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  1. I had my interview today – albeit in London rather than Montreal – and they didn't find any issues with my paperwork, so I am assuming that it was in fact the correct one!
  2. We got our case number yesterday! Called to book the medical (way in advance, don't worry) this morning. I believe the case number came about 52 days after NOA2, which is better than we were expecting.
  3. I hope this is the right subforum for this topic. When we filed our I-129F, I (the beneficiary) was a self-employed contractor doing content writing work for one company only. I listed that company on the I-129F, filling in my job title as "Contract Content Writer," as it was my sole job at the time. Our I-129F was approved without issue. Since then, I have ended that professional relationship and acquired other freelance jobs. I'm now wondering how to describe my employment on the DS-160. I believe I've been self-employed the whole time, but I'm torn regarding whether I should list the first role (the one I listed on the I-129F) separately from my subsequent self-employment, to avoid creating an obvious discrepancy between the I-129F and the DS-160. I would love to get a steer from anyone else who has filled out the DS-160 while self-employed. Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
  4. This is so helpful. Thank you so much – at this stage in the process, knowing what to expect is a real gift! Glad it all went smoothly for you.
  5. I'll add that based on conversations with other people who have recently needed Canadian police certificates, the correct certificate no longer makes reference to 'databank CMP-PPU-030'. Mine (and others') read: 'Your application for personal information held in the National Repository of Criminal Records has been processed. No personal information about you was found in the National Repository of Criminal Records.'
  6. I'm really sorry to be the bearer of bad news. The Canadian police certificate process is really confusing and opaque – I hope you can get the mistake corrected easily and quickly.
  7. If it helps, I requested a "certified criminal record check for personal use, subtype Other" and asked that it include "RCMP National Repository entire holdings." That's based on the DoS website as well as advice I found on VJ.
  8. HUGE congratulations – I'm so happy there is some forward movement on your case after such a long wait. Hopefully the RFE is taken care of quickly!
  9. Huge congrats to all the recent approvals! I know it's been a rough wait and I hope you get to enjoy the relief of being closer to the move. ❤️
  10. Hi all – I am hoping you can provide a very quick sense/sanity check on my Canadian police certificate, which arrived today. I requested it through Commissionaires, and specifically asked them to search RCMP National Repository Entire Holdings. However, I can't see that wording anywhere on the certificate. Here's what it looks like. Do I have the right certificate, or do I need to request a new one?
  11. Joining this thread with a NOA2 date of June 26 2023! Congrats, everyone.
  12. My fiancé and I had our NOA2 show up on the case tracker today! We're in the 94500 range. Received: 16 June 2022 NOA1: 17 June 2022 NOA2: 26 June 2023 Crossing my fingers for everyone still waiting.
  13. They've started processing May cases, gang... I'm crossing my fingers that we all get good news in the next few months.
  14. I believe (don't quote me on this, but I suspect others will back me up) she'll need to get her work authorisation first. She'll apply for that along with her Adjustment of Status and advance parole for travel pre-green card.
  15. In my capacity as a June filer I am absolutely climbing the walls with both nerves and joy...!
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