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  1. They may not send the package from NVC to Guangzhou consulate with a huge backlog. Cancelled CR1/IR1 interviews are slowly being rescheduled. The earliest Guangzhou consulate appointments from a few data points is happening the second week of July, these are for interviews initially scheduled in Febuary/March.
  2. I believe this is the case for it, but they are still moving forth with spousal visas. The travel ban countries are only processing the exempts.
  3. Not individual case by case basis but it's embassy wide. Each embassy is treating the proclamation differently. Some are rescheduling interviews for the K1 and some are not. Some are issuing K1 visas and some not. My case is in a limbo.
  4. They are not processing K1s for me because of the proclamation wasn't clear on K1 being unaffected. In a sense its up to each individual embassy how they see the new proclamation whether or not they will issue K1s from now til end of the year. This was the copy and paste response from the Chinese embassy
  5. SoSol

    Coronavirus in China

    Contacted the Guangzhou Visa Unit via the web form this week below is a summary from their response No estimates and no staffing returns yet. Also looks like they won't process visas until the proclamation has been lifted, in for wait.
  6. SoSol

    Coronavirus in China

    Not sure if it's any indication, but some of these Weibo accounts that offer help for student visas are saying appointments for July has been cancelled. Could mean diplomats have not returned to China yet
  7. No she will not be affected. She is in fact not stuck at all, as long as you can find a flight back to the to states for your mother she can fly back and enter the US as she's a permanent resident.
  8. SoSol

    Coronavirus in China

    Thank you for the update, we haven't heard or gotten any new information from the consulate website. We found some information about B visa appointment availability near the end of May so that could be when they've returned.
  9. SoSol

    Coronavirus in China

    Anyone have updates from their respective embassy regarding when they'll resume working? Passports held at GZ for over 3 months now
  10. SoSol

    Coronavirus in China

    😭 We will just have to wait until they return.
  11. SoSol

    Coronavirus in China

    That's actually good to hear about the remaining cases they are still processing, we haven't heard from them for over a month now and our case is stuck at the embassy for AP for 6 weeks. Hopefully we are in that batch of 100.
  12. SoSol

    Coronavirus in China

    他们是根据B1/B2 visa "第一个可选的预约“时间估计出来, 只有广州办理K1. 现在广州领事馆都不办公所以我们的K1不会有什么进展 https://www.ustraveldocs.com/cn_zh/index.html?firstTime=No They are using B1/B2 visa appointment availability to publish these times. Currently B1/B2 in Beijing has earliest availability at the end of November, Guangzhou and Chengdu both have first appointments in June.
  13. SoSol

    Coronavirus in China

    Thank you for the continual updates @OliverBa Much appreciated
  14. We've just made an appointment with the embassy. We noticed a discrepancy with the DS160 confirmation number, will that cause issues? The DS-160 Number from CEAC is different than the one from the appointment confirmation at ustraveldocs. The name and passport number is correct.
  15. How late can we schedule the interview once we receive GUZ P4 in hand? We just got electronic copy. We've gone through ustraveldocs and is ready to pay the fee. But wanted to make sure we can get a desire date next year and not have one be forced upon us.
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