there's no harm to request for it. it actually should be the opposite, help u in the future when u file i-751
  10. It was 8 weeks when friend filed for I-94 last year. Seems like it’s quite faster this past few years
  11. it was CD back in 2021 when friend filed for FOIA request. it might change now
  12. +1 paralegal friends did this few years back, flew to the US, the CBP officer grumbled and grumbled and let her in
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