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  1. Had the same issue. tried it everywhere with chrome but wouldn’t work i tried the next day again with Chrom but still nothing i then downloaded Firefox to my iPad and it worked after waiting for about a minute.
  2. it says* and my ds2019 says submitted, which is the only document not approved. (Yet) I was an Aupair but I don’t apply for the 2 year residence requirement. Do they check this before approval?
  3. Hi, thank you for all your answers! I had downloaded Firefox on to my i pad and it worked somehow. i das that everything got approved except my ds2019 ( documentation for exchange visitor, j1) will this be approved later on or will they most likely send us an RFE for that?
  4. So, I have been trying all day and my husband was able to open it on chrome on his pc. i just downloaded Firefox to my iPad and logged in and I could open the message after waiting for about a minute. hopefully you’ll be able to open it somehow
  5. hey, have you been on a J visa? i was an aupair from 2017 to end of 2018 but i dont have the 2 year residency marked? is that different than your dsform and visa?
  6. Hi, i already read 2-3 threads about how to open the ceac messages on our account, i know it sounds ridiculous but whenever i click them there is this grey box and nothing else after that. Even if i wait for a few minutes nothing will appear, kept clicking on the message to 'refresh' the message but nothing. anyone an idea? the subject of it states : all required applicant documents have been received and approved
  7. Already sent our 2nd packet off! thank god! so we're just hoping for the best with all now! 😊
  8. Yes, we did it the same way on our 130 form so either like that or you print a blank and fill it out by hand.
  9. My husband had it filled out as much as he was allowed to and had it printed then out, filled out the rest per hand, scanned It and uploaded it.
  10. Yes, there are things of evidence which you need to upload and things you can upload and if something is missing they can notify you via email and you just upload it to this website. If you have your NOA1 which you got by mail you can see it on the bottom to which center it got mailed to. we didnt know for a long time lol.
  11. Hi. my uscis center was in texas and was not transferred! And it took exactly 5 months. we have sent off our forms and evidence online. after these 5 months of waiting we got an email saying there is a visa available for me and we started our 2nd packet. in that email is everything you need and is also to fill out online.
  12. Hi, i put in No and explained with following sentence: ' i am in process of reviewing vaccinations records and will obtain the required vaccinations on the date of the medical exam' i also asked this question and someone answered with this sentence.
  13. Just sent off our AOS Package for CR1! - Geeeez im Nervous!

  14. Thank you but the link won’t open
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