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  1. It's called the SS5, all the information you need (including the form) can be found here: https://faq.ssa.gov/en-us/Topic/article/KA-02017
  2. You would ordinarily chase this via USCIS but unless it's been more than 120 days since the later of I) payment of the card production fee or II) entry into the US, they won't even entertain your call.
  3. You should have been enumerated on entry and have your SSN by now. Based on the experience of others, some proportion of those who apply on the DS-260 don't receive their SSN so you may just be unlucky. The first thing I would do is call your local SSA card centre: https://secure.ssa.gov/ICON/main.jsp). Note this won't be the same number as the central SSA office. They will usually take your name, date and place of birth. If they can't find a record of you with those details, ask them to search just using your USCIS/alien number (you can find this on your visa). I've read online that machine-readable UK passports have a tendency when scanned to be incorrectly transcribed onto the system. Specifically, it combines your first and middle name (not sure why). Searching with the alien number gets round this. If no record can be found, you can ask your card centre if they will accept a mailed-in application. If they do, download the form from the SSA website and send in your documents. Unfortunately, this does mean sending in original documents (passport, green card etc, full list on the SSA website) but you can courier them for peace of mind. Failing all of the above, you'd need to wait until the field offices re-open. As an aside, have you received your green card yet?
  4. That's great news, very happy to hear It's frustrating that you can't rely on an equal level of knowledge across the employees at these agencies. Trying to navigate the bureaucracy as a foreigner is just painful.
  5. I understand the frustration with the delays to the immigration process but I have to object to this statement. It's a false equivalence to make between citizens protesting their brutalisation by those who are meant to be protecting them and your inability to have an immigration interview. The former group is protesting the trampling of their human rights while a visa interview is a courtesy afforded you by the US government, they don't technically owe you anything. So allowing one group to congregate does not necessarily mean you have to allow the other. Saying you support non-violent protest does not absolve you from faulty logic.
  6. I've had varying success with SSA staff. They definitely can search with an alien registration number at the card center (not the central SSA office). You just need to get the right person on the phone. It may well be that they don't have your details but at least you can then rule out the possibility of a misspelt name.
  7. The lady's words were this applied to "federal documents", which would match your thinking
  8. Yeah as I said, I think I was only able to get anywhere because the immigration to SSA link worked as it should and it only broke down at the posting stage for me. If your case hasn't worked its way through the bureaucratic machinery as it should then I suspect you would indeed have to wait until the field offices reopen.
  9. I'm not sure but one would assume so given it's a government document. I did not have informed delivery at the time and it's too far back to check online. My understanding is that the card is returned as undelivered. Unclear exactly what location to which it's returned. And I'm in NY.
  10. Just an update on this. Today I spoke to a really helpful lady at my local SSA card production center. She was able to find and give me my SSN over the phone. Turns out a card had been mailed to me but it was never delivered (and I didn't even know they had attempted delivery) because government documents are not delivered to mailboxes that do not have the name of the recepient written inside the mailbox (who knew?!). So to anyone who: applied for a SSN on their visa application form, lives in an apartment complex, entered the US more than 3 weeks ago and is still waiting for their SSN, do the following: 1) call your SSA field office (can be found on the SSA website) and ask for the number of your local card production center (if one exists). 2) Call the card production center and ask them to search for your record using your your USCIS/Alien registration number. It's important they search with that number in case your name has been entered incorrectly. Finally, make sure your name is written on a card somewhere INSIDE your mailbox. Hope this is helpful to someone.
  11. In case helpful to others, I arrived 22 April at EWR and have received neither SSN nor GC. I've spoken to both SSA and USCIS. Neither of them can confirm whether the SSA is even aware of my entry, much less if they've started the process of producing a SSN. So I would suggest you don't waste time calling them. The central SSA people will not even entertain a conversation if you can't provide a SSN. Unfortunately it seems all you can do is wait until either i) a SSN turns up in the mail or ii) the offices reopen and you can take the matter into your own hands and apply directly.
  12. Glad you were able to fly out before things shut down. What's it like on the ground? I guess getting a job is but a distant dream at this stage.
  13. I don't think that's quite right. Both Form 8938 and FBAR are trying to capture asset values, not income. See here for a comparison between the two reporting requirements. Whether the assets are income-producing or generate a tax claim is not relevant. https://www.irs.gov/businesses/comparison-of-form-8938-and-fbar-requirements
  14. Oh and re your transfer value being a lot higher than you expect, I would need a bit more precision on the terminology to help. But in any case, the cash amount you "paid" into the scheme is not that closely related to the transfer value. The way these DB schemes work is that the scheme provider will project into the future (based on a number of assumptions) how much they would need today if they want to be reasonably sure of meeting retirement payments to you. That cash amount is roughly equal to the transfer value. One way of thinking about it that if you took that 50k and invested it today in relatively safe assets (government bonds), you would expect that you would be able to meet the equivalent cash payments that Centrica would have been paying to you in retirement.
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