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  1. Lesson learned! 


    When filing for Removal of Conditions i included a photo album full of pictures obviously.

    Well, should've printed them out with a printer, because, they sent it back in the mail, saying they cant put that to our file folder bc of the size and format it came in. lol

    Hopefully, my case without pictures is strong enough 😨


  2. just found this specific thread for it. We sent our package off last thursday or so snd was received this last monday. I included the notification paper form but havent gotten any response yet. It got shipped to the phoenix p.o box and delivered, just wondering if i shouldve put all the extra paper they asked for on top of the ToC or underneath bc thats what i did😅🤣 so very confused that i havent gotten any response yet.
  3. i was here on an esta for 14 days, we got married but im sure that its a pain in the buttocks as of what i heard to process aos with an esta from others. if that makes sense. so i went back to my country and waited out the process for our IR1/CR1 which took about one year after marriage.
  4. I have just finished my package for ROC Form i751! 

    it weights 5.19pounds lol

    so happy its done - gonna send it off tomorrow with USPS Priority! 


    1. Family


      Congratulations! It’s a boy!

    2. Tschuulia


      Cant wait to send him off to the grandparents at USCIS with just 1 day old, i hope they approve of him! lol

    3. Family


      Legend has it that @Crazy Cat’s is now in Kindergarten and @mindthegap’s just passed his Bar Exam! He will be in good company 

  5. I am taking advantage of your great post in this thread, lol. Would've been lost on how to write the table of content!!! But my first package for the green card already includes the marriage certificate just wanted to see if i do have to send another one or if that one is already enough 😝 Also question to anyone really: We do not have a joint account anymore, bc my husband made it his own. Now i know it would be better for us to have shared finances, but i included statements of our shared transactions between our accounts before all of our statements that we have on our separated accounts. Now you do have financial commingling as one of your exhibits, but since we dont share one how would you best describe this then? Im prepping the package all by myself while husband is at work and as non native english speaker, its sometimes hard to find good words that describe the situation best!
  6. Sounds good! Just done that, do you happen to know if they would want all of our bank statements since i arrived in the states or just lets say a quarterly statement? We dont have a joint account anymore bc my husband claimed it as his own now but i have transactions between the two of us as well and only some of my statements right now confirming our addresses we've lived at. Thank you!
  7. Hi, this is a few months old but for those who have sent their applications already could answer me this. Im filing and organizing our files and evidence right now for removing of conditional status, im also very overwhelmed by the OG post!!! lol Very organized table of content and such and im currently keeping this thread open to orientate myself! So we had some trips in the past and am thinking if i should clip the original tickets to the itinerary or have to make copies of them? have to move fast bc our first filing date was 06/27 and i dont wanna get it out too late! Thanks
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